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Building this much muscle on your arms is now a REALITY. Prepare to hate yourself for the time you wasted doing 1,000′s of curls.

Saturday, May 25, 2013 I‘ve had enough.

It seems that everybody these days is jumping on the latest magical fitness phenomenom. I can’t go outside without hearing words like functional training, CrossFit, metabolic training, or P90X. Before you get sucked into a trend — think back and try to remember why you got into strength training to begin with. Didn’t you dream of packing on slabs of muscle? Or a ton of strength? Or maybe you were like me and really wanted to get big, veiny, sleeve tearing, girl seducing arms.

Welcome to the Arm-Ageddon My Friend

My name is Dan Trink and I’m the Director of Personal Training at one of America’s top 10 gyms as chosen by Men’s Health, proud holder of too-many-certifications-too-mention and writer for too-many-magazines-too-count.

I also happen to have enormous arms. Aside from the Mr. Clean jabs, I get asked by dudes like yourself everyday how I got my physique.

But it wasn’t always this way. In fact, I used to be a soft, fat guy; The weight room saved my life.At 28 years old, I was 50lbs overweight working as a creative director for an ad agency — I needed a change — so, in the four months leading up to my wedding, I lost 51lbs.It wasn’t until I looked at the pictures from my honeymoon that I thought, “this still isn’t what I want to look like; I’m not fat anymore but I still look like crap.”

I read everything I could on working out and nutrition. I put in tons of hard work and it paid off. My doctor even asked me if I was on steroids. (I wasn’t and never have been.)I did all of this before I trained a single person. I always figured you had to ‘walk the walk’ before telling others what to do. Now my guns have become a part of me. Everywhere I go it seems to be a show. I catch girls looking up from their phones (probably texting their boyfriends) to check out my sleeve popping, vein bursting, should-be-illegal gun show.

Are You Going to Win the Arms Race?

Take any 100 guys that walk into a gym, follow them, and check back in 5 years. You would be lucky to find more than 5 still making progress.

That’s 5%! Meaning 95% either fail or plateau.

How do the 5% do it? They know the importance of finding a great program and sticking to it. These 5% understand the need to progress in their workouts. They know that doing the same thing, the same way, over and over again will stop yielding results.

The Problem: Why You’re Missing the Train to Swolesville

In order to get to Swolesville you need to stop making the same mistakes that most guys make. Personally, I can’t walk into the gym without seeing the following:

Dudes doing the same arm workout they learned from a fitness mag in high school.

Guys doing 4 different exercises for the same muscle for the same amount of reps from the same angle.

The functional trainer who says that he never does direct arm training because we never use our biceps and triceps in isolation. (I got news for you. We didn’t walk into the gym to be functional. We came into the gym to get jacked so we can get laid.)The inevitable pump set of biceps curls as an afterthought after the workout is done.

Cheating through every rep of every set.

I don’t know about you but I always dreamed about having big arms. The type that would make my friends jealous and have girls turning their heads. So, after 100s of clients, over 142 research papers, and putting myself through all kinds of torture, I cracked the code.

The Solution: How to Book Your 2 Tickets to the Gun Show

There are 5 key factors that are involved in this program:

Volume. The total amount of work. There must be a sufficient amount of stimulus to provide muscle growth.

Variety. Utilizing different exercises, angles, grips, and positions leads to the greatest amount of muscle damage.

metabolic Distress. Incomplete rest periods provide the proper hormonal environment to stimulate growth.

Time Under Tension (TUT). The speed at which you lift and lower the weight is critical to booking your tickets to the gun show.

Supercompensation Slingshot™. The true secret which I’m going to reveal to you… right now.

In a couple of years everybody will be talking about the Supercompensation Slingshot™. With this powerful training method you will get more growth out of your stubborn arms than you ever thought possible. The concept of the slingshot stems from a technique that bodybuilders use to prep for a show. They combine an extremely low carbohydrate diet while hovering on the verge of overtraining to deplete their muscles of glycogen (energy). Then, a couple days before the show, they re-feed and the muscles are so starved for nutrients that they grow back much bigger and fuller than before.

My Supercompensation Slingshot™ works on the same principle but is much safer and won’t make you hate life or puppies — unless you’re a cat guy and already hate puppies. If that’s the case, then this will make you hate cats. If you already hate cats and puppies, well — I got nothing. In this program you will train with more volume on your guns than you probably ever have before. You won’t ignore your other body parts, they’re going to be put into maintenance mode for the time being.

Instead of harsh dietary interventions, I’ll be changing the training to deplete your glycogen with a concept called overreaching (planned overtraining, done safely). After a period of planned rest your arms will slingshot back and grow bigger than you ever thought possible. You might have to cut some slits in your sleeves.

This workout doesn’t act like one of those “lose weight fast” gimmicks that has you losing 5lbs of water weight in a week. The slingshot is a powerful mechanism but it takes time. For the 4 weeks of the program you may not gain any size. In fact you will probably lose strength.

