Brian Furgala – Retirement Plan Update – Covering CARES and COVID; Summarizing SECURE

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COVID-19 |  Labor & Employment Law
Brian Furgala, Esq., CPC, QPA
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Covering CARES and COVID; Summarizing SECURE: 2020 is unprecedented. The pandemic has led to retirement plan relief by Congress and various governmental agencies. Even before the COVID outbreak, the SECURE Act set in motion significant changes to the design and administration of retirement plans. It has been tough to keep up with the volume of changes. This session will discuss the SECURE Act, passed in December, 2019. What we know and what we still need guidance on. It will also discuss the CARES Act and subsequent guidance on dealing with the economic fallout of the pandemic. How do all of these measures change the landscape of how retirement plans are created, administered and potentially frozen or terminated. Finally, we’ll discuss the changes or guidance still needed to ensure the stability and impact of the private retirement plan system.



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Wolters Kluwer’s team offers employee benefit professionals modern and cloud-based plan document, government forms and compliance testing and reporting software. As Director of ERISA Services, Brian Furgala, Esq, CPC, QPA monitors all legal, regulatory and procedural changes that affect plan documents as well as working with the Technical Answer Group (TAG) to provide insight into customers’ complex questions around retirement and welfare plan questions. Brian leverages his ten-year experience as an ERISA attorney along with his pre-law career in retirement plan administration in utilizing a practical and efficient approach to the design, installation and operation of qualified and non-qualified retirement and welfare plans. He also hosts a series of webinars through’s CE webinar program and continues his speaking calendar at industry associations and conferences throughout the year.