22 Wholesaling Tricks – JP Moses & Alex Jounblood

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22 Wholesaling Tricks - JP Moses & Alex Jounblood

ttention Wholesalers: If you’re not making as much money as you should be from your quick flips, then you should definitely take a few minutes to uncover this…

.22 Wholesaling Tricks - JP Moses & Alex Jounblood

Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2010
JP Moses and Alex Joungblood

OK, right to brass tacks…

22 Wholesaling Tricks - JP Moses & Alex Jounblood

A couple weeks ago Alex Joungblood and I (jp) held a unique, 1-time-only training event — a nearly 4 hours long, nothing-held-back power session in which we gingerly walked a handful of people through 17 sneaky little wholesaling tricks.

These are the same real-world, “hush-hush” tactics we’ve been using in our wholesaling endeavors for years now, and that literally any real estate wholesaler can use to:

22 Wholesaling Tricks - JP Moses & Alex Jounblood

  • Get more deals…
  • Get better deals…
  • Make more money from your deals, an..
  • Run your wholesaling business more effectively and profitably.

The Impressive Results…

Well based on the feedback we got immediately afterward, everyone seems to agree it was basically off-the-hook awesome. Which is nice, since that’s kinda what we were going for. 22 Wholesaling Tricks - JP Moses & Alex Jounblood (I’ve pasted their comments below for you, just so you know I’m not blowing smoke)

Alex and I are both big-time sticklers for over-delivering and giving the highest quality to everything we do. On top of that, we disclosed from the beginning that a big part of our reason for even doing this was to create a high-quality educational product that will be offered for public sale in the future.

And since we don’t sell crap, we basically poured the best parts of ourselves into this and truly held nothing back.

You guys definitely had a hand in helping to make this such a killer training session – thank you for your insightful questions in the last hour!

In the end we even came up with an extra 5 “sneaky tricks” we decided to add to the original 17, and ended up recording an entire extra session afterward just to make sure we covered them thoroughly for you (see them outlined below).

If You Missed the Boat…

Look, if you missed out on this the first time around, then I’m sorry. The fact is, we offered every one of our subscribers fair notice on a killer deal for the live training with us. We cautioned openly from the start that getting the same awesome deal we initially offered would not be an option in the future, and a promise is a promise. We said it was a one-time offer and we’re sticking to it. You know, integrity and all that.

On the other hand I got some of you emailing me, all sore because you missed out on this for one reason or another. Maybe a spam filter caught the email, maybe you were out of town or just not paying attention. I’ve had one guy emailing me about every day asking for a second chance. (You know who you are 22 Wholesaling Tricks - JP Moses & Alex Jounblood )

Here’s Your Second Chance…

What we can do is make you another killer one-time offer, on a limited basis. No, it’s not quite as crazy awesome as what we offered before, but is still a killer deal and SUBSTANTIALLY lower than we’re planning to sell it for when we officially release it in the near future. And that’s a fact, Jack.

You can get all 17 22 “hush-hush” tactics we covered, including all the “extras” (see below for those) at a special reduced price …

Review below and you’ll see that, yes, it’s a ridiculously small investment to make in a resource like this. We know. Because when you end up applying even one of these sneaky little tricks, your return on investment will be insane.

But honestly it’s not about that. You guys are our loyal subscribers, and that means a lot to us. This is another way we can say “thank you” for being who you are.

WIIFM #1: The Original 17 Tricks…

Here’s a list of the original 17 real-world, actionable “tricks” Alex and I unwrapped together…

  • Trick #1: The “OWP” Trick (Just used this one to make 14K last month)
  • Trick #2: Email Attention Getter (Use this to get people to notice your wholesale deals first)
  • Trick #3: The “OWB” Trick (Flip your deals fast even if you don’t personally have a buyer)
  • Trick #4: Rapid REO Evaluation Trick (Find out what a property is worth in seconds without all the needless guessing)
  • Trick #5: Unlimited Access Trick (Without this one it will be a royal pain to Sell your wholesale deals)
  • Trick#6: “Shop and Drop” Trick (Make good money on a deal even if you paid too much!!)
  • Trick #7: The First Page of Google Trick (Do I even need to explain how cool this one is???)
  • Trick #8: The HUD Property Trick (Discover a “secret stash” of deals few investors will ever know about, just waiting to be cashed in on, right in your own backyard)
  • Trick #9: The “Aged to Perfection” Trick (When it comes to leads, you might be light years ahead of your competition)
  • Trick #10: Probate Negotiation Trick (Watch how you can turn a 18K discount into a 3K discount and have the seller smiling about it)
  • Trick #11: Prepping the HUD Trick (You’ll never have to be afraid of the seller getting “spooked” on closing day when he sees how much you’re making!)
  • Trick #12: The Competition Crusher Trick (you won’t sweat a drop about the competition after this one!!!)
  • Trick #13: The Expired Wholesaler Trick (Find out how to leverage and make great money from other wholesalers’ dollars and properties WITHOUT them even knowing it)
  • Trick #14: Spy on Those That Buy Trick (NEVER worry about losing a deal again cuz you couldn’t find a buyer!)
  • Trick#15: The Ghost Offer Trick (Discover my “dirty little trick” of making tons of offers without dealing with any of the negativity of rejection.)
  • Trick #16: The Try Before You Buy Trick (Never worry again about whether you truly have a deal or not!)
  • Trick #17: If You Can’t Beat Em Join Em Trick (NEVER miss out on a deal again because your competition beat you to the punch!)

