Dynamic Flexibility – Timothy Agnew


Product info: [1 DVD- Rip]. File size: 624.29 MB. Digital download. AIS is rapidly becoming the new way to stretch, and thousands of people have discovered…

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Timothy Agnew – Dynamic Flexibility

Join kinesiologist Timothy Agnew for general and advanced full body Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) designed to gently increase your range of motion without pain. AIS is rapidly becoming the new way to stretch, and thousands of people have discovered its effectiveness. Unlike more intimidating fitness-based stretching programs, the Dynamic Flexibility focus is to improve your daily movements and help restore good posture. The results are more energy and an improved quality of life- at any age. This DVD is not a “follow along with pleasant music” type of “fitness” program. It is designed to play and pause so that one can learn the specific way to help restore quality movements. This program is designed to help ready you for more intensive goals, whether it is Yoga, Tennis, or Golf. For the athlete or post surgery individual, an advanced section includes dynamic isolation of muscle groups for performance and injury recovery. Contraindications are included with each stretch. This program is ideal for Fibromyalgia, Stroke, MS, and other chronic dysfunctions, as well as the serious athlete. Start now to improve your flexibility and change your posture, your energy, and the way you move!

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