Elegance of Conscious Living Summit – Ariadne Sassafrass


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Ariadne Sassafrass – Elegance of Conscious Living Summit

Welcome to the Elegance of Conscious Living Summit!What if you could create your life differently?What if there was a new way of being on the planet where you could create with ease and elegance and contribute to more consciousness?What if joy, abundance, outrageous success and magic were just a choice away?Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, offers this definition of elegance: “using the least amount of energy to create the greatest amount of effect”Coupling this awareness with a more traditional explanation, I envision elegance as a standard of tastefulness exhibiting refined grace.I have carefully selected 22 leaders whom I sense live authentically and do so with elegance. These leaders express who they are by using their gifts to change our planet in a positive way. And as distinguished business owners, their contribution inspires and educates other individuals to explore their own unique talents and capabilities. They are joyfully sharing their gifts with the world while also trail blazing the creation of a more conscious reality. Join me and 22 of our world’s greatest consciousness experts in an expansion into possibilities during the Elegance of Conscious Living Online Summit.

Our Speakers and their topics: Ariadne Sassafrass – The Elegance of Conscious Creation

• Are you embodying the consciousness of you?

• Are you ready to step into the creation of the you you truly be?

• What if vulnerability is the space from which you can receive you and receive the contribution of everything to you?

• What invitation to the elegance of creation and consciousness can you be?

Energy Transformation Expert, Empowerment Coach and Access Consciousness Facilitator. My life changed when I started to actually receive me as the unique being that I be, instead of trying to fit into somebody else’s reality. I finally stopped hiding my natural talents and capabilities and began to embrace them. Not only did I become more conscious: I became aware of the energy that is life and creates life or destroys it, and how to play and create from that space. The word Consciousness seems to be a word hidden in ambiguity. As I become more conscious I become aware of and enamored with the power and simplicity of choice: and the dynamic joyful potency of choosing to create something different. What if you becoming more conscious of amazing you could not only create an elegant life of ease and joy, but could also change the planet?

Elegance of Conscious Living Summit – Ariadne Sassafrass is digital download at Edudigi.net.

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