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Product info: [1 PDF, 22 FLV, 7 TXT]. File size: 337.81 MB. Digital download. No gym, no problem. Here are 6-month’s worth of fast bodyweight-only workouts…

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No gym, no problem. Here are 6-month’s worth of fast bodyweight-only workouts that will help you lose fat and gain muscle. This program will help you get results without dealing with the hassles normally found in commercial gyms.

Don’t worry, this program isn’t just pushups and situps. Instead, the manual contains: Over 20 different ab exercises (that give you a 6-pack and help protect your back) 12 different push-up variations that will help men and women build nice, defined arms (that will look perfect on the beach during your winter holiday) 8 different versions of the regular squat (and 3 advanced single-leg squat variations)”I want to thank you for kicking my ass. Seriously. I tried the one-legged deadlifts and the one-legged squats and literally cursed you. I was shocked at how little I knew about bodyweight training (i had Matt Furey’s course but it didn’t go into detail as yours did) and being in the military, I’ve had experience with calisthenics but WOW…it was incredible!” Lee Smith, Iraq

The manual starts with an unofficial Preparation Phase Workout for sedentary individuals. This is mandatory for men and women that have not been doing any regular exercise (and you should also see a doctor before you start any regular exercise routine, especially if you are over 30 and overweight). In the Preparation Phase, you’ll learn how to use your muscles (again, or for the first time) and build some muscle endurance in the lower body, abs, low back, and upper body. Once you master your beginner bodyweight exercises, you’ll be able to move on to the real Phase 1.

Phase 1 – General Bodyweight Strength Training and Conditioning. But don’t let the title fool you, the workouts will be just the right challenge for your first foray into bodyweight training. If you skip the prep phase, you have to start here.

Phase 2 – An emphasis on total body conditioning using bodyweight circuits. These are fun, and each circuit taps out at about 6-8 minutes. So you can get through an invigorating 3-round workout in less than half an hour. For advanced challenges, try up to 5 rounds per workout. (Of course, you can always adjust the challenge for your capacity by taking more rest time between exercises – do what is right for you, and train smart and conservatively.)

Phase 3 – Time to build strength using more advanced bodyweight exercises. At this point, we return to the Superset system of the Turbulence Training workouts. You’ll be amazed at the difficulty of some single-leg lower body exercises and the pushes and pulls that you can do with only bodyweight.

Phase 4 – Advanced Lower Body Strength Training combined with upper body and abdominal circuit conditioning. In this phase, the supersets focus on building more leg strength, while the workout ends with some advanced circuits to build upper body endurance and mental toughness.

Phase 5 – Switch up Phase 4, and you have Advanced Upper Body Strength Training combined with lower body circuit conditioning. You’ll be a workhorse after this phase.

Phase 6 – The Toughest Bodyweight Strength Exercises combined with the Toughest Circuit Conditioning. Okay, you’ve spent the last 5 months training for this…and now you are really going to push yourself. A couple new advanced bodyweight exercises will be introduced. And if you can complete all the reps and sets, then you’ll be guaranteed to be sporting a lean, athletic physique.

“I’m a Personal Trainer from Malta, Europe and have been following your daily newsletter for some time. I recently incorporated your Y-Squat into my routine and I must congratulate you, it’s a really great exercise. I always focus on bodyweight squats and multi-directional lunges for the lower body (I don’t like machines much) and this simple modification of arm placement has added a whole new purpose and challenge to the exercise. Well done!” Richard Geres Malta-Europe

These workouts are perfect for: Men and women looking to lose fat and get lean, but that don’t have access to workout equipment Athletes, young and old, needing to get stronger and more mobile while losing bodyfat Businessmen and women that want to do effective workouts in less-than-desireable hotel gyms Every single person that lives a normal life – because you can’t always get to the gym, but you have to do some type of exercise everyday in order to stay healthy, lean, and youthful “Hi Craig, just thought I’d let you know how great the bodyweight workouts are when I can’t make it to the gym or I’m traveling and have to work in some crummy hotel gym. This fall I found myself in St. Louis and in another hotel with an old squeaky multi-station Nautilus machine and two broken exercise bikes, so I thought a CB workout might serve as a welcome but ‘mild’ alternative to the usual turbulence workouts; yeah, big surprise! I could

hardly move after doing the workout and had to do my presentation that morning on legs of jello with my arms shaking like a sewing machine!! Man the workouts are awesome, keep ‘em coming.” Stuart M. Phillips, Ph.D.

“I’ve just received Craig’s 6 Month Body-Weight Training Manual and am thoroughly impressed. I have used some of Craig’s other Turbulence Training programs and have progressed steadily to better health and a better body. Recently I have used his TT for Fat Loss program and lost 20lbs of fat while increasing my lean body mass and getting much stronger. As with the other programs the amount of information and direction in his bodyweight manual is outstanding. Not only does Craig guide you through his work outs, he offers nutritional advice, lifting tempos and exercise descriptions with visuals to help with form. With the amount of information in this program it would be almost impossible not to succeed. I can hardly wait to get started with bodyweight training and reap the benefits of Craig’s expertise.” Rick Dunseith

The program is literally a day-by-day guideline to building a better body using only your bodyweight.

Craig Ballantyne – 6 Month Bodyweight Program is digital download at

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