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Important Notice: You’re about to learn information that will revolutionize the way you attract the women you really want…

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

From: Derek Lamont
Date: December 8, 2008

Dear Future Online Attraction Master,

I want you to be honest with me for a second…

Are you happy? I mean really happy with how much attention you’re getting from women? And I’m talking about the women that you honestly, truly, and deeply desire… not the ones you have to “settle for.”

Are you that guy that is just glowing with self-confidence?

Do women irresistibly flock to you? Do men simply want to be you?

It’s been proven by studies time and time again that sex and love are the number one factors responsible for a person’s complete happiness.

I know you realize this… but it’s tough. I know! Randomly approaching the women you really want on the street isn’t the easiest thing in the world…. but I definitely tried.

For awhile there, even I did the whole “pickup artist” thing too. Sure it can work, but it wasn’t for me…

I was always more of a “stay at home” type of guy. Yeah, I still went out to the clubs and bars every now and then when my friends forced me to… but I was getting sick of it. Nothing wrong with that…

But fast-forward to today… I found something new… and even better. Way, WAY better.

Just give me five minutes of your time and I’ll tell you what it is.

I’ll even let you in on two critical errors that 99% of men make when talking to women online that cripples their chances at ever building attraction.

But first…

Just Imagine A World Where You Could
Attract The Women You Desired From
The Comfort of Your Own Home.

What if I told you that you could obtain this goal with ease?

What if I told you that you could stop going to those loud and boring night clubs (you know… the ones where you have to literally yell to get anyone’s attention) and that you never, ever have to approach a women ever again in real life… and STILL attract more beautiful women than you ever would!

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

What if I told you…

… that I’ve unlocked the secrets to attracting BEAUTIFUL women online on ANY online dating website, Facebook, MySpace, instant messenger programs, on the phone, and more…

… that these untold secrets for attracting the women you want are embarrassingly easy to use with the right guidance…

… that literally ANY GUY can take this information I’m about to give you on this page and learn to pickup sexy, high-quality women RIGHT NOW just by sitting in front of a working computer….

… that you’ll have a new and vibrant confidence that will make you irresistible to women… for the rest of your life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re fat. It doesn’t matter if you’re short. It doesn’t even matter if you’re bald. And it doesn’t even matter how much money you have. When I say any guy can do it, I mean ANY GUY.

So do I have your attention here? Good.

Because The Next Few Minutes Could
Literally Change Your Dating Life
Forever… Let Me Show You How!

Hi. My name’s Derek Lamont.

Did you know that only 1% of men succeed in attracting women online? The other 99% fail miserably.

Yet I have dated hundreds of attractive, beautiful women. I’ve been with gorgeous and stunning actresses, models, college girls, doctors, lawyers, athletes, artists, musicians…

…and everything in between. I’m not the type to brag at all, but it’s true. And do you want to know the amazing and incredible thing about it?

I Met Them All Through The Internet.

Here’s solid proof…

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets
Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

I met my last two gorgeous, long-term girlfriends through Facebook!

I even went through my “rockstar” phase and had sex with as many attractive women as I could… and succeeded like no tomorrow. Yeah, that’s right… I just sat at home with my laptop computer and effectively became the new Justin Timberlake. And I don’t look like him at all…

So how the hell do I do it?

What am I doing differently than all those wealthier, better-looking guys who spend hours upon hours trying to get dates… when I’ve been getting several dates a week with all these beautiful and intelligent women?

They’re doing something VERY wrong… and it’s one of those two mistakes I’ll tell you about shortly!

But Let Me Tell You First – I Wasn’t Always Successful With Beautiful Women…

I think I lost count after the twelfth girl rejected me at my high school. Yeah. I was that bad. In fact, I was SO bad that I earned the nickname “Derek The ‘Loner’ Lamont.” Kids can be so brutal, huh?

And yes… I even tried the club scene when I was “of age.” I figured that maybe drunk girls would have found me attractive…

Wrong. Drunk women seemed to be even more repelled by me… and I thought that wasn’t even possible!

“I can remember that one night after coming home
from the bar as if it were yesterday…”

It was my best friend’s birthday bash and we all decided to go downtown to the new night club. The new night club… in fact, it was Grand-Opening Night.

It felt like the whole city was there.

Everyone was mingling with everyone… but me, of course. I chose to sit in the corner and watch my friends dance away. I can never bring myself to yell over that loud music… it just takes too much effort.

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

Then I saw her. Tiffany. The girl I had a crush on since third grade... the girl that I wrote poems for in grade six… the girl that I thought was just WAY OUT OF MY LEAGUE!

