Devastating Fighting Secrets (easy shot fore everyone) – Andrew Scott

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Andrew Scott – Devastating Fighting Secrets (easy shot fore everyone)

Dear Friend,
I don’t care what you think you know about Street Combat and Self-Defense…
Have you ever had a pistol stuffed in your face by a desperate drug addict?
Ever been in a knife fight, empty-handed?
Been clubbed over the head, or nearly beaten to death by 3 guys twice your size?
I have.
It’s not something I’m proud of, and it’s not something that was necessarily my fault.
But if you’re alive long enough in this world you learn that sometimes “bad sh– happens.”
It’s real out there, it’s bad, and it’s nothing like what they teach in the Sports MMA Gyms, Martial Arts schools or latest “commando” fad training.
Do You Really Think Your Current Training Could
Pull You Through What I’ve Just Described?
Please Don’t Take Offense, But I SERIOUSLY Doubt It.
Here’s Why:
I had 2 black belts when the above happened to me. I was tough, competent, young and an aggressive sparrer. I’ve worked in security, high-risk collections & body guarding.
I learned the hard way that someone’s certifications and pieces of paper on the wall don’t mean squat, all that counts is what they can DO!
And I can Prove it to you!…
Imagine YOU are attacked by three thugs (like I was) in a parking lot…
Some Prison-Hardened Thugs Decided You’re Going To Be Their Wife For The Hour (these are the kind of hardcore career criminals that gang-rape grown men)
At that point, you won’t have time to “think about it”, and taking one of them to the ground like you learned in MMA sports class is NOT a good idea when there are 3 of them who will kick your face and ribs in as you’re rolling around on that nice soft pavement.
So what can you do?…
1) Use watered-down sport-fighting techniques?
2) Flail, Scream and Piss Your Pants as you get mauled? (if you don’t die of panic first), or…
3) DESTROY THEM with a rapid-fire barrage of ball-smashing, throat-crushing DEVASTATING Strikes?
Do you know what most people actually do when faced with a situation like this?
They Freeze Like a Deer In The Headlights!
And they end up getting SLAUGHTERED.
Criminals, Perverts and Terrorists use pain and brutality as a psychological “jerk-off” – they get an emotional high by causing fear and harming people.
It’s sickening, but that’s how the real world is. It is always possible that YOU WILL BE ATTACKED.
I hope you never have to feel the panic and terror of knowing you’re about to be Beaten Bloody or KILLED. But let’s face it: in today’s world, it can happen at any time. Anyone who tells you otherwise is in “denial.”
Now let me ask you again: Do you REALLY think your current training could pull you through what I’ve just described?
The McDojos and MMA gyms aren’t teaching this – they have rules they must observe to keep the soccer moms and sport judges happy.
The Scumbag Killers on the street NEVER step into a dojo, or onto the mat, or into the ring – but they BRUTALIZE, RAPE and KILL every day!
How do YOU deal with someone who can DO that? (and has lots of experience doing it)
HERE’S HOW: You learn what THEY know! – Instinctive DEVASTATION: How To KILL, Maim and Destroy when necessary.
When some bloodthirsty thug chooses you as his next piece of meat, if you don’t know what he
knows – you’re dead!
I had enough Black Belts and Certificates to make most instructors green with envy, but I didn’t know DEVASTATION until this happened to me
The Night That Changed My Life Forever
One night I was leaving a party in a bad side of town and on the way out I brushed shoulders with someone walking in.
I turned and said “pardon me” but there was malice in his eyes. As I turned to walk away, he threw a punch that knocked me to the ground.
The next thing I knew he had me pinned to the ground and was whaling away, punching my face in!
Here I was, a Black Belt, getting my ass whooped by some street scrapper who clearly had no training at all, he was just fighting instinctively.
Then it got worse. His buddies jumped in and started kicking me. All I could feel was PAIN and PANIC
I Began To Black Out…
I honestly thought I was going to DIE.
Now this is where it really gets weird….
As I was blacking out, I saw a small dot of light. I became filled with energy, because now I had something to focus on other than the Pain and Fear.
I raged hard toward that light and went what I can only describe as PRIMAL.
As strange as it sounds, I actually started to feel a sense of peace … nothing else mattered anymore… it was like I was right at home and knew what I was doing … right in the middle of Violence!
Time seemed to slow down, like a slow-motion moment in a movie.
I busted out of his head lock and attacked him with everything I had and stood up.
When he stood up I kneed him in the balls so hard his feet actually lifted off the ground, and he fell over screaming in a fetal position.
Then I Kicked His Friend In The Face
A nice geyser of blood erupted from his nose and he squealed like a baby and took off running! His other friend ran after him.
(side note about multiple attackers: their courage goes down the moment YOU HURT THEM)
I used nothing fancy, just sheer DEVASTATION.
