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Diana Patton
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Have you been feeling hopeful one moment, and hopeless the next? Perhaps
you may feel a bout of joy, being with your family, and at the same time, feel
deep sadness, pondering what’s to come with your business?
What you’re feeling is common and can be identified as trauma. This COVID-19
has not only thrust us into isolation, which can cause sadness and depression in
the best of us, our burdened economy can cause severe anxiety. But there are
steps we can take to help us get on the other side of this global pandemic, to
help us not only survive, but to thrive.



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Rise With Diana

Diana Patton, Motivational Speaker, Social Justice Advocate, Author, Attorney, Consultant

Diana held a General Counsel/VP/COO position at a Toledo-based non-profit and has served in several executive level positions at Fortune 500 companies. She is licensed to practice law in Ohio, has conducted corporate diversity trainings, and has taught various business courses at Owens Community College. Diana currently serves on the University of Toledo College of Health and Human Services Board, is the UT African American Initiatives Talented Aspiring Women Leaders community liaison, and is on the Toledo Public School District’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee. Diana also works with helping organizations, such as Solana, who serves the IDD community, as well as community health workers organizations, and with young women everywhere.


Diana also offers professional development trainings to organizations seeking to evaluate, examine, and/or modify their current practices to be more responsive to the vital clients they serve. In addition to trainings, Diana is a sought-after keynote speaker, offering talks on the topics of diversity and inclusion, self-care and introspection, unconscious bias, and emotional intelligence.

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