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Dan Martell – Idea To Exit is AVAILABLE, you can download immediately after payment. This is THE most comprehensive and detailed program I offer when it co…

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Dan Martell - Idea To Exit

Dan Martell – Idea To Exit

Idea To Exit Holds Your Hand Through Starting, Scaling, and Exiting A Technology Company.

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If you’ve been wanting to create a software product that your customers love, but you don’t currently have the time, skills, or budget to do so, Idea To Exit lays out the EXACT steps hundreds of other entrepreneurs have used to develop new products their customers love (and have paid for before it was even built).

This is THE most comprehensive and detailed program I offer when it comes to starting, growing and selling a technology company.

Idea To Exit Will:

  • Show you how to build a PROFITABLE business that generates PREDICTABLE revenue month in and month out.
  • Allow you to skip the TRIAL AND ERROR of building a Technology Company by utilizing my 17 YEARS of experience. (You’re getting the same techniques and strategies I share with multimillion dollar companies I advise)
  • Walk you through all of the foundational elements you NEED TO HAVE IN PLACE to not only build a rock-solid business, but a team to scale that business.
  • FAST TRACK your business growth to get to an exit even more efficiently and QUICKLY than trying to “figure it out” on your own. (I’ve successfully exited 3 different companies)

GetDan Martell – Idea To Exit at the Edulucky

What Idea To Exit Includes:

Idea To Exit – Core Training

Throughout 6 Training Modules, you’ll learn advanced strategies that you can take at your own pace, and have access to for LIFE.

Each module is 1-2 hours of training delivered by me and includes worksheets and journaling activities that you can complete at your own pace, anytime.

($2,497 Value) 

13 Pre-recorded Coaching Calls

During these calls, we dive deeper into each module and answer questions that have come up for past students while helping move them passed their sticking points. I walk entrepreneurs through specific solutions to their biggest challenges when it comes to ideation, development, marketing & scaling their software companies.

($4,997 Value)  

Enroll Today And Get These Business Building Bonuses:

2 x Tuition Waivers to Growth Stacking Summit

This action packed 1 day event is where you’ll learn my latest strategies and secrets when it comes to marketing & scaling a SaaS Business. Expires in 12 months.

($1,997 Value) 

The Authority Engine 

During this 5 session training, you’ll learn how to create a marketing system that produces a year’s worth of content in 6 days following my Produce -> Publish -> Promote framework.

($997 Value) 

Idea To Exit Live Seminar Recordings

You’ll receive lifetime access to this 3 day training where we go deeper into the psychology of an entrepreneur, the frameworks to think strategically and the best way to fund your startup.

($2,997 Value) 

SaaS Expert Interviews

You’ll receive access to over 10 expert interviews with Founders of Technology (SaaS) Companies who are doing big things, and making an impact with their companies.

($997 Value)

1 Year Access to the Idea To Exit Private Online Community

Expand the power of your network and build relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs and students.

Have questions about this process that other group members can’t answer? You can ask ME any questions directly in the group for the entire year!

Get Dan Martell – Idea To Exit at the Edulucky

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