Keep going — the farther you pull a slingshot back, the stronger the rebound.

After the 4 weeks the Supercompensation Slingshot™ starts to do its work. Starved for glycogen the brain sends frantic signals to the muscle to grow as quickly as possible to adapt to the cumulative stress it just went through. Eat right, lean back, relax, and enjoy the sleeve popping.

Here’s what some Other Experts Have to Say “Dan Trink is hands down one of the best trainers that I know. His approach to strength and conditioning is a unique combination of the deliberate application of cutting edge exercise science and experience based on hundreds of hours of face-time training clients. Being a strength coach is an interesting profession as you need to understand to the science of training but without having put in the hands on time coaching, applying those principles you wouldn’t be able to apply the training nuances that allow your clients to get the extra 10-15% changes in their bodies that they couldn’t get elsewhere. Dan personifies the ability to do this and lives the template of an ideal coach that all trainers should strive for. I always look forward to my conversations with Dan as they are always intellectually charged interactions which leave me with a list of ideas to explore and implement, making me a better nutritionist. ” Dr. Mike Roussel PhD, regular contributor to Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and T-Nation.

“I’ve always said one of the most important things for a coach or trainer to recognize – regardless of how long they’ve been “in the trenches” – is that they have two eyes, two ears, and one mouth, and that they should use them in that order.

What I really respect most about Dan – other than being a top rate coach and someone whom I have a lot of respect for – is that he’s constantly learning and open to learning from other people. He’s always observing, listening to others, and honing his craft. Always.

What’s more, not only does Dan talk the talk, but he walks it. He’s one of the most well-rounded and passionate trainers I’ve ever met, and he’s dedicated to his clients.

Even more important, Dan is just an awesome human being, which is pretty much the best compliment you can give someone. And he undoubtedly deserves it.”

Tony Gentilcore CSCS, regular contributor to Men’s Health, T-Nation, and Livestrong.

“Dan Trink has proven himself to be one of the elite trainers in the fitness industry. He displays a keen understanding of the science of exercise, and as such has proven capable of helping anyone and everyone achieve optimal fitness regardless of their goals. Dan also has been a mentor to many of my exercise science students, improving their knowledge and skills as fitness professionals. His passion to share and disseminate information sets him apart from the vast majority of trainers. If you are looking for a top fitness pro, Dan is your man. ”Brad Schoenfeld, MSc, CSCS, CSPS, NSCA-CPT . 2011 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year “Fitness editors are always looking out for the next great strength coach.

So what makes a personal trainer or strength coach “great?” Is it knowledge? The ability to write solid programs? Hands-on experience training clients? Professionalism and integrity? Being a good communicator and problem solver?

It’s all those things and a lot more, and there’s no better example than Dan Trink. Plus, he’s got big arms. ”Bryan Krahn, Editor at T-Nation

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dan for over 4 years both professionally and as a friend. Dan is one of the best trainers I’ve met, his knowledge, passion and affable personality are just some of the reasons he is as successful as he is. A big man, over 6 feet and weighing in over 200 lbs, can make Dan a little intimidating to some, but his honest, genuine and funny personality wins over the crowd every time. Keep an eye on this rising star in the training world…he will be one to follow!”

Brett Hoebel, Trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, Season 11“When it comes to strength training, weight loss, and helping people make sustainable improvements to all areas of their lives, I consider Dan Trink one of the top authorities in the game. Through his hard-nosed training, thought-provoking writing, and kind, humble demeanor, Dan is someone who earns your trust quickly — and never takes that trust for granted.”

Jordan Shakeshaft, Fitness Editor,

Before we go any further I should warn you, this program is not easy. You will get sore and you will want to quit. But if you’re one of the 5% of dudes who is mentally strong enough to make it through or want to be one of those 5%, then you are ready to take your first step to to a set of giant pipes. So without further ado…


The 2 Tickets to the Gun Show training system featuring the Supercompensation Slingshot™

Component 1: The Training Manual ($297 value) – This manual includes everything you need to know about the Supercompensation Slingshot™ and provides all SIXTEEN vein bursting workouts. It is the entire 4 weeks of programming and everything you need to know before, during, and after to make sure you’re successful.

If I were to sit down and write you a 4 week program I would charge you at least $300. That’s not taking into account the fact that I charge $150/hr for my training clients. In fact, magazines pay me upwards of $350 for a single article. However, you’re not going to pay anything close to that and you get more…Component 2: My Personal Workout Templates ($47 value) – Remember what I said before about 95% of guys failing in their program? Well that’s because they don’t log their workouts properly. So I’m sharing with you my secret workout templates.

These templates have on them the exact exercises you need to do in addition to the sets, reps, and some notes on each exercises. They’re ready to go. Just print them out and bring them with you to the gym.

For this week only you get the entire package for $27.99. That’s less than $1 a day! Is having the arms you’ve always dreamed of worth less than a dollar a day? I definitely think so.

Biceps Workout – 2 Tickets to the Gun Show is digital download at

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