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Not long ago a new program called Bar Brothers – The System has caught my attention.

The reason why ‘The System‘ got me curious is that I’ve always looked for a program that could help me build muscle and develop strength naturally, without the use of weights and without the risk of injury that weights bring.

As a basketball player, I’ve always wanted a natural, lean, muscular body while being able to build my core-strength.

I’ve always wondered how some of my friends looked amazingly ripped and at the same time had the strength and speed of a gymnast.

I’ve been doing push-ups, sit-ups, squats and chin-ups in no specific order for most of my life, but I never realized that there was a complete proven system out there that could help me tone up and build muscle and strength naturally.

And that’s where The System came into the picture.

Why The System?

I first heard about the Bar Brothers program, The System, through a friend of mine.

And after doing a bit of research, I learned it was based on a system of Calisthenics exercises, which is a way of toning your muscles and building strength naturally by just using a pull-up/chin-up bar.

The reason I wanted to try this program is because I was suffering from shoulder and back pain through many instances in my life.

Despite the fact that I was working out regularly and had a balanced routine that consisted of cardio and weight-lifting, I still had my fair share of injuries.

So I wanted to try something new to see if I can cure my back and shoulder sensitivity and increase my overall joint health.

Calisthenics looked like a very promising option and the Bar Brothers’ system price was very tempting – so I went for it.

Calisthenics to the rescue

What Is Bar Brothers – The System?

Bar Brothers – The System is a unique step-by-step training program designed to transform your body and mind in just 12 weeks.

The program works by using calisthenics and body-weight exercises which are massively beneficial for building strength and gaining muscle mass fast.

The System is also the official workout routine of the Bar Brothers movement with over 65,000 users worldwide.

It was created by Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic, two of the most famous and respected street workout athletes in the world.

Together, the two have established a movement that raised the awareness of bar training and healthy lifestyle, and they’ve used calisthenics to transform the lives of so many people from around the globe.

Why Calisthenics?

Good question.

Why should you even bother with calisthenics?

What justifies it over traditional weight-lifting?

Here are a few reasons…

Natural Compound Movements

The complex movements performed using Calisthenics train multiple muscle groups at the same time.

It helps you workout the way your body is supposed to be worked out with faster, better results than going to the gym.

Full body workout

No Gym Requirement

Using Calisthenics you could build strength and tone your muscles in a much more effective way from home, without having to visit the gym and without having to pay for expensive equipment.

Bar Brothers – The System – Calisthenics is digital download at

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