Alex Becker – HeroCONSULTING Accelerator


Alex Becker – HeroCONSULTING Accelerator is AVAILABLE, you can download immediately after payment. I have been networking with a ton of business owners an…

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Alex Becker - HeroCONSULTING AcceleratorAlex Becker – HeroCONSULTING Accelerator

Never Before Seen Training Shows

How To Sign $1k-$3k Per Month Clients From Free Facebook Posts Taking Advantage Of The E-Com BOOM

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-Knew how to consistently get desperate clients to approach you for free (or cheaply) -Had a proven converting pitch and a product they DESPERATELY need -Could easily get them HUGE results with low effort

Could You Grow A Business


Why This Is Different

-If you have struggled to build a “loophole” business its not your fault

-This isn’t theory or something hard to add to a business. They already have all the data, it just needs to be USED to dramatically increase sales

-The product is an actual no brainer

-The niche we are targeting is BOOMING and completely under served, unlike normal business webinar

-After todays webinar getting clients to approach you for email marketing management and get them paying you $1000-$5000 a month will be child’s play


Alex Becker – HeroCONSULTING Accelerator


-I GUARANTEE you are friends with a few business owners

-I also GUARANTEE you can join a few groups and just make friends with business owners

Step 1:

-Join a fevO E-Com and Business owner groups

-Find business owners in E-Com (or other businesses) and start friending them

Essential tip : Take EASY clients (aka they have a 5,000-20,000 person email list)


Step #2 Attract The Potential Client

“[Ecom store owners : A CHALLENGE] This is blowing my mind. I have been networking with a ton of business owners and almost NO one is doing epnail marketing.

It’s been that the easiest way to grow your business is simply by getting your current customers to spend more AND the most expensive way to grow is getting NEW customers.

My Challenge: Let me manage your email marketing for 1 month completely FREE and get you 10-30% more sales from your current customers (while keeping your brand and message intact). This is totally turn key and free as well. You get a boost in business and I get a great testimonial for mine? Let me know if this interests you!

Closed Targeted Groups

-Posting the “challenge” ALSO works in Facebook groups but can get you banned -In this case you do the “closed group” attraction method

Step 1: Join a bunch of groups, forums, and communities with your targets

Step 2: Simply start sharing case studies and value showing how email marketing is under utilized

and an easy way to increase your business by 10-30%

Step 3: When people reply or thank you either A) Direct message them the challenge B) Friend them and post the challenge

Step 4: After a week or two of building trust most groups will let you post the “challenge”. Get orther product by Alex Becker right now!

Get Alex Becker – HeroCONSULTING Accelerator at the Edulucky

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