Color of Sound – V.A.


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V.A. – Color of Sound


Celebrating the CD RELEASE of Color of Sound:-16 musical works exploring and evocative of color. Experience the installation behind the album in the MOA Sound Gallery. This is a Super Audio recording- a unique print of the music created for this innovative event.
At the Denver Museum of Art was created an entire circular room art piece-an immersion into the synthesis of color and sound, a unique light program that utilizes L.E.D. powered floodlights blended with this original mix of melodies specifically created in response to each color and gradation within a circular enclosure. In tandem with the light show, this original sound engineering was developed by Mike Yach, Gus Skinas, and Matthew Stafford at Immersive Studios in Boulder, Colorado. They invited a small group of musicians who intuitively responded to the color and its gradations, inventing the music improvisationally as it came to them. Using exotic instruments such as a didgeridu, zither ocarina, piano, and much more, each musician offered a unique one-of-a-kind contribution to this distinctive musical score.
As you immerse yourself through this music and color interpretation, one question you may ask yourself is- does this sound feel like green, lavender, yellow, red, etc.?
As you enter this acoustical environment, sound is the elemental backdrop of the whole experience. MOA’s Sound Gallery features a Focal sound system utilizing 5.1 Direct Stream Digital (DSD) and Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD). Focal speakers are unique in that they are crafted by professional French sound engineers, who are credited as being the most experienced worldwide . The tweeter speakers also installed inside the sound studio are built using beryllium, a natural mineral that is lighter, stronger and more efficient than the traditionally used titanium.
The original score created for, Color of Sound, was mixed by Mike Yach of Immersive Studios, sequenced and mastered by Gus Skinas of Super Audio Center, and produced by Mickey Houlihan of Wind Over the Earth.

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