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Guy’s Guide To Texting

This is a very good David Wygant product on texting. I tend to really enjoy most of his products, even if he does tend to repeat a lot of ideas across various products. Just to let you guys know, the bonus webinar is only available as an embedded video to be viewed on David’s site. Since there is no benefit whatsoever to viewing the actual video, I simply captured the audio portion and made it a part of the overall product as an mp3. I have placed all the audio tracks in the recommended listening order.

Here’s what’s included:

1 – How To Give Good Phone

2 – Guy’s Guide to Texting

3 – How To Get Rid of the Cling-Ons

4 – Guy’s Guide To Texting Webinar

Also included is an eBook version of the course and the Top 15 Explosive Texts eBook. Now here’s the pitch: From the desk of leading Dating Expert, David Wygant – As Seen On MTV, Yahoo!, E!, Men’s Health, Fox News, and thousands more…

Date: August 28, 2010

You know the feeling in your stomach you get from a sexy woman… You’ve been staring at your phone for the last twenty minutes, wondering what you should do. You’ve been pacing back and forth, trying to work up the courage to take the next step. To do… something. Anything, to not ruin a GREAT opportunity… You had the balls to approach her and talk to her. Now you’re left wondering: “How do I land this amazing woman I met a few hours ago?”(She was absolutely stunning, the kind of woman that gets double takes everywhere she goes).

Not only did you talk to her and make her laugh, (yes from something YOU said!) but you got her number, and left her with a smile as you walked away.

You’re head is buzzing from excitement and anticipation. But now what? “Should I Send Her A Text? Should I Call? When? And, What Do I Say?”When? And What do I say? Help!!”In a minute you’re going to learn the exact steps you can take to never second guess yourself in this situation again. Ever. You’ll be able to effortlessly get what you want (anything from a blowjob, to a relationship) without coming across as too needy, trying too hard, or just plain creepy.

So, if you always seem to blow it on the phone, never really know what to say and how to say it, and always freeze on the spot…It’s my new “Guys Guide to Texting” and you’re going to love hearing just how much easier dating women can be simply by using your phone.

It’s pretty obvious that women not only prefer text messages, but that they become more intrigued and aroused heading into a next meeting than ever before.

You’re about to learn what most men don’t know – just how powerful a tool your phone is when it comes to better success with women.

Don’t Screw Up A Perfect Opportunity…Here’s the best part: it doesn’t matter if you’re great or average looking, or how awkward your fist encounter was.

Even if she just gave you her number to get rid of you…whatever the reason, you’ve been given an opportunity to succeed. You just need the right tools.

And it just so happens you hold one in your hand every day: YOUR PHONE. You just need to know all of the ways to USE IT.

That’s exactly why I’ve pulled together all the information YOU need into a downloadable audio course called “Guy’s Guide to Texting”.

What’s more, I can assure you: you won’t find another course like this out there, ANYWHERE.

David Wygant – Guy’s Guide To Texting is digital download at

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