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We’re going to build on “Mastering Attention” and “Pain Be Gone” to show you the single most powerful and nearly always effective method to dissolve any pain, whether it be physical, emotional, grief, anything!

One of the unfortunate effects of spending our entire lives stuck in a “narrow-objective” focus state is that we are all trained to use the narrow-objective stress state to push away and resist pain. While this may temporarily reduce the pain, over the long run it actually makes it worse, and can lead to chronic pain or other serious problems.

Fortunately, it’s relatively easily to learn to access the lost attention states – diffuse and immersive – so you can mix and match all of them to achieve the “Open Focus” state. And from there, you can use nothing but the power of your attention to lessen and completely dissolve any pain, including but not limited to:- Physical Pain- Emotional Pain- Grief Pain- Chronic Tension- Everyday Life Stress

Even better, as you develop the ability the shift your style of attention to handle whatever life throws at you, you will also develop one of the most important skills required for serious spiritual advancement: the ability to be present in the face of any pain and work through it with a minimum of suffering.

This has been shown to increase inner and outer prosperity.

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