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Craigslist hiring scripts. This is the new way to hire. No sifting through countless crappy candidates.

Instead of lining up tons of interviews, then eliminating one-by-one (which sucks up hella time & money)…..why not eliminate most applicants right away (with these clever techniques), then pick from the best.

Hiring people sucks.

…and it’s HARD.

……and it’s expensive.

……….and if you fuck up, it’s even MORE expensive.

Big companies have giant HR teams to find their people.
But this is the old and inefficient way of hiring.
And the time-consuming way.
And the expen$ive way.

There’s a new hiring method we’ve been pioneering at Sumo Headquarters….and it’s worked SO damn well, that we’re not hiring the traditional way anymore (giving us more time to eat our 14 meals a day).

When we helped other friends hire in a similar way, they were BLOWN AWAY BY HOW FAST & EASY THE PROCESS WAS.

In fact, one our Sumo friends showed this method to their HR person….and she actively resisted doing this because it threatened her job! Sorry lady.

….is when a dude comes in for the interview, it’s just NATURAL for him to “try and please you.” (not in the giggity way) 😉

This means if you say, “Ok Bob, you know this job gives you a HUGE responsibility, and sometimes you will have to work much past normal work hours.

…..the guy (or girl) won’t just back down and say, “Oh no! I can’t accept this job! I’m super lazy and you shouldn’t hire me!”


They will say, “No problem! I can handle that workload! Let’s do it!”

You’re happy.
They’re happy.
They get the job.

You spend time training him.
You spend time interviewing him.
You spend money at every step of the hiring process.

….and 3 weeks later once the “love phase” is over, you realize this asshole is NOT responsible, and is totally screwing up your business!!

Now you have to go through the whole emotional (and money-sucking) process of scolding him for bad work, and eventually firing this guy, and REPEATING THE WHOLE DAMN INTERVIEW PROCESS!

The reason this all happened is because you gave this person “an offer they can’t refuse.” Especially when people need a job, they’ll easily lie or “embellish the truth” to get the job.


This doesn’t mean being a douchebag in your ad. It means asking the right “magic” questions that disqualify people without them even knowing it. We even give you sample scripts to use.

Let me give a personal examples of how I hired an assistant within 17 hours using this method:

I needed an assistant to help out with random stuff (some of it pretty computer-technical). I was already so damn busy, and the LAST thing I wanted was to sift through hundreds of resumes and setup meetings with random people (I wanted an assistant because I was already OVERLOADED with work! …..hiring was just adding to the problem).

With this system, I spent less than an hour making an ad, and got the most qualified assistant within 17 hours. The system I put out automatically eliminated 95% of people….and only the most qualified responded. Since I used certain “magic” questions, he called me first, and demonstrated how he had experience in every area I needed.

Two days later, he was working out of my apartment every day…..editing all my videos, creating all my webpages (MUCH better than I ever could), and setting up all my products.


“We run an auto shop with a highly-charged environment. For this reason, people who are bad at confrontation and high-pressure do really poorly….and end up fu**ing up a lot.

But even though we TELL people this right up front, 100% of the interviewees tell us “Oh, I can handle it! No problem!”

Until Neville explained it to me, I never realized I was “Giving them an offer they couldn’t refuse.”

We started putting some of Neville’s techniques into our ads….and from then on the un-qualified people STOPPED coming in. I can’t tell you how many fewer people we have to interview….to find the good ones.

If you presume each interview takes an hour to setup & prepare (it actually takes WAY longer), that’s a LOT of money we’ve saved from this change to our hiring process.”


  • Entrepreneurs looking to hire an assistant REALLY FAST.
  • Small-to-medium biz owners looking to hire at some point….but don’t wanna do the typical “Interview-15-shitty-candidates-before-finding-someone-good” method.
  • If you wanna to keep these hiring scripts and training in your business “arsenal”.
  • If you have people doing your hiring for you……Give this to your employees to watch before hiring someone (this will have a massive return on your investment).


  • Extremely large corporations with already-established HR hiring processes.
  • People who have no intention to hire anyone ever (what’s the point of watching this then)?

This Fatass Sumo openly discloses my weight is 510 lbs….and I’m gonna openly disclose exactly what you’re getting in this deal:


  • Scripts for a Craigslist ad.
  • Scripts for your Google Forms questions (just pick which info you want from applicants, and paste the question into Google Forms).
  • Scripts for your “elimination” video.
  • Case Studies. Watch how we build a “system” that filters out candidates…in just minutes….without ever talking to a single person.
  • Video training (that’s NOT boring! Gasp!) that will take you through the whole process. We keep the videos short and informative (usually in the 3 to 7 minute range).
  • No fluffy bullshit videos to waste your time. (The whole point of this is to SAVE you time)! If you need a re-fresher on a certain step, just go back to that section and watch. Everything is neatly broken up.

To put it blunt Young Sumo-ling, here’s exactly what I’m promising from this course:

Spend less than 2 hours to watch this whole course, and you will
learn a new method to hire quickly and easily.

No more boring HR-style hiring.
Sumo hate’s boring hiring.

Anyhow….this hiring course will pay for itself MANY TIMES OVER hiring just ONE person. We had friends implement this, and within a day have the best candidates (who were already pre-qualifie) were sitting at the top of an easy-to-read list.

  • It saved them weeks of time.
  • It saved them a bunch of money.
  • It saved them lots of boring work and frustration.

One of the reasons we made this course was so people can let their employees watch it, and learn how to hire the new way. So if you’ve got people you’re showing this to, it will save them (and therefore…YOU) countless of hours.

If you put this system in place, and DON’T get your first qualified applicants in the first 4 days….call me personally and yell at me: Neville – 713.301.1546. ….that’s how much we believe in this method!

A Hungry Hungry Sumo

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