Extremely Mental – Boris Pocus

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Boris Pocus – Extremely Mental


The Mentalism DVD of the Year!

Boris has toured the world performing on cruise ships, in shopping malls and at very fancy bar mitzvahs.

On this very special DVD, Boris performs and explains every detail behind 16 of his most memorable routines including effects with clock faces, photographs, playing cards, billets, business cards, coins, pay envelopes, locks and keys.

This DVD also features revealing interview segments during which Boris shares his unique views on predicting the future, reading minds, ESP, fortune tellers, nurturing a mental state and the importance of the performer’s voice. Boris even offers heartfelt advice for viewers who feel that they too may be mental like Boris.

  1. Perfect Timing: Boris predicts a freely selected time down to the minute!
  2. Mona Lisa: Boris demonstrates the existence of both an “Alpha” and “Beta” mind!
  3. Lottery: Boris predicts five freely chosen cards and their order!
  4. A Very Good Year: The date on a borrowed coin matches the date on Boris’ coin!
  5. Acquaintances: Boris’ favorite “warm-up” routine with playing cards!
  6. Distant Relations: Boris shares his profound understanding of Siamese Twins.
  7. Impulse Control: Boris displays his ability to control a spectator choice!
  8. Telling Tales: Boris demonstrates a “tell” and (the seldom seen) “reverse tell!”
  9. Projection: Boris engages a spectator’s “projective imagination!”
  10. Echo: Boris creates a “mental echo” between himself and a spectator!
  11. Undeclared Income: Boris divines the total of a handful of borrowed change!
  12. Color Blind: A spectator finds her way to her own favorite color!
  13. Unconscious Knowledge: Boris proves a spectator knows more than she knows!
  14. True Believer: A “true believer” selects the one key that unlocks a lock!
  15. Facsimile: Boris “senses” every detail of a borrowed business card!
  16. Speechless: Boris predicts virtually any object the spectator thinks of!


Salepage: https://www.penguinmagic.com/p/920
Extremely Mental – Boris Pocus is digital download at Edudigi.net.

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