Anthony Robbins – Creating Lasting Change


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Anthony Robbins - Creating Lasting Change

Anthony Robbins – Creating Lasting Change

DAY 1:  The Art of Leadership: Creating Lasting Change

DAY 2: Overview of the 7 Master Steps .

DAY 3:  Step 1 : Understand and Appreciate Their World.

DAY 4: Step 2: Get Leverage

DAY 5: Step 3: Interrupt the Pattern..

DAY 6: Step 4: Define the Problem in Solvable Terms .

DAY 7:  Step 5: Create Empowering Alternatives ..

DAY 8: Step 6: Condition It.

DAY 9: Step 7: Create an Empowering Environment

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DAY 1* Introduction to Leadership

This is a journey that leads us to utilize the distinctions of effective leadership and helps us to understand what makes us do the things we do. It is a path of creating lasting change and making the decisions that can change your life and the lives of others.

Anybody has the ability to be a great leader and the potential to lead in any environment. Leadership comes in a variety of forms and contexts—whether you are a manager of a team of people, a parent who wants to positively influence their children, or you have a desire to be a conduit of positive change for anyone or any group at any time—there are countless opportunities to step up and have a tremendous impact. One thing is for sure.. .the world needs more leaders!

Throughout the next 10 days, we will be looking at leadership from a unique perspective—in this program leadership is defined as the ability to influence the thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors, and emotions of others.

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Imagine for a moment that you have the ability to make a profound difference with any individual, group, organization, or situation you encounter. What if you were able to significantly motivate a team of people to do better, produce exceptional results, and be more fulfilled than ever before? Or perhaps you were able to help someone—maybe a family member, co-worker, or friend—discover what is stopping them from getting what they want in life and how to break through? Or what if you had the ability to help a person in trouble to significantly turn their life around?

For the past three decades, Tony Robbins has been working directly with over 3 million people from more than 100 countries. He has worked with successful business executives, sports stars, celebrities, psychiatry patients previously deemed “incurable,” as well as presidents and leaders from around the world. Through this “working laboratory,” he has discovered the patterns that shape all people—regardless of status, background, and/or nationality. His work is the mastery of a school of psychology that he created—Human Needs Psychology™.

By applying the principles that Robbins has created and understanding the patterns behind all human behavior, you can help someone change their thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviors, and essentially the results that make up their life. And when you master the ability to influence others, you have the capacity to be a true leader for positive change.

Come behind the curtain to learn how to become an effective “agent of change.”

We are living in challenging and uncertain times.

Never before have we faced so many economic, environmental and global changes all at once. The marketplace, technology and the very way we do business are shifting at a rapid pace.

And, in these times of change, the world needs more quality and inspiring leaders.

Imagine having the ability to make an impact with any individual, group or situation. Imagine being able to motivate people to achieve more, to see the best in themselves and to step into their higher power.

What if you had the capacity to inspire and motivate your employees to take immediate and proactive action towards meeting your company’s objectives?

What if you could effectively promote an idea or cause that could make a difference in times of tragedy or crisis?

What if you were able to help someone in your family eliminate a debilitating behavior or to add more depth and meaning into the life of someone you care about?

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