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This audio program contains 4 highly-effective mental processes developed by Yogis for losing weight.

The Yogis hated thirst and hunger, because they were distractions from their meditations. In order to develop deeper meditation skills, they developed techniques to ward off thirst and hunger, even when they only ate once a day.

Dr Pillai explains how weight is karmic and caused by addiction to food. He shares the psychological and spiritual insights into thirst and hunger, and reveals the secret techniques and special sounds used by Yogis (inner scientists) to overcome them.

Baskaran Pillai

Baskaran Pillai - Yogic Sleep

Dr Baskaran Pillai is an international teacher, spiritual leader, humanitarian and scholar-mystic from Southern India. Through his educational and humanitarian initiatives, Dr Pillai’s mission is to alleviate human pain and suffering in all forms.

The Pillai Center for MindScience is an educational institution geared toward enhancing human intelligence and positively transforming every aspect of life. The Pillai Center offers courses on human development particularly in the areas of health, prosperity, relationship and spiritual evolution.

Dr Pillai is also the founder of related educational programs including Mind-Sound Technology, which develops sound-based media and education programs for youth, and Pvt Ltd, which focuses on promoting the Vedic sciences.

As founder of non-profit Tripura Foundation, Dr Pillai is committed to abolishing extreme poverty. For over 20 years, Tripura’s programs have been designed to eradicate hunger, educate children, and empower women & girls. Tripura’s current “HoPETown Initiative” provides sustainable, environmentally-friendly housing for the poorest of the poor, replacing slum dwellings with beautiful homes. Tripura Foundation also sponsors Girlstown and Boystown residential facilities for impoverished children, delivers feeding programs, and offers other relief programs for the impoverished, mentally ill and destitute around the world.

Dr Pillai has been a speaker for the United Nations Conference of World Religions and the World Knowledge Forum, and has hosted forums on Religion and Science. His scholarly background includes Masters degrees in English Literature and Comparative Literature from Madurai University and a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Pittsburgh where he was both a teaching fellow in the Department of Religious Studies and Coordinator of Indian Studies program for the Department of International Studies.

He is the author of several books including Life Changing Sounds: Tools from the Other Side, Miracles of the Avatar, and One Minute Guide to Prosperity and Enlightenment, and the DVD program The Grace Light. He was also editor of the Encyclopedia of Hinduism for the India Heritage Foundation.

Currently living in the United States with his wife Vasantha and daughter Priya, Dr Pillai spends much of his time in India and travels extensively around the world.

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