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Unknown – Game Solved Vol 1,2 and software

Do You Want to Have World Class Game? And NEVER Wonder Why you Don’t Get Results Again?

This book is a bit of a secret… Only for those who truly care about living their dream life with women.
This book is about the thing you really want, but NO other source has delivered on its promise to bring you- how you REALLY get 9s and 10s. And how you REGULARLY date girls that are about 8.5+.
You’re about to learn the TRUTH of the game industry, and game itself. Something I wish I knew 11 or 12 years ago when I started this journey… But only I will tell you because while I’m at the top of the industry, this isn’t how I make a living at all
What’s more, some of you might feel like you’re in a living hell. I’ll be honest, just like I am through the entire book – I did. I felt I never got to date ANY of the girls I was interested in, it never quite worked out, and never would. It felt like I was cursed, like it would never change, and like that was a life I SURE AS HELL didn’t want to be in.
By the end of this all, I’ll show you not only how to get the girls. Even the true 9s and 10s, and to make that an INHERENT part of how you navigate through life. And how to get unstuck out of whatever game rut you might be in. But ALSO how to live life in a way that is so vibrant and with so many people that truly connect with you and care about you, that you will be like my friend Sam. Sam, sadly, passed away recently at only 29 – and he had TWO THOUSAND people at his memorial. Out of love, out of connection with him. Because of the amazing memories they had formed with him. Yet all that joy and laughter and excitement he was not only something he shared with others, but he was right there experiencing that SAME joy and laughter and brilliance of life every day as well. By the end of all this, you won’t JUST get girls, you will carry on Sam’s spark and his way of life and live that vibrantly as well. That’s the life we should all experience
This all started with an EPIPHANY. You see, I was once the class genius in my school- I was medium popular, but never one of the leaders of the social group. That meant I got no girls, basically. There were some 7s that liked me. But not a single girl I liked liked me back. None. I didn’t have my first kiss in high school. Not even a kiss. Partially because I was picky, partially because it was a small school, partially because I didn’t have any attraction to the girls I liked. I was normal looking but not good looking. I’m about 5’8″ or a little under. I’m blonde, which a lot of girls actually don’t like. My first kiss wound up being forced on me in college at an early party by a girl I didn’t want to kiss. Yep. No cool story. I wasn’t socially hopeless by any means, but when cute girls liked me in college (mostly because I worked out so hard that I had an amazing body), I never did the right thing. I went up to every cute girl at every frat party and asked them if they wanted to dance. I got really good at dancing, but not good at closing. I almost exclusively heard no, but got just a couple girls as a result. Then I got into game. By 28 I could get all the 7.5s you could ever imagine. And I didn’t want any of them. I had dated some pretty cute girls, but game really wasn’t working for me to get the girls that I ACTUALLY WANTED. The girls I KNEW I deserved. That led to me taking every bootcamp, watching every program, watching every question, and feeling incredibly stuck. If I’m being honest, it felt like a life in a cage that wasn’t even worth living. I’m guessing you’re here because you feel the EXACT same way.
Like you, I also had access to all the game coaching and products out there. Actually, I had better access. I had a couple major instructors that I winged with and got to learn directly from. Most of these products and the instructors I knew kept saying stuff like “You analyze too much” or “Just let go and then it’ll work”. Guess what? Those didn’t help AT ALL. Those guys thought ‘letting go’ was the key because being an instructor is SELF SELECTING – they happened to be doing things right for one reason or another, then they ‘let go’ and that enabled the things they were doing to flow even more… and then they became obsessed with letting go. But they would have never become instructors if they weren’t doing the right shit. Telling people that aren’t doing well to just let go and it’ll happen is retarded and maddening!!! Stupid ass advice for someone that’s not doing well already. The fact is, the MORE I analyzed, the better my results got. Because I had to LEARN what the RIGHT things to do were. The fact is, if you don’t know WHAT REALLY MATTERS, you CANNOT succeed at a high level or rate. Letting go only helps when you know what actually works. Now that I know those things – yes due to knowledge, I can ‘let go’ and my results go up. But they didn’t used to. Sound familiar? (Btw, if knowledge is what makes the difference, where do you get knowledge? Books…) Anyway, that’s where I was. So fucking stuck and not really even wanting to be trapped in that life any more.
