Delivering Bad News Effectively – Gemma Leigh Roberts


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Delivering Bad News Effectively

By: Gemma Leigh Roberts

Skill Level: Beginner + Intermediate

Duration: 43m 55s

Released: October 3, 2017


Delivering bad news is one of the most common derailers for managers and leaders. But while you can’t completely avoid bad news, you can control how you deliver it. By bolstering this key leadership skill, you can confidently communicate bad news with tact, skill, and candor, achieving the best possible result in a tricky situation. In this course, organizational psychologist and executive coach Gemma Roberts explains how to prepare to deliver bad news, manage the meeting itself, and then follow up to ensure clarity and next steps.

Topics include:

  • Choosing your communication channel
  • Creating your communication message
  • Arranging and holding a meeting
  • Communicating your message effectively
  • The psychology of receiving bad news
  • Next steps after delivering bad news
  • Reflecting to enhance communication skills


  • Introduction
  • 1. Preparing to Deliver Bad News
  • 2. Conducting the Meeting
  • 3. After the Meeting
  • Conclusion


Gemma Leigh Roberts is a chartered organisational psychologist, executive coach, and performance psychologist.

Gemma is also an author and a speaker. She is the founder of Kona Coaching, a business psychology consultancy that helps organisations and individuals enhance resilience and leadership skills. She is also the founder of the Career Compass Club, a career coaching business that helps individuals transform their careers.
With over 10 years of experience working with corporate clients, her areas of expertise include coaching psychology, organisational change, leadership development, organisational development, performance coaching, career development coaching, and talent management. Gemma has extensive experience working with individuals and groups at all levels within organisations and works with a range of clients across multiple sectors, as well as executives on a one-to-one basis.
Specialising in creating and delivering sustainable solutions that enhance business performance and create tangible results, Gemma designs initiatives that strengthen employee performance, motivation, and engagement.

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