Crap, I thought. Should I go talk to her? Maybe notshe’ll just shut me down like the other ninety-five girls.

I downed a few more shots… “Liquid Courage” is what they call alcohol nowadays… so I figured some extra confidence wouldn’t hurt…

My best friend came over to give me some moral support, thinking that I could actually pull off a successful “pickup” this time… obviously, he was drunk too.

But then, in a split-second, spur-of-the-moment… I decided to go for it!

I was shaking. I was sweating more than a chubby kid running an Olympic-sized marathon on a hot summer’s day…

I Was More Nervous Than I Had
Ever Been In My Life!

I walked up to her. I was literally just three feet away…

“Hi… um… Tiffany?” I mumbled, quietly… “I was wondering if you maybe wanted to dance with me or something? It’s okay if you don’t want to…”

She turned around and looked at me. She gave me the stare. The same stare the other ninety-five girls gave me when I asked them out…

This was a BAD idea, I thought… and before I knew it…

“She dumped her full glass of caramel appletini all over
my shirt and walked away…”

I expected the whole club to erupt in laughter. I expected everyone to point at me. I expected everyone to ridicule me aloud.

But that didn’t happen. No… it was worse. The club fell almost dead silent and everyone just looked at me with pity.

I honestly would have felt better if they just laughed at me.

I left the bar. I had to leave… I had to salvage what little dignity I had left. Wait… I take that back. I don’t think I ever had any dignity before that incident, anyways…

I took the bus home, I sat in my room, took off my stinking, martini-soaked shirt… and I completely lost it.

I Actually Began to Cry

I sobbed like a little girl for an hour! Twenty one years old, in my room alone, crying like a little baby.

I thought to myself… “What the hell is wrong with me?”

I decided the next week to go on some online dating sites to find a girl. I thought online dating was a BRILLIANT idea! I don’t even have to worry about approaching women… ever. And if they do reject me, I won’t even have to hear about it in real life. It’s a “win-win” situation.

“However, after my first sixteen messages
were ignored, I completely gave up.”

I almost threw my computer out the window.

… until one day, it all changed.

I met this guy at my work… and I’ll leave his name out of this one. Average-looking guy, maybe even a tad less attractive than I was.

Yet almost every shift we were on, he would have stunning… and I mean drop-dead gorgeous women come in everyday wanting to see him. How did he do it? He showed me one day…

I went over to his place and he casually walked me over to his little laptop computer at the corner of his room.

“He held it up to me like it was some sort of golden trophy
and showed me what was on it…

My jaw dropped. The guy literally had dozens and dozens of gorgeous women messaging him on Facebook, MySpace, and online dating websites.

He told me after extensive, painstaking research online, he developed a solid, fool-proof system that easily allows any guy to create instant-attraction with any woman he chooses a liking to.

I tried it out and it worked. I landed my first date in 2 days… and she was GORGEOUS. Not bad for a beginner, huh?

Weeks turned into months…

And finally, after literally hundreds upon hundreds of hours of testing profile pictures, profile content, methods of approaching women online… and after dozens and dozens of first dates… We finally developed the most effective system EVER for attracting women online.

A few more months went by…

And I got together with some of the most well-known and elite online attraction gurus known to man and created something truly amazing…

But first… remember how I told you about those mistakes the “other guys” were making with women online?

I’ll tell you two huge mistakes right now…

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

They overlook the importance of their online profile. From what I’ve seen on the internet, especially recently, there is definitely no shortage of guys with online profiles that just spell “I’m a loser” or “I’m a creep” in big, huge, neon letters.

They don’t bother optimizing their profile pictures and say the most boring or obscene things in their “interest” boxes. It really makes me want to punch somebody when I read stuff like this. No attractive girl is going to reply to anything that guy has to say… ever.

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

They do the same thing every other guy is doing… the same BAD thing. They all approach women in the same, generic, and CREEPY way…. and they don’t even know it. I’ll show you some examples in a bit.

Lucky that you’re here right now reading this…

Do You Remember The Last Time
You Went to a Night Club?

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… cheap booze, boring “fake” people… not to mention the predictable music selection…

However, at these bars, there are always the one or two really hot girls. And to no surpise, ALL the guys are trying to talk to them…

Those girls might be enjoying the attention – after all, girls will be girls, right?

