Energy of the Poi – Titanya Monique Dahlin


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Titanya Monique Dahlin – Energy of the Poi


Join in of the ancient joy of Poi!
In this fun and easy to follow video Titanya’s compassionate personality shines through to support you in learning the basic patterns of the Poi and there highly effective benefits. This healing activity is fun and beneficial for adults and children. She has taught thousands of people around the world and it is now become a popular recreational activity!
In this video you will:

  • Learn to balance your energy
  • Create healthy energy patterns such as the crossover
  • Create a deep sense of joy and harmony
  • Actives the pathways of joy in your body: Your Radiant Circuits
  • Gain more energy and strength
  • Bring positive energy to any environment
  • It is a fun recreational activity for the entire family
  • Helps children with learning disabilities
  • Aids hand/eye coordination
  • Aids in the recovery of strokes or any kind of brain injury
  • Raise your vibration up and out of Depression or Illness
  • They help your Auric Field stay strong, especially great for children
  • They can empower you and make you feel confident
  • Helps with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and range of motion in the arms

About Titanya’s MP4:

The DVDs that Titanya produces herself take an average 2 years of production time. They are always professionally filmed and edited and usually filmed in multiple nature settings. Titanya personally selects all the music to complement each DVD… and of course the content is always original, contemporary, fun, educational and beneficial to people of all ages.
Titanya has taught Poi Ball Instruction to thousands of Students… and has been a professional Polynesian dancer for more than 20 years.
Fast becoming a fun recreational hobby, the use of Poi Balls has actually been practiced for thousands of years; starting from humble beginnings with the Maori culture and over time as a popular entertainment event.
Enjoy Titanya’s warm personality as she teaches you the basic patterns of the Poi and shows you how to gain more energy and strength.

History of Poi Balls

Energy of the Poi - Titanya Monique Dahlin“Poi” originates from the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand and simply means “ball”. For over a thousand years, Poi was a form of communication and meditation with the women of New Zealand. Later, Maori women have danced with Poi Balls to keep their hands flexible and to provide entertainment.
Maori men used Poi Balls to increase flexibility and strength in their hands and arms, to improve balance and co-ordination required during battle.
Titanya’s Poi Ball DVD begins with a more complete overview of the history of the Poi and the story of how they became so popular. And you will learn all about the potential benefits to your health and vitality.

Energy of the Poi – Titanya Monique Dahlin is digital download at

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