And that’s when the epiphany hit me… Watching Rock of Ages with Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise), something I hadn’t thought of ever before occurred to me… Game was 90% NON-VERBAL, and SO MUCH MORE was happening non-verbally than any game source had ever told me. Not only that, but SEXUAL TENSION was at the heart of it all… NOT HUMOR. I was trying to run around verbally creating humor and energy and doing framing and such and hoping that worked… But what REALLY worked lay in how you move your face; how you move your eyes; the pauses in your speech; the rhythm in your speech; holding tension rather than breaking it with humor; your vocal tonalities. It was all about who owned the frame, the tension in the interaction, the sexual tension, who flinched or jumped too fast. The humor was just there like grease on a wheel bearing, it wasn’t the point. By trying to get girls via humor and using the ‘right words’ and using sexualized words, I was trying to jam a square peg in a round hole… FOR YEARS. It all came crashing down on me – what was wrong wasn’t me. I wasn’t too ugly. I wasn’t incapable of gaming at a high level, I was following information that was POINTING ME IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!!!! In fact, if I stopped and though about human evolution, we’ve been human for around 2 million years and had spoken language for about 100,000 years… So how COULD the power of spoken language have evolved to outweigh all those 1.9 million years of NON-VERBAL mating rituals??? It’s not possible. Having this epiphany smash me in the face changed everything. There was possibility and potential again in the world that I could live the life I really wanted… And now I had to virtually start all over, learning about tension and non-verbals and how to use that entire world. It launched a rabbit hole that extended the last 5-6 years of my life, where around every corner I found that common game wisdom wasn’t exactly wrong, it just was focused on all the things that were secondary. And spending years on that secondary stuff was leaving the important stuff untouched and my game still misfiring badly. It left me feeling like I was in a life I didn’t want – and just because I had the wrong information. But then I had to spend years and years and years getting to the end of that rabbit hole to put together a puzzle that no one else had. There WAS NO RESOURCE that did more than talk about pieces of what really mattered. Nonetheless, every improvement I made in terms of non-verbal game, owning the frames, and owning tension – while appropriately reading girls, using humor and lightness in the right ways, etc – caused DIRECT improvement in my results. Snowballing until at times the success at times seemed easy and overwhelming (it will never permanently feel that way all the time, forewarning, but it does for periods of time). Finally, thanks to that epiphany and massive course correction in my game, I WAS HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS I WAS GETTING WITH GIRLS. Eventually I learned that to regularly date model-hot girls I needed some lifestyle additions and such as well… But I knew what to do there, and I had the game to capitalize on those social situations as well.
That one little epiphany, and the subsequent journey it kicked off, changed EVERYTHING for me. They made life worth living. Worth being excited about. But I also knew that other people would never even find that epiphany if they lacked my level of determined relentlessness. I realized many, many other guys would spend YEARS on game, only to feel hopelessly stuck and then drag themselves through a life filled with unhappiness. They would blame themselves, their looks, their wallet, their height, or many other things for their seemingly permanent lack of success. When, in reality, it was their understanding of game and what really mattered and nothing more. I also realized that I had to save people the YEARS of effort and the tens of thousands of dollars I spent exploring that rabbit hole even AFTER I had the epiphany most others would NEVER get. And THAT is why I wrote this book. To bring you to and then THROUGH the exact same epiphany, and then save you from having to go out and recreate a brand new body of game knowledge that is sparsely contained in thousands of sources, and largely needs to be filled in via experience and testing a million dead-ends. By giving you the RIGHT information, I can save you from never getting what you want with girls. I can save you from feeling like life isn’t really worth going through. I can save you from feeling like you’re broken and game will never work for you like it does for others. I can save you from feeling like you’re picky and you deserve better, but there’s no way to get it, no matter what you try. THAT is why I did this. I mean… Wouldn’t you do the exact same thing in my position? The value to you hear is immeasurable. Sometimes people ask me if I can give them 10 dollars off or something… What? We’re talking about a couple hundred bucks to bring you out of a life that you don’t even feel is worth living into what you dreamed of when you first started game. There’s not even a number for that. I could charge $1 or $50,000, they make just as much sense. This has almost all of the best wisdom of RSD Tyler, RSD Luke, RSD Jeffy, RSD Madison, Joseph Dieguez (pseudonym), and many more ALL together. Not only that, but do you want to know what game looks like if you somehow combine the best things from RSD Tyler, RSD Luke, RSD Jeffy, the best Lovesystems instructors, the best naturals, etc ALL together? That’s here too. So what IS the value?? Impossible to decide. I settled on fair amounts given the funding levels of the people that read the book – but realistically this is tens upon tens of thousands of dollars of value for pennies in comparison.
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