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“I’m warning you, this is the raunchiest interview on seduction ever recorded. There’s a fair amount of objectionable material in here. If you don’t have the stomach for hearing profanity, drunken stories, and risky techniques, don’t even bother listening to this interview.

If you can get past the rough exterior, you’re in for a treat. This interview is raw and uncensored. This stuff is as real as it gets. I’m very excited to bring you this interview because he’s the first person I learned from when I began meeting women. He’s one of the greatest I’ve ever seen, he’s even out gamed Tommy Lee. There’s so much you can learn from Joe, I myself attribute a large amount of my success to learning from this guy.

Things you can learn from Joe Natural:

– Being comfortable in your own skin.

– How to get in a spontaneous mood.

– What to do when you first walk in to get many women attracted to you.

– How to test women to see if they’re right for you quickly.

– How to stop being intimidated by the hottest women.

– Joe’s Natural’s best openers.

– How to use confusion to get power in any situation.

– The “hit and run” style of openers.

– How Joe Natural gets women to literally chase him around bars.

– How Joe Natural gets women to make out with him in the middle of the street without saying one single word.

– How to use role playing openers and routines.

– Joe Natural’s style of sending mixed signals to build attraction.

– Joe Natural’s rapid fire story telling style.

– How to create a myspace profile that attracts women.

– How to use traditional gender roles to enhance your long term relationships.

Some great Joe natural stories:

– How Joe used the “Horsegirl” line for a few months and even used it 50 times within 1 hour, creating a massive amount of attraction, and making out with 10 women in 20 minutes.

– Joe’s infamous “My brother made me get naked at gunpoint” story.

– Joe’s “piss bucket blowjob” story.- How Joe met a girl on myspace and married her on their 2nd date. and much much more….I’ve had Joe out coaching the students a few times in the past, and he got rave reviews and changed people’s lives. Since he’s now a married man, this Interview is the only teaching we have from Joe. Don’t miss your chance to learn from one of the greatest to ever play the game.

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