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Product info: [VID/PHP]. Digital download. Did you know, three years ago, a well-known affiliate company used a very simple cookie stuffing script to make …

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Cookie Stuffing Script

Simple Cookie Stuffing Script Makes Millions. Here’s how to get your share

Dear Fellow Black Hatter:

Did you know, three years ago, a well-known affiliate company used a very simple cookie stuffing script to make millions of dollars monthly?

Well, they did, and it was downright sneaky stuff. But before you read the rest of this letter let me make it clear to you, “I don’t mind making tons of money using Blackhat methods”… so if you do, stop here.

I don’t need a lesson in ethics or why my tool is “unfair”. Besides, you’re not paying my bills and it just so happens you stand to make filthy money in the process.

A Rare Opportunity!

I don’t want to waste a lot of time talking about how I got my hands on the original script. But I will tell you it was pretty much handed to me at my request.

Yeah that’s right… they just gave me the source code. Just a 1x pixel iframe using your affiliate url or urls and voila, I had a million dollar money maker on my hands. A very simple but extremely effective script… it also stuck out like an Elephant in a pick-up truck!

Of course it was completely useless now that it had been discovered by an affiliate “watchdog group” and no one could really use it without being spotted… or, could they?

I decided to give it a try.

Well… I didn’t use the exact same code. I modified it some before I gave it a try on a low traffic site and much to my surprise within two weeks I had made $290.00

Not a hell of a lot of money, I know, but I knew I could easily put it on at least 10 others with more traffic. If I did, that would put roughly $6000.00 in my pocket for a months work (if you can call this work).

There was a LOT of money to be made here. If only I could hide the elephant…

Let me tell you, recoding this script was worth every moment I spent on it…

The days and weeks I spent trying different methods of using the same ol’ tricks, from image links stuffed in CSS to iframes and finally… success!

That’s not to say I didn’t have my failures. At one point a popular affiliate network I was stuffing traffic to sent me a probing questionnaire. Apparently my high click-through rates raised a few red flags. It was obvious the numbers I had been producing didn’t match their matrices.

It’s important to note, however, they did not see the code nor did they accuse me of cheating. They merely asked questions. These questions helped me build the best cookie stuffing script on the Internet and this tool is still available to a limited number of people for immediate download.

My early tests helped me build a better mouse trap!

The questions this affiliate network asked me early on allowed me to understand what they were looking for. Because of this experience, I added some very important, fundamental changes to the script to correct any “imbalances”.

I’m not going to bore you with the rest of my long “rise to glory” story but I do want to warn you… you can make tons of ‘dirty’ affiliate money using this script with very little effort. But, you can’t abuse it.

Why the warning?

Because, if you abuse this script you can still get caught. However…

You’ve got to realize you are making Affiliate Networks money too. Basically, we’re stuffing cookies on visitors’ browsers and making the Affiliate Networks a LOT of money.

The point being, they’re in business to make money too and no affiliate network is itching to bust your chops – and probably won’t – unless they happen to have a merchant complain, which, by the way, has never happened to me. In fact, if you read most of the Affiliate Networks TOS, you’ll likely hear something along the lines of:

“If we ever get around to taking the time out to see why a particular affiliate is earning thousands of dollars a month while we’re not too busy going to the bank then we’ll probably give you some type of slap on the wrist via e-mail. That is assuming that we can move all the cash out of the way of our gold-plated keyboards.”

In the end, I had learned a very valuable lesson:

[…insert drumroll here…]

Anyone CAN Stuff Cookies and NOT get caught!

This 1st $290 was huge in my eyes.

It meant that I could now roll out the tool to ALL my sites and multiply the income times 10, 20 or even 100!

It’s been months now and I have not heard one word from any of the major affiliate networks I target and the payouts keep rolling in and increasing little by little, every month.

A Few Things You Might Want to Know About Cookie Stuffer:

 Virtually undetectable code. 

There are no easy to see iframes. 

Built in automatic proxy to mask your IP address and generate fake hits. 

Downright easy installation. All you need is an internet connection and FTP information handy. The rest is completely automated! 

Encoded source code. Unless you commit Black Hat Hara-Kari and actually tell someone you are using it, no one will ever know.

Cookie Stuffer works with virtually all affiliate networks that use cookies to track affiliate referrals – including CJ, eBay, Amazon, LinkShare, Clickbank, AdultFriendFinder as well as most other adult sites + many more. 

Easy Console Management and Intuitive Controls 

IP and URL Cloaking so that CJ and other affiliates will never see you stuffing. 

Browser identification. Complete control over which types of browsers you send cookies to. 

Ability to limit cookie stuffing to traffic coming directly from your own select, hand chosen domains. Great security and stealth feature for those who buy cheap traffic.

It’s Safe.

To my Knowledge, Cookie Stuffer is the Only Working Script of Its Kind – And, when used smartly, its Code is virtually undetectable. 

Linux and Windows NT server compatible. 

It’s completely legal.

How not to get caught!

Don’t get greedy…

I have provided you with a super easy installation, elegant controls, and ‘how to videos’ that make running this script mindless.

Still, I’m asking you to use your head.

Don’t give the code away to anyone else, period. The more people out there using Cookie Stuffer, the less effective it becomes and the greater the chance we have of being found out. We’d all lose money if that were to happen, including you. Start off slowly and increase gradually. The secret is to make your sites mimic organic, natural growth patterns.

Exactly how to accomplish this is laid out clearly in the manual and videos we provide. There are many controls built-in to Cookie Stuffer, but some of the responsibility is on your shoulders. Don’t get greedy! I can’t stress this enough!

So, Here’s the Deal…

Buy Cookie Stuffer right now for $247.00 and I’ll give you unlimited licensing. You can take that one copy and put it on as many sites as you wish. Try it for the next 30 days and if you don’t like Cookie Stuffer I’ll return your money no questions asked.

I’ve taken every precaution to insure that this tool will last as long as it possibly can. Please believe me when I say this is a “One time offer”… because it really is.


Did I mention we’re coming up on the best time of year for affiliate Internet sales? Get your copy now!

Cookie Stuffing Script – CS is digital download at

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