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These are awesome on camera presentations by Dee that are dedicated to your clarity about


This is an awesome on camera presentation through the channel that gives you EVERY piece of info you need about creating money. Money is an emotional creation! It is love. It is energy! And you want it more than you know. Allow yourself to accept that, and know YOU have all the control over what your consciousness does with the money. If you are worried about money, you simply are not creating a greater life for yourself. Your focus is pulled to survival. Get on top of your beliefs about money, and get your power back! You are here to create much more than financial worry. This will blow your mind!


How many times a day do you hear yourself say, “I don’t know?” I don’t know how, I don’t know when, I don’t know who, I don’t know what. Those statements are directions from you to your own self “not to know.” It will be impossible for you to discern your highest guidance if you keep stating “I AM a person who doesn’t know.” This 2 hour video presentation brings powerful messages from the channel about the imperative urgency of clarity and how to manifest that in our lives.


Join Dee in this glorious channeled 2 hour exploration into one of the main keys of manifestation: freedom. It is why we want everything: money, health, love, success. All those things help us experience the freedom that leads to joy and the feelings of being safe and secure in this world. Freedom is NOT something you earn or “get”, it is a state of Being that we can choose in every moment, and the more we choose it, the more we create the reality of it in our lives. You will absolutely experience the freedom of shifted energy and clarity with this presentation.


We have heard the importance of “a grateful heart” for lifetimes. But in this 2 hour video presentation, we are given the information so we understand WHY gratitude is an integral part of the creation process Itself. When we are grateful, our hearts open and we move into a vibratory state that yells out to the Universe, “Send more joy and love my way!” And the Universe must respond in returning the match to that vibration. It is, truly, one of the most important tools you have, and the great news is that you always can choose to live in that state, no matter what is going on in your life. This webinar will open your heart and immediately take you to expanded ways of creating the life you want.


Unbelievable! This 2 hour video gives such clarity around how we create, that we create, and that we are the energy of creation Itself. The visuals alone will give you a whole expanded way of understanding how important YOU are in creating the life you desire, by taking the responsibility for your own light energy, and the light energy you are working with to bring into 3 dimensional form. Again, the clarity and new thought that the channel brings forward will open you up to new possibilities and power. Please join Dee in this 2 hour video, and explore your power as the light of creation Itself.


Stop waiting!! That is the message from the channel: stop waiting for God or the world to give it to you. Stop waiting for someone to say they are sorry before you create what you want. Stop waiting for the story to go away. YOU are the miracle you have been waiting for! YOU are the one who gets to choose all of your creation, through the thoughts, emotions and feelings you allow and focus upon. This 2 hour video will empower you exponentially in unleashing your greatest potential. You are, truly, the miracle of your own creation!


This is a video download of what was a live 2 hour event, dedicated to your questions about Relationships. It is available as a streaming video. This is an opportunity to ask Dee Relationship questions and receive immediate answers. WOO HOO!


This 2 hour video will surprise you with the channeled information regarding the energy that must be in alignment for success to manifest in your life and business. Remember, everything begins within the Universe of You. When you are in alignment and harmony with success, you become the vibration of it, and call more of it to you. What you learn here applies to success in everything: relationships, money, business, and health. It will present an entirely new perspective for you.


If you are out of trust with yourself (and most of us are!), you are out of trust with God and the Universe. We have fallen from grace with ourselves because we inadvertently accepted limited beliefs and fears from family and society at a very early age. Those beliefs then created more limitations and fears, which created the reality of our lives. We began to not trust our own voice and intuition, which is the very thing that allows empowerment and creation to happen. This 2 hour video will shift you exponentially in reemerging with the God of You, so you can trust your own voice again.


If we are going to be powerful and peaceful, we have to be healthy: being consistently focused on alignment and joy in every subject that you are craving to create. This is the latest, cutting edge information on the immune system, and the impact consciousness has had on our bodies. Most of us “turn our health over” and do not participate in the creation of our most valuable earthly vehicle: our body. Your body is the tool that alerts you to disharmony. It is the tool you channel the truth through. Come experience the most important tool for health-YOU!

as the channel offers a new perspective and wisdom.

Inspite of the little info I’m able to offer on these series, I can warmly recommend them!

As always … In-Joy

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