[Audio and Video] Judith Daar – Emerging Issues in Reproductive Technologies

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Health Care Law
Judith Daar, Esq.
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This presentation will review legal issues in assisted reproductive matters and medical ethics.



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Patricia L. Herbold Dean and Professor of Law

Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University

Judith Daar is the Ambassador Patricia L. Herbold Dean and Professor of Law at the Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University. She joined the Chase Law community in July 2019, having previously served as a Clinical Professor at the University of California Irvine, School of Medicine and a Visiting Professor at the University of California, Irvine School of Law. She is the former Interim Dean and Professor of Law at Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa, California. Her academic career in the health law field focuses on emerging technologies in family formation. Since November 2014, Dean Daar has held the position of Chair of the Ethics Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the largest reproductive medicine organization in the world.  From 2002 to 2019, Dean Daar was a member of Medical Ethics Committee at UCI Medical Center. She was elected president of the American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics from 2009-11, where she also sat on the Board of Directors from 2006-2012.  She also served as the co-chair of the American Bar Association Section on Real Property, Trust and Estate Law, Bioethics Committee. In 2012, Dean Daar was elected to the American Law Institute.   


Dean Daar’s law school teaching includes courses in Property, Wills & Trusts, Health Law, Bioethics and Reproductive Technologies and the Law.  In 2006, Dean Daar published the first and to date only casebook in the field of assisted reproductive technologies, Reproductive Technologies and the Law (LexisNexis 2006). A second edition of the book was published in 2013. Her latest book, The New Eugenics: Selective Breeding in an Era of Reproductive Technologies was published in 2017 by Yale University Press.    


Dean Daar has spoken extensively on legal, medical and ethical issues in reproductive medicine, including giving testimony to the National Academies of Science and the California legislature.  Her scholarly work includes over 100 book chapters, articles, white papers and editorials on a range of topics including germline genome editing, prenatal genetic testing, human reproductive cloning, regulation of reproductive technologies and malfeasance in the provision of assisted conception services. She is the recipient of three outstanding teaching awards, including the Jay Healey Distinguished Health Law Teacher of the Year awarded in 2015. In October 2013, she was awarded the Suheil J. Muasher, M.D. Distinguished Service Award by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Dean Daar has taught as a visiting professor at UCLA School of Law, UCI School of Law, Loyola Law School and the University of Houston Law Center.


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