Battle Tested Pressure Passing – Bernardo Faria

Product info: [4 DVDs – 4 MP4s]. File size: Updating. Digital download. Perhaps no one has done it better than 5x World Champion Bernardo Faria! Battle Tes…

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Bernardo Faria – Battle Tested Pressure Passing


Discover how to pressure pass anyone’s guard while barely exerting energy

  • Bernardo Faria is a 5x Black Belt World Champion
  • Bernardo is infamous for his over/under pass that he has utilized countless times at the highest levels
  • This pressure passing system is easy to learn and does not require any athleticism, strength, or energy
  • Destroy every guard with simple concepts and pressure, its all about the pressure
  • Transform your game and never complain about those pesky flexible guard players again

What Will You Learn:

Passing the guard can be a pain. Pressure passing is a tried and true method of passing the guard that allows the person on top to shut down flashy guard techniques. Perhaps no one has done it better than 5x World Champion Bernardo Faria! Battle Tested Pressure Passing is a 4-part series where Bernardo teaches his highly successful system of passes, controls, pressure generating details, troubleshooting, and MORE!

Pressure passing doesn’t require immense strength or a large frame. Faria looks to teach you the key concepts and details that allow people of all shapes to successfully shut down the guard with immense pressure. With Pressure passing, placement is everything. Throughout each technique in the series you’ll learn these easily missed details in great length. Bernardo shines light on imperceptible details like shoulder placement, weight distribution and more. 

Make guard players struggle to generate any offense by overwhelming them with pressure and passing combinations. Bernardo breaks down his legendary over/under passing series, and how to connect to other passes. Increase your rate of securing the pass by learning to transition directly from pressure passes to stifling control over your opponent and leave no option of escape. 

The series teaches you how to deal with some of today’s most used and effective guards. Bernardo will help you understand how to handle pesky guards like lasso, spider, butterfly guard, and more with battle tested pressure passes. Learn to create advantageous situations and limit variables against your opponent regardless of the guard they play. As an added bonus the final section of the instructional Bernardo puts his pressure passing system on display in multiple rolling scenarios against sophisticated guard players!

Battle Tested Pressure Passing – Bernardo Faria is digital download at

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