WIIFM #2: FIVE Extra “Bonus” Tricks…

These actually weren’t even on our radar when we started this session. They literally occurred to us in real-time during the live session. The only problem is, we didn’t have time to include them (after nearly 4 hours!). So Alex and I got together the next day and recorded an entire extra session just to cover these five extra wholesaling tricks…

  • [Bonus] Trick #18: The “Pendings Hijacking” Trick (A truly sneaky way you can “hijack” deals no one else even has on their radar – this opportunity is rich and virtually untapped!)
  • [Bonus] Trick #19: The “Rolling EMD” Trick (Use this as a way of making multiple offers to multiple motivated sellers without dropping multiple thousand dollar earnest money checks.)
  • [Bonus] Trick #20: The “Contractor Security Blanket” Trick (How to get a contractor eager to give drop everything and give you rehab estimates on all your new wholesale deals — and how to learn repair estimating at the same time!)
  • [Bonus] Trick #21: The “SOC” Trick (One super simple little tactic [which you can easily outsource] that will absolutely get the attention of any “ugly house” lead you stumble upon out in the streets.)
  • [Bonus] Trick #22: The “Older the Better…Part Duex” Trick (One small step that has paid me twice on “dead deals”)

WIIFM #3: Multiple Mediums of Consumption…

I’m a huge stickler for making like this as easy to consume, digest and apply as possible. And since I know we all have a little learn a little differently, we’re giving you an awesome array of options for how consume this in a way that works best for you, including…

1) 4 Full Session Videos (Online + Downloadable)

22 Wholesaling Tricks - JP Moses & Alex Jounblood

I’ve broken the session videos down into 4 easily digestible chunks. Just click play and watch the whole thing online.

You can also download the videos right to your computer (in Windows Media format) and watch them offline anytime.

2) 8 Full Session Audios (Online + Downloadable)

22 Wholesaling Tricks - JP Moses & Alex Jounblood

If you just want to listen in and don’t need the visuals, you’ve got the entire session audio, broken into roughly 15 minute chunks.

And again, you can click play to listen online, or download the MP3s and stick ‘em on your iPod or even burn CDs.

3) Full Session Transcripts (MS Word + PDF)

22 Wholesaling Tricks - JP Moses & Alex Jounblood

Some of us would rather just curl up on the couch with a highlighter and read the whole thing. Or at least have the option to quickly breeze through the material as a refresher without taking in the full video or audio. That’s why I made sure we transcribed the whole thing for you.

Who loves ya? 22 Wholesaling Tricks - JP Moses & Alex Jounblood

WIIFM #4: Original Bonuses…

You’ll also get the original bonus goodies we gave everyone who participated live with us…

1) Free, Instant Access to 53 Free Real Estate Investing Forms, Contracts & Checklists…

22 Wholesaling Tricks - JP Moses & Alex Jounblood

From buying and selling forms, to marketing forms to rental forms and a ton more, these are the very same docs I’ve been using in my own flipping business for about the last decade or so. I also include a couple of paragraphs about each one, just to give you an idea how I use it myself.

You can freely use them in your own REI endeavors.

2) Free Instant Access to Uncut Recordings of 2 Live Motivated Seller Calls (Good Vs. Bad)

22 Wholesaling Tricks - JP Moses & Alex Jounblood

These are a great insight into what to do and what NOT to do in handling live calls from motivated sellers. If this is a sticking point for you at all, these two short calls will be very insightful for you.

And they’re yours free just for being a part of this with us.

FAIR WARNING: This offer has a short fuse…

So here’s the deal on this. As we’ve mentioned multiple times now, this is a courtesy offer to our subscribers who missed the boat. We have other plans for this training on the horizon, and frankly everyone seems to agree it’s just worth a heck of a lot more than this.

So we’re only making this offer available for a narrow window of time…

22 Wholesaling Tricks – JP Moses & Alex Jounblood is digital download at Edudigi.net.

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