But it’s easy to see that this can get pretty annoying for them because all of those guys are the SAME… and those guys are using the same tired and useless approach over and over…

Now let’s take this analogy and apply it to online attraction…

I want you to guess what it’s like being an attractive, young, and sexy girl with a well-written profile on an online dating site or social-networking site.

You guessed correct – it’s TEN TIMES WORSE!

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

A ton of gorgeous, young women on some popular dating websites get anywhere from fifty to A HUNDRED messages A DAY!

What’s really disgusting is how many messages these women will accumulate in a week… a month… or even a year!


And just like those really hot girls at the bar… they’re being bombarded with messages from guys telling them the SAME boring and generic things over and over again…

“Wow, you’re gorgeous! It looks like we have so much in common. I would love to take you out to that dream dinner-date you listed in your profile…”

“You’re hot! I’m the nicest guy you’ll ever meet if you give me the chance. I promise! Message me back, please!”

“Hey! Nice profile. Check mine out! If you see anything you like… message me back.”

Don’t believe me? Well, I ran a little experiment myself to prove it. I got one of my hottest girlfriends to make a profile and told her to send me all the messages she got.

You will be FLOORED at some of the horrid and cheesy introductions she got.

Don’t do what these guys are doing.

Attractive women are constantly attacked by messages that scream, “I’m a low quality, low self-esteem individual that will do all in my power to please you. Please walk all over me.”

… or…

“I’m so insecure that I have to act like I’m cocky and arrogant to cover up my shortcomings.”

You know what’s worse? Guys who TRY and be original and funny but fail miserably. If you do run that little experiment I told you about, you’ll see that a lot of the so-called “original and funny” messages aren’t actually original and funny AT ALL.

Usually, they’re the exact opposite… neither original nor funny. Trust me on this one!

It’s too bad for them that they’re not reading the information you’re reading right now!

Let Me Present To You…

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

A few of the top and elite online attraction gurus and I have put the finishing touches on a new and revolutionary program that teaches any guy how to attract and meet beautiful, quality women on dating sites, social-networking sites, instant messengers, on the phone, and more! You name it!

Whether you want unlimited sex or a relationship with the perfect girl, this is the magic that will make it ALL happen.

And it’s SO easy. You can effectively get a date RIGHT now with almost zero effort on your part… I mean it! You will be able to attract the women you want MUCH EASIER than in real life.

The only work that is involved is the development of the system itself… which you won’t have to worry about. We’ve done all the hard work for you!

Developing this system by yourself would take literally years upon years of rigorous trial and error… assuming you even figure out how to do it!

And yes, I have read ALL of those online dating books and used ALL the other online attraction programs… and so has my team.

We’ve combined EVERY SINGLE online attraction
strategy that DOES work and eliminated all the
strategies that DON’T work.

And that’s only the beginning… it only gets BETTER from there…

This system starts out with the #1 online attraction guide on the internet (as rated by ClickBank!)…

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

Here are just a few things you’ll learn in my book…

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

The most definitive system on how to attract beautiful, QUALITY women – you won’t have to “settle” for anything less ever again.

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

The secret tip that makes attracting women online EASIER than in real life.

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

The 10 vital mistakes almost all men do that blow their chances when talking to women online. You probably are doing one of these mistakes right now!

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

The 5 psychological strategies you can employ in your messages to women that will attract them immediately.

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

Learn the fool-proof way to prevent rejection when approaching women online.

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

Learn ALL the techniques to create the most MAGNETIC pictures that STAND OUT from the rest of the guys out there!

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

The step-by-step system for writing ATTRACTIVE and MYSTERIOUS profiles that will keep women wondering and wanting you.

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

Learn how to convey humor and make those beautiful women laugh from just reading your profile or your messages.

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

KNOW exactly when a woman is testing you – and learn how you can pass those tests with flying colors! Then learn how to test THEM.

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

How to make a woman feel special WITHOUT looking “weak.” This is one of the only programs that allows you TO BE YOURSELF and attract the women you desire – but only if you follow these guidelines!

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

Learn to use the internet to line up TEN TIMES as many dates than you would the old way…

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

How to use the internet to keep women in OTHER cities swooning for you until you visit. You’ll never have to pay for a hotel room ever again.

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

The 7 key techniques for attracting women through INSTANT MESSENGER conversations – get their phone number and meet them quickly!

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

Learn how to effectively create INCREDIBLE amounts of sexual tension that she will love and respond to. Learn exactly when and how to implement them and drive her insane with sexual desire before you even meet her!

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

The FATAL ERROR that 99.99% of guys make when e-mailing women online that automatically DESTROYS their chances of getting a reply back.

