Business Mastery – Dan Doran

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Business Mastery for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Dan Doran

Course Outcomes…

Creating Your Ideal Future

* How to consistently buy and sell houses with predictable profits
* How to develop a strategic plan to achieve your long range goals
* How to choose only viable real estate investing business models
* How to crystallize the mission and vision of your company
* How to protect yourself from changing markets
* How to achieve your top monthly and weekly goals on time

Growing Your Multi-Million Dollar Operation

* How to budget and achieve your monthly cash needs
* How to maximize the performance of employees and contractors
* How to influence, motivate and inspire your tem
* How to energize and align your staff and partners
* How to become more efficient and decisive
* How to systematically get your people up to speed fast
* How to get others to envision themselves staying with you long term

Boosting Profits with Hiring, Delegating and Outsourcing

* How to make more money with less of your time
* How to increase your capacity for cashing in on more business
* How to systematically find, hire and develop your staff
* How to manage easier using performance standards
* How to develop organizational roles and responsibilities
* How to streamline your operation with systems, technology and tools

Maximizing Success with Action Plans

* How to define and create the future results you want
* How to identify and focus only on your key result areas
* How to build and implement your critical action plan
* How to create, launch and refine your monthly marketing plan
* How to know exactly what to do to achieve your outcomes

Getting What You Want and Keeping It

* How to clarify exactly how you’ll make your money
* How to raise cash to finance your operation
* How to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
* How to structure your business for asset protection and reduced liability
* How to shield yourself, build wealth and keep more of your profits
* How to go from earning a living to making a fortune

Accelerating Your Growth and Progress

* How to stay on target with all your goals
* How to get what you need done on time
* How to break long range plans into easy action items
* How to balance your limited time each week

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