It Didn’t Matter That He Was Bigger and Stronger Than Me!
The “LIZARD BRAIN” Took Over and I Was Instinctively Doing What I Had To Do To Survive: DEVASTATE My Attackers!
I beat them all, and my life was completely transformed by what I’d learned. It was like an awakening, I was re-born in real combat.
All my previous beliefs about Self Defense and Martial Arts went out the window when I realized…
THIS Is Where Real Fighting Occurs, and this is the Only Place I should be Fighting From: DEVASTATION
Listen up closely my friend, this is very important: when you are brutally attacked, it is because the attacker has complete confidence that he can beat you, and he has lots of experience pounding people’s faces into a pulp.
That makes him extremely dangerous, and makes the fight unfair – the odds are against you. So the only possible way to win against that attacker is with DEVASTATION.
I learned very quickly, as my life was blacking out, the secret to winning a fight.
I learned how to turn my fear into a weapon and Fight with KILLER INSTINCT and PURE DEVASTATION.
Keep in mind, up to that point I’d done the whole CQC, Ju-Jitsu, JKD Instructor thing – all of it, whatever you want to call it, with some of the top names in the field.
But it took REAL STREET COMBAT to “Awaken” me
to What it Really Takes to Use Those Skills Effectively
and DESTROY My Attackers
Most Instructors out there, even a few FAMOUS one whose names you would recognize – have NEVER been in real street
So they end up teaching mechanical, technical skills without the experiential frame of reference for “survival-necessary application” of those skills.
Does that make sense?
You see, they’ve never gone through the crucible that awakens the “Lizard Brain” of primal devastation.
And the bottom line is: if you haven’t been there, you can’t show someone else how to go there.
I have been there, my friend.
And on my NEW DVD that you can’t get anywhere else, I’ll show you everything I’ve learned!
Would you like to have the same Knowledge and Skills of Devastation, so ingrained, that they turn on like a “light-switch” whenever you need them?
Right now is YOUR chance to get these deadly secrets and make them your own.
Here’s just some of the hard-hitting lethal knowledge and skills you’ll get to keep for a lifetime:
How To Fire a Rapid Barrage of Death Blows, (Before He Knows What Hit Him!)
• How To Snap A Terrorist’s Neck or Tear Out His Throat
• Disable Shots: How To Quickly Disable Your Attacker Without Killing Him
How To Terrorize Multiple Attackers While Empty-Handed
• 2 Last Minute Firing-Line Ways To Save Your Life And Snatch Victory From Certain Death!
How To Instantly End A Fight In One Move (Regardless of Their Size or Skill)
• How To Beat A Groundfighter or MMA Punk Instantly (Not for those who can’t handle BLOODY GORE)
How to Quickly Diminish the Enemy, Cause Massive Pain, then Deliver the Kill Shot!
• How To Turn Your Pain Into a Weapon
• 5 Fast Ways To DESTROY A Bigger, Stronger, More Experienced Attacker
• 3 Joint Canks To Seize And Control Anyone- Even Make The Hulk Whimper Like A Bitch!
Role-Reversal: He pulled the trigger and now HE’S dead
… and much much more!
Listen: What you are about to discover will SHOCK and THRILL you at the same time, because when you’re about to be SLAUGHTERED or gang-raped…
You do NOT want to be the guy who doesn’t know Devastating Fighting Secrets. What would secrets like these be worth to you? Well for only $19.00 YOU GET THEM ALL!
Normally this DVD retails for 39.00, but I decided that if I give it to you dirt-cheap so it’s easy to get, I know you’ll discover that this will be the most valuable training DVD you ever own.
The DEVASTATING FIGHTING SECRETS crash-course is, quite simply, the best hardcore fighting DVD out there.
How can I say that? Very simple: I’ve spent my entire life studying and training Martial Arts and Combatives. I personally studied and own over 4,000 Martial Arts Books, and Instructional Videos. That should tell you how serious I am about the subject.
A lot of the videos have some cool stuff, but none of them put it together in a way that shows you how to INSTANTLY DEVASTATE Your Attacker.
Except Mine.
You see, I asked myself “if I could only watch one DVD before the fight of my life, what should be in it?”
And then I PACKED it with everything you’d ever need to survive a hardcore street attack. The Best I’ve learned, you get!
I’m sure you’re smart enough to realize that most DVDs aren’t really “hard-core” enough, while at the same time being realistic and simple enough for the normal guy to understand instantly.
There are some good instructors out there but a lot of them are just egomaniacs who are out for money and want you to join their “guru cult.”
The Hell With That!
Look. Fish don’t try to swim, they swim! Don’t try to react – react! Don’t try to feel – feel!
I mean, does a fish need a membership card or a certificate in order to swim?
It just swims, instinctively, and THAT is the truth of “Martial Arts” and “Jeet Kune Do” I think Bruce Lee was really getting at – I mean…
Devastating Fighting Secrets (easy shot fore everyone) – Andrew Scott is digital download at

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