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EFT – 2010 Tapping World Summit Gold Package




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“Discover How You Can Have Unlimited Access to these Candid Tapping Expert Interviews and Training Sessions to Keep You on Track to Health, Wealth, Abundance and Emotional Well-Being- 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week!”




From the Desk of Nicolas Ortner

Dear Friend,
I’m excited that you’ve made it this far…
You’re about to be part of Tapping history.
This group of experts is going to be revealing some of the most astounding and life-changing information and techniques during this weeklong event.
How do I know this is true? Because I know the know power of Tapping , and the integrity of the Expert Team I’ve put together, and they’ve told me that it’s true!
This online event — the “Tapping World Summit”–is about giving you answers to your most pressing questions about Tapping as well as expanding your consciousness and understanding to take you to new levels of emotional and physical health, abundance, and overcoming barriers and traumas that may have been haunting you for years.
I’ve seen many people fail while trying to achieve this level of personal well-being… and I’ve also seen people succeed. The difference is actually quite simple. Those that succeed continue to learn and tune into events like this.
They don’t rest on their laurels. They don’t just listen once and then file the information away.
They devour any new bit of information they can and they learn from the very best. And that’s what we have provided for you, the VERY BEST…
The good news for you, is that for ten consecutive days, this program will bring the very best to you — in the comfort of your own home! No travel needed!
The Tapping World Summit is a rare collection of interviews from the experts that teach and live daily with the Tapping tools, applied both in their own lives and those of their clients. In fact, we’re going to be interviewing them candidly — one-on-one — to extract every bit of information from them.
The Tapping World Summit will also give you real-life insight into the experts’ personal lives and how they utilize Tapping in their daily practice.
They will reveal things that they’ve never shared in a live event before…
You’ll be able to listen on the web to get all this information which will give you insight into their lives, let you tap into their strategies, help you live at the highest level that you can while you also help others reach the level of emotional and physical health and wellness that they deserve.
It’s going to be an amazing ride with a TON of great information and practical “tap-a-longs” for you to use right away!
The Tapping World Summit will give you the information you need to be at your best for as long as you possibly can be. It will give you tools to overcome barriers that may have been following you around for your entire life. And it will give you the tools to create change quickly (and simply).
There’s new content, different energy, more personal and in-depth interviews and a whole bunch of incredible information revealed in over 16 hours of education.
That’s my promise to you.
So, I’d like you to make a small promise to me.
Promise that you’ll participate and listen to these interviews. Promise that you’ll listen to them with intention and passion. And that you’ll listen for those who you care about as well. This material is potentially life-altering and this may very well be a moment you look back on as one of the most pivotal experiences of your life.
For your family, for your children, for your coworkers, employees, friends, pets, brothers, sisters, and everyone else around you (Please be sure to tell them about it too!!!!)…immerse yourself in this Tapping World Summit experience. You will remember this event…

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