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

The most effective and powerful methods for attracting those women ON THE PHONE. That’s right – once you get their number, learn how to make her all yours.

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

Some killer tips on text messaging hot girls – learn how to turn a few words into a booty call in no time!

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

The best way to make your first-impression on the first meet. Learn to start off with a bang and make her UNCONTROLLABLY attracted to you.

And much… much more!

So, my friends. We have packed ALL the online attraction secrets into one amazing, easy-to-follow program.

And unlike those “other” programs, I DON’T just have the quick-fix, “cut and paste” profiles and messages. Those simply do not work well. With just a few minutes of learning from my program, I’ll tell you how to create your own profiles and messages tailored exactly to your needs.

That’s the beauty of this program – you ISOLATE and ATTRACT the women YOU want by customizing YOUR profile and YOUR messages…

Hey, maybe you want to attract the girls that you already know in real life! Do you have them on Facebook, MySpace or MSN already? You’re halfway there, my friend! Learn to develop REAL relationships with your female friends through the internet!

Yes, it’s possible. And yes, it’s EASY.

Okay, I’ve Kept Up The Suspense Long Enough. Let Me Present To You…

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

You get instant download access to everything you need to start attracting beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, high-quality women right now…

It All Starts With The #1, Most Explosive Online Attraction E-Book of 2008. Period.

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

The Online Game. I mentioned this earlier… and I’ll mention it again. This is your definitive online attraction bible. No questions asked.

This 224-page e-book is your complete guide on everything you need to know about online attraction. It is written in an easy to follow, step-by-step format.

I cut through the ALL the nonsense and delivers the most effective model for picking up, attracting, seducing, and meeting beautiful women through the internet.

Is it profile content tips you’re looking for? Messaging strategies? Instant-messaging conversation pointers? Phone conversation techniques? How to interact with your date during the first meet?

It’s ALL here from ‘A’ to ‘Z’.

…and so much more!

… And The “Quick And Easy Tips” Audio Course.

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

The Quick And Easy Audio Course. Yes, this is the one you’ve probably heard about. I personally cover the most vital tips for profile content optimization, profile picture optimization, messaging women, and much more…

Sometimes you don’t have time to just read the book…

I understand that! That’s why I made this concise audio course to give you some of the most key techniques that I like to use!

Click play to hear a high-quality sample!

I have three full audio sessions jam-packed with the most powerful and effective tips that will help you meet the women you want to meet.

What if I Included A PERSONAL COACH?

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

What if I gave you full personal e-mail support for 3 months? That’s right. I’m throwing this in for a limited time only!

If you’re looking for online attraction advice, just e-mail me at my special e-mail address that I’ll give you. I will personally respond to you in 48 hours or less.

Need help composing your profile content? Need advice on what photographs you should use? I’m literally just one message away!

And maybe you want to ask me anything about relationships and women! Do you suffer from approach anxiety? Do you not know what to say around the women you REALLY like? Just send me your question.

I’ve been through all the pain and suffering and I’ve learned my mistakes VERY well, so I’m here to help you! You won’t ever have to make the wrong moves again with women…

You Think I’m Done? I’m Not…

“How’s That For A Complete Package? This program has been in the making for over a year… and it already has been labelled the best online attraction system ever by COUNTLESS top pick up artists and relationship experts.

You get the best-selling E-book and two
other amazing modules.

If I stopped right here, you’d already
be getting the best of the best.

However, I’m Not Done. Not Even Close.
I’ve Been Known As The Guy Who
‘Gives Way Too Much’…

That’s Why I’m Going To Make This Program ‘The COMPLETE Package’… And Add These Incredible Bonuses… FOR FREE!

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets
#1: 101 Romantic Ideas

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets

101 Romantic Ideas… by Michael Webb. Yes, he is the same Michael Webb that has appeared on Oprah, NBC News, CBS, The Chicago Tribune… and more. Clearly, he is one of the top relationship experts.

I talked to Michael and told him about my revolutionary online attraction system and he absolutely LOVED it. He wanted to help me in any way he could. So I asked him if I could include his 101 Romantic Ideas report and he graciously, and thankfully, said “YES!”

In it you’ll find some of the most creative romantic ideas that will keep those girls coming back for more!

And for those of you who are looking to attract women for more “noble” reasons, you will find this report VERY helpful!

How’s that for a “bonus” item?

Derek Lamont - Online Pickup Secrets
#2: Three Keys To Seducing Any Woman

Derek Lamont – Online Pickup Secrets is digital download at

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