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i9 – Advanced Working Memory App

January 21, 2016by Mark Ashton Smith, Ph.D in Brain Training Apps

i9 combines a total of 18 evidence-based working memory and executive control brain training games from cognitive neuroscience labs. Games include the classic (Jaeggi) dual n-back, XOR/AND/OR (‘feature integration’), Stroop, recursive, set-switching (multi-tasking), and movement and direction working memory games. Also the emotional dual n-back, and emotional Stroop n-back. Progression through games is based on training goal and performance. There are multiple speeds, multiple settings for interference control, facial expression performance feedback, error feedback, leaderboards and gamification. There are 10 sets of IQ problems with tutorials for problem solving skills and strategies. And there are valid, standardized IQ and cognitive tests for self-quantifying & tracking your training games.

Full Spectrum Brain Training

i9 is a highly developed, full-spectrum working memory brain training app for increasing IQ, productivity and resilience through long-term neuroplasticity change. Individuals with prior experience with brain training will quickly appreciate the power of this app.

There are a total of 16 working memory and executive control games. You progress through the games based on your level of mastery at any given level. There are common cognitive elements to all of these games, and progression through the games targets neuroplasticity change in the core brain circuits underlying IQ, working memory, attention and executive function. 

20 Day Program

The basic program is 20 days, 20 minutes per day. Daily sessions can be spread out over a 6-8 week period.

You may choose to continue your training after this period (the license is unlimited) but this training program will result in long-term neuroplasticity change to improve your IQ, productivity and resilience.

You can choose to combine your training with other brain cross-training strategies such as aerobic exercise, HIITs, intermittent fasting, HRV biofeedback, meditation, etc. We provide a free eBook and tutorials for x-training with your license purchase.

Valid IQ and Cognitive Tests

i9 comes with a scientifically valid test battery with short (sub-5 minute) tests for IQ, decision-making, working memory, EQ, cognitive resilience, and anxiety, depression and burnout.

The test battery is a standalone app called Mindware Lab Test Battery. With this you can self-quantify your training gains. We also give you access to two additional independent IQ tes.

Dual N Back – Advaced Working Memory Application – i9 Mindware is digital download at

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