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Brian Klepacki – Crunchless Core


I have always strived to get a six-pack whenever I have started a workout regime or changed my eating habits. Every time I went to the gym, I’d go on ab-workout machines, always hold my core while on the treadmill or bike, and talk with my personal trainer about how to achieve results. Even when I wasn’t going to the gym, and just working out at home, I would make sure to do crunches and sit-ups every day, in the hopes that I could achieve rock hard abs and a great looking six pack.

But I never really stuck to one method and low and behold still did not see any results. So when I came across, Brian Klepacki’s, “Crunchless Core Workout,” I was definitely intrigued. Brian says that he believes crunches and sit-ups will never work to get you your six-pack, and he has developed a way to finally see results. So, I wanted to see if he was telling the truth, and bought his package for myself!

Now before I get into if it worked or not, I want to give you a general overview of what the Crunchless Core Workout essentially is. At Crunchless Core, the trainers believe that there is so much misinformation out there about getting a six-pack. They have developed an approach that is unique, simple, and works for anyone at any age towards achieving their goal of a 6-pack. Brian, the mastermind behind Crunchless Core, fully believes that always working your abs doing crunches and sit-ups can be extremely harmful to your back.

He even has plenty of examples of people being unable to even work out anymore due to the strain on the spine while exercising crunches. Brian’s mission through the Crunchless Core workout is to share a safe way of exercising the abdominal muscles without the risk of injury to the back. The workout plans to sculpt a chiseled beach body and develop a stable, strong core to protect your posture. He is firmly against crunches and can’t even believe coaches are still promoting them!

Crunches cause stress on the lower back, crushes the age of your spine, reinforce bad posture, and most importantly, they DON’T WORK. They actually miss your core muscles, and don’t even strengthen the deepest abdominal muscles to give you high-end results. The secret the Crunchless Core has uncovered is that only by engaging every single part of your core can you truly see results. The Crunchless Core masters the technique of working your core three dimensionally.

Crunchless Core – Brian Klepacki is digital download at

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