David Shade and Mark Cunningham – The Secrets of Erotic Hypnosis


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The Secrets of Erotic Hypnosis

The multimedia course “The Secrets of Erotic Hypnosis” is a shipped video program recorded live during the 2-day Erotic Hypnosis Seminar David Shade and Mark Cunningham put on in Las Vegas on the weekend of Oct 9,10 2010.

The program combines the art of seduction and hypnosis, that teaches how to use the mind to give your lover more pleasure and enjoyment of sex together.

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:
– How to hypnotize your woman (or any woman)
– How to give her multiple orgasms… no touching required
– What hypnosis is and even more important… what it is not
– The single most important trance state.
– How to take any fear, guilt or inhibition she’s having sexually and make it dissolve from her mind.
– The powerful yet surprisingly simple hypnotic formula which will have you instantly trancing your lover out even if you have no prior experience
– How to take simple everyday words and weave it into hypnotic trance language
– Why women love to be hypnotized
– How to lead her mind so she can fully experience her natural sexual responses and fully act on them
– The single most powerful induction in modern hypnosis that will have her go into trance and under your spell.
– How to create a Feelgood Feedback loop that actually sucks them deeper into trance.
– The secrets of Instant Intimacy Enhancement. (Warning: Not for casual partners)
– How to take an already proven effective system (hypnosis) and take your sex life to a completely new levels of excitement and intimacy.
– How to give a woman a ‘taste’ of hypnotically enhanced sensations of ecstasy.
– The critical first-step to using the powerful tools of sexual hypnosis with your wife or girlfriend.
– How to hypnotize her in hundreds of ways so pleasurable and beneficial, she’ll find it impossible to want to resist.
– Mark’s mesmerizing method of Conditioning With Pleasure (It’s like an aphrodisiac of the mind)
– How to amplify even the smallest sensations for her
– The fun way to electrify a woman’s ‘hard wiring’ with simple hypnotic suggestions.
– The secrets of irresistible hypnotic suggestions
– How to use hypnosis to help women eliminate their sexual frustrations and challenges with orgasms.
– What to do if your girlfriend won’t let you hypnotize her.
– How to use your new found power as a hypnotist as a force for good with any woman who comes into your life.
– How to use Hypnotic Language on the fly
– Make your woman cum continuously for as long as you want
– How to think like a Master Hypnotist and use anything she says as a launch pad to a sexy and exciting trance experience.
– The lazy hypnotist’s way to instantly drop your lover into trance
– How to overcome her objections and fears in minutes – sometimes faster – and without appearing aggressive.
– Give her the gift of “thoughtgasms”, feelings of delightful pleasure whenever she is a success in her life.
– How we humans create our own “Thought Traps” and how you can liberate your lover from being ‘stuck’ in one.
– How to set ‘triggers’ you can use to give her a titillating orgasms…

What You Get:
Erotic Hypnosis Seminar recording
– 11 professionally recorded and edited DVD’s
– Homework exercises (PDF download)
– Outline of hypnotic induction (PDF Download)

Bonus Items:
– Bonus #1: How to Hypnotize Humans [3-DVD set]
– Bonus #2: Conditioning With Pleasure [Digital Download and 1 DVD]
– Bonus #3: Hypnotic Orgasm Secrets [2-DVD set]
– Bonus #4: How Hypnosis Can Make Sex Better [MP3 Digital Download]
– Bonus #5: 1-on-1 coaching with David
– Bonus #6: Trouble Shooting Teleseminar

David Shade and Mark Cunningham – The Secrets of Erotic Hypnosis is digital download at

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