Accelerating Coach Excellence – David Peterson and David Goldsmith

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Accelerate your coaching journey with Google’s David Peterson and Coaching Industry Pioneer David Goldsmith

Become the great coach your clients need you to be, FASTER

Today’s clients need coaches who can adapt to meet their needs in a fast-changing world. Every day your clients are challenged to keep up with new technologies, mercurial market conditions, and increased competition.

Accelerating Coach Excellence - David Peterson and David Goldsmith

As businesses rapidly evolve, your clients must build resilience in order to adapt and overcome obstacles faster than they ever have before. That’s where you come in as their coach.

Your clients need you to be great, and they need you to be great now.

You became a coach to help your clients change the world. You want to see your insights, inspiration, and guidance affect people on their way to success.

You’re ready to become a great coach, but you’re just not sure how to get there on your own.

Like all things that are successful, becoming a great coach requires the right foundation.

What if you had proven methods to accelerate your journey to become a great coach?

What if you had a framework from coaching experts to become the coach your clients need?

Introducing Foundations of Great Coaching by Google’s David Peterson and Coaching Industry Pioneer David Goldsmith

Foundations of Great Coaching is a LIVE accelerator course for internal or external coaches at any stage of their career. You will discover a faster way to become the great coach you’ve always wanted to be. Regardless of your education or certifications.

You’ll learn the active ingredients needed for a great coaching relationship. Allowing you to accelerate the time to impactful results.

You will learn to master techniques designed to uncover the needs of today’s clients faster. Clients who are living in a more volatile world, facing obstacles on a monthly, weekly, and even daily basis. Learn to anticipate the challenges your clients will face and how to prepare them in advance.

Foundations of Great Coaching will give you new ways to stand out from your peers. You’ll learn how to future-proof your coaching by building the knowledge and skills to motivate clients in today’s chaotic world.

There is more you can do with your coaching career. This course will help you do it sooner than you ever dreamed possible.

Kickstart Module

  • Discover what you can expect from this course and how to get the most out of it
  • Learn the course logistics and make sure you’re ready to go when Module 1 begins
  • Walk through of the Membership Area so you know exactly where and how to find course materials

Module 1: Intro / The Ingredients of Accelerated Development

  • Discover when to use your coaching mechanics and tools for maximum impact
  • Understand how to move to the next level of capability quickly
  • Learn key concepts to accelerate your learning and enhance your impact on clients
  • Unlock the active ingredients for developing greatness and deep expertise as a coach

Module 2: The Keys to Unlock Insight and Motivation

  • Discover learning techniques to cultivate richer, more compelling insights for clients
  • Understand how to address resistance, low motivation, and defensiveness in clients
  • Learn how to use the GAPS grid to build stronger partnerships with clients, even challenging ones
  • Expand the range of clients you can coach
  • Clarify your personal goals, values, and operating principles as a coach – position yourself to stand out from the crowd

Module 3: Start Fast

  • Discover why spending time building rapport is slowing down the time to real impact
  • Understand how to deliver real value fast – keep clients coming back for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sessions
  • Learn practical steps you can implement immediately to get results faster
  • Understand when to go slow and when to move fast
  • Unlock the secrets to building trust and positive working relationships quickly

Module 4: Go Deep

  • Learn how to identify and tackle the most compelling root cause issues without getting distracted by topics that are interesting, but won’t lead to lasting impact
  • Discover a consistent process for uncovering real issues quickly, so you have time to get to the crux of the issue
  • Understand how to address the most critical issues with your clients, rather than just interesting and useful ones

Module 5: End Strong

  • Discover how to ensure clients consistently follow-through on action steps
  • Stop having clients bring up the same issue session after session
  • Understand how to leverage the insight gleaned in coaching sessions for immediate action and real change

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