20 Classic Armbars DVD – Thadeu Vieira


Product info: [1 DVD – RIP]. File size: 700.02 MB. Digital download. This DVD brings fans of Brazilian JIU-jitsu, mixed martial arts and self-defense, the …

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Thadeu Vieira – 20 Classic Armbars DVD

Professor Tadeu Vieira has been practicing Brazilian JIU-jitsu for more than 15 years. He graduated as a physical education teacher, and his methods of teaching BJJ are followed by instructors around the world. This DVD brings fans of Brazilian JIU-jitsu, mixed martial arts and self-defense, the mechanics of classic armbars. This video only covers locks where the arm is fully extended at a 180-degree angle. It is also a great source of training for beginners and advanced BJJ athletes. From ‘street armbar’ to ‘flying armbar’, whether you train at home or in the gym, rest assured that you will have complete knowledge of the application of this powerful movement that has guaranteed victory to several fighters in the MMA show.What is an elbow lock? This is a method that damages the shoulder and proximal radial joints.
The mechanism of action of this movement is carried out by extending the elbow through hyperextension of the shoulder joint and pronation or supination of the forearm.Technic:01. Classic armrest from mount02. Armrest from the mountain ‘ BJJ ‘ 03. Double armrest from mount04. Standing armrest pulls to the guard. Flying armbar06. Armbar jumps to the guard. Armbar08 helicopter. The armrest from the butterfly guard09. Double armrest from guard10. Inverted armrest on the armrest defense from the guard11. The lever to the North to the South 12. Armrest on the side of the control panel 13. Elbow lever from control14 to the top of the head. The armrest during the exit from the head lock 15. Armrest from the turtle position reverse 16. Inverted armrest from the turtle position reversal17. Armrest from the back grab18. Armrest from the turtle position 19. Armbar opposes o-zoto-gari20. Street armbar when sold, this product will be manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media. the standard refund policy will apply.

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