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Advanced Excel Dashboards

Better dashboards, better decisions

Your organization needs dashabords to monitor its business. It’s you, the user, who should design them, not the IT dept. And how do you start? Get the data and make a fully functional dashboard that really answers business needs… in Excel. Will management be impressed? You bet! And you can actually implement the dashboard or use it as a proof-of-concept. Here are a few good reasons why you should make a dashboard in Excel:

  • Get a better, more global understanding of your business;
  • Improve your Excel and data analysis skills;
  • Get a promotion Advanced Excel Dashboards - Wisevis

My two step-by-step video tutorials will show you how to make an advanced dashboard in Excel like the one on the left. Then you just have to use the same techniques to create your own awesome dashboards. Get instant access now!

Advanced Excel Dashboards – Wisevis is digital download at

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