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Arathi Ma has worked in the field of medicine and healing for altogether 37 years; first as a nurse and for the last 27 years as a healer. She has a unique strength to push into the unknown, and open pathways for others to come along in engineering new health, happiness, abundance, careers, relationships, and self-realization. Her work affects all areas of life as she experiences everything as one unified existence.

At age ten, she experienced herself as pure cosmic consciousness and later, in her teens, was propelled three times into a state of full absorption (Samadhi).She has medically proven to be living off the light of the sun and stars to a certain degree. Such abilities are side effects of an intense Light Body practice that is fundamental to her ability to heal others and also to rejuvenate the body with ease. Her clients and students speak of her as “Someone who introduces you to the realm of the ‘impossible made possible’.”

When she engages in healing, she repairs and defragments the energetic anatomy, while weaving in and out with ease between psychological, medical, and spiritual perspectives in order to resolve disease on every layer of a person’s reality.

For relationship loss and pain, rejection, feeling unloved, betrayed.

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