Bashar’s Birthday Gift (2017-11-11) – Bashar

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Bashar – Bashar’s Birthday Gift (2017-11-11)


November 11th is the date on our calendar that corresponds to Bashar’s birthday. Bashar gives US a birthday gift by sharing a special surprise permission slip with us called “The Circle of Self-Empowerment.”

Q&A includes:

• Are you part of the future Gray Federation as mentioned in the book “Cosmic Voyage” Courtney Brown?
• Can you tell us more about remote viewing?
• Do you have a suggestion of an interesting shape to make in a 3D printer?
• How can I build a space time antenna?
• How can I construct a wishing pyramid?
• Are past lives real?
• Was the information that a psychic told me accurate? 
• Will my passion to produce music festivals lead to fruition?
• Did I find my twin flame? 
• Are animals more connected to source than humans? 
• How can we stop animal suffering? 
• Is intuition carried along the genetic line?
• What about the hyrbid agenda? Does that follow genetic lines as well?
• Is it necessary to be in a lucid dream state to remember alien contact?
• Did an asteroid kill the dinosaurs?
• Could you describe your birth? Was it like our human births?
• Does your quasi physical body do amazing yoga poses?
• Do you all have the same beliefs?
• Should I try to make all my negative emotions positive?
• Is that a stage in our evolution to instantly release negative beliefs?
• How we apply your teachings to initiate social activism?
• Why does my body shake when I am feeling in the zone?
• Are we all Gods like mentioned in your book “Blueprint for Change”?
• How does guilt relate to the judicial system on our planet?
• How can I get over the difficulty of changing my beliefs?
• What can I do to help myself and humanity reach a higher level of consciousness? 
• Does everyone has a specific purpose other than to help each other? 
• How can we change themes without dying?
• With the splitting prism, what happens to people in your life that do not choose the same path? Do they disappear?
• How can mundane daily activities also be our highest excitement?
• Does an entity come through me while I sleep?
• Who built the Great Wall of China? When should we leave an undesirable relationship?
• How does memory relate to the oversoul perspective?
• What is the best way to connect with my true essence?
• What does the snake symbolize? 
• What was happening in the traumatic alien abduction dream I had?
• Am I involved in a future mass contact experience? 
• Why do some souls choose to be associated with a different gender than their birth? 
• How does your society benefit by connecting with us? 
• I had a terrible jet ski accident but wasn’t hurt, what happened?
• What role do crystal skulls play in my transformation?
• When in a relationship, how can we redefine the idea of predictability?
• What themes are the Japanese people facing? 
• Does the Japanese people’s preoccupation with cellphones lend itself to the creation of advanced AI devices?
• How can I keep my ego mind from taking me out of the present?
• What is a soul and how does one soul differentiate from another? 
• Is the act of following your excitement actually listening to inner guidance?
• Why are there so much gruesome things surfacing in our world right now like pedophelia?
• Do you make contact with many other realities as well?
• Are you lonely in your spaceship?•
• Do you actually need a spaceship to come here? Have I been incarnated in places other than earth?
• Can you speak more about the cosmic impacts of Sun, Earth, Jupiter Saturn alignments?
• How is astrology a reflection and not a cause of events?How do you be around someone who you don’t like or trust?
• Can the transfer of intelligence from our brains be transferred to matter in our lifetime?
 And much more! 

Bashar’s Birthday Gift (2017-11-11) – Bashar is digital download at

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