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Product info: [Documents (PDF) + Audio (MP3)]. File size: Updating. Digital download. A secret way to use your competition’s product or service to sell you…

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Ben Settle – Copywriting Grab Bag

A secret way to use your competition’s product or service to sell yours (and without him even knowing about it—Page 116)

Wipe out “writer’s block” when writing sales letters… with video games. (Page 16)

How to “skeptic-proof” even your most outrageous claims and promises.  (Page 38)

What to do if you need to write a successful ad quickly—but have no idea where to begin (Pages 132-134)


Dear Friend,

          If you want to double (even triple) the money you make from your sales letters… even if you’re brand new to copywriting, and struggle with it now… then this letter will show you how.

          Here’s the story:

          My name is Ben Settle.  I’m a direct response copywriter and marketing strategist.  And many of my clients are amongst the world’s most successful 7-figure marketers and copywriters —like Ken McCarthy (million-dollar ad writer, and creator of “The System Seminar”)… Mike Dillard (multi-million dollar info-marketer who has consulted Robert Kiyosaki’s website team)… and Captain Chris Pizzo (#1 marketer in the hyper-competitive self defense niche).

          Anyway, here is why this is important for you:

          I have created a product (called “The Copywriting Grab Bag”) that contains my entire system for writing winning ads for some of the richest and most successful marketers on the Internet.

          However, this product is expensive.

Copywriting Grab Bag – Ben Settle is digital download at

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