Dan Denley – Amazing Guitar Secrets

Product info: [2 Dvd-Rips+11 Ebooks-PDF+1 CD-Mp3 + Video Tutorials-Flash]. File size: 1.596 GB. Digital download. Here’s What You’ll Discover: How to play …

Course Curriculum

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Here’s What You’ll Discover: How to play all scales in all positions, in all keys How to play chords (major, minor, barre, open-position) & create progression How to create your own solos from scratch How to play nearly any song you hear using “Five Critical Guitar Techniques” in the course

Here’s What’s Included:

2 DVDs (Approx. 4 hrs): How to string & tune your guitar How to read & play tablature Chords: maj, min, open-position, barre, 7ths (dominant, maj, min), extended (9ths, 11th, 13ths) Scales: maj, min (natural, harmonic, melodic), 7 modes, pentatonic (maj, min, blues). Note: scales taught in all positions and all keys over entire fretboard. Finger strength exercises to increase speed, stamina and ability to fret difficult chords How to identify notes on the fretboard Sharps, flats, naturals: what they are and how they work Intervals, accidentals (sharps & flats) scale degrees, Solo skills: bends, vibrato, hammer-ons/pull-offs, tapping, sliding, tremolo/speed picking, trills Composition techniques (how to write your own music) CD-ROM: 41 video tutorials (Approx. 3.5 hrs) How to read chord charts & diagrams Intro to music notation Soloing with pentatonic scales 401 pg. Amazing Guitar Secrets book: All tab & notation for DVDs Guitar Theory Made Easy Mastering The Major Scale Minor Scale Mania How To Solo With The Major, Minor And Blues Pentatonic Scales 30, Simple And Ready-To-Play Chord Progressions Quick And Easy Way To Play Rhythmic Patterns Progress Tracker Bonuses ($160 total value): 20 strength & agility exercises ($29 value). 40 jam tracks ($25 Value) mp3 download. Progress Tracker ($35 Value). Chart your daily progress & shows you what to do next Subscription To “VIP” Owners Club ($59 Value). Series of articles (email) and video-tutorials to keep you motivated. Quick-start guide ($12). Exactly how to use the material in your course.

Dan Denley – Amazing Guitar Secrets is digital download at Edudigi.net.

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