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Approach Anxiety

Obliterate The False Mental Ideas Keeping You From Being A Natural Approach Machine

George Hutton - Approach Anxiety

Dear Friend,
The feeling is as common as dirt. You see a cute girl. There’s nothing you want more than going over and talking to her. But at the same time, it’s seems like the hardest thing ever.
Like there are simultaneous forces of attraction and repulsion. One of sexual and emotional desire, and one of fear and exposure. Your brain is oscillating between the best and worst outcome about a billion hertz. Her smile, her body, her embrace. The horrible and public failure of rejection.

Three Part Solution

Approach anxiety boils down to three different ideas. All of them are wrong. When we flip the switch of each one of them, approaching will be easy. Natural. Something you do without even thinking. Walk up to the bar, order a beer. See a dollar on the street, pick it up. See a cute girl over there, go and talk to her.

Part One – Inner Determination

We are energy using creatures. And our brains take up a lot of mental energy. So whenever something seems emotionally difficult, we imagine it being just as difficult as if it were physically difficult. Walking across the room to talk to that gorgeous girls seems as difficult as walking up a steep hill.

More Energy

What would make it easier walking up a steep hill? A lot more energy. With more physical energy, that big hill would look smaller. The first piece of the puzzle is to increase your emotional energy. The deep drive that motivates you to do something.

Turbo Charged Desire

If you saw a bottle about to fall over and hit that girl in her pretty head, you would be motivated to action. If you had the magic powers to make her orgasms like crazy just by saying her name, you would be motivated to action. If you knew she was desperate to give a million dollars to the first guy who approached her, you’d be motivated to action.

Build Up Approach Motivation

The first part is to significantly jack up your approach motivation. When you see her, you are also feeling the overwhelming negative forces keeping you stuck. The negative outweighs the positive. Step one is to jack up the positive to it outweighs the negative. Like a simple math equation. A is now greater than B. We’ll take B and make is so frikking big A doesn’t stand a chance!

Part Two – Female Desire

The second piece of the puzzle is that fear of rejection. Of walking over there and having her shut you down. But what if you believed that she was desperate to talk to you? That she was so insanely attracted to you that she could barely look in your direction for fear of passing out from nervousness?

Magnetic Pull of Pussy

What if you walked into any social event, and felt, on deep and powerful level, that every single girl was desperate for YOU to pick them? That you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they would all fall to their knees and thank Jesus Himself that you chose them to approach?

Beliefs Are Powerful

Don’t get me wrong, these sessions won’t change how they really feel. Nobody can change that. (let alone understand how any female feels, lol!) But when you believe they feel that way, you’ll act as if it’s true.

Beliefs Create Reality

This is the squirrely part, where most people roll their eyes. But stick with me! Suppose you walked over there with a belief that she was going to kick you in the nuts? That would make you walk with terrified body language. What girls are attracted to guys with terrified body language? Nobody! (Well, maybe a few sociopaths that want to steal your liver…)
But supposed you walked over to the same girl, but instead of thinking she was going to kick you in the nuts, imagine you believed that she was already in love with you. How would you walk then? Confident, relaxed, and in a very good mood.

Beliefs Alter Behaviors

It’s your behavior as you walk over there that is going to either increase or decrease your chances. As lame as it sounds, there is a biological reason to that if you believe you will succeed, you will be more likely to. It makes sense when you think about. Your beliefs alter your behaviors, and your behaviors are what’s going to get you laid!

Best Beliefs Possible

That’s why Part Two will program you with the beliefs that every single female on Earth is desperate for you. That everywhere you go, every girl in the place is hoping that she will be the one you choose to talk to.

Part Three – Game Confidence

There’s one last piece of the puzzle. You’ll feel the internal motivation pushing you over there. You’ll feel her deep desire pulling you over there. But there’s always that one last nagging doubt. That little voice that says:
“But what do I say?”
Now, if you were baking a cake, I could give you a recipe. But since you will be talking to a lot of girls, each one of them is going to be different. Which means you’ll need to come up with stuff on the fly. That’s why the last piece of the puzzle is a rock solid confidence in your conversational abilities. We’ll call that Game Confidence.
No matter who she is, no matter what her experience is, no matter what her education is, you’ll have a solid confidence to handle any topic she throws at you. You’ll know what to say, and when to say it. You’ll when to ask the right questions, and stand back and watch her go.

Three Levels of Game Synergy

You get the powerful motivation pushing you over there. You get the deep belief in her desire pulling you over there. And you’ll have the powerful confidence to handle anything that comes up after you get there. Ultimate Game Confidence.

Approach Machine

These three listening sessions (well, actually there are nine, no wait, twelve…) will give you massive approach confidence. In fact, you won’t even think about approaching any more. It will be something you just do. Which means you can focus on more important things, like sorting through all the girls out there and choosing the best ones.

Listening Session Descriptions

Three Level Subliminal Programming

These sessions are designed to program your mind on three levels. Higher mind, where you know what’s happening, your inner mind, on the border between conscious and unconscious understanding, and your deeper mind, far below your normal level of conscious awareness.

Higher Mind

Awake and alert subliminal programming. Listen to these session when in any social situation and feel social concerns evaporate. Use these when actually out and observing others. These Gamma Sessions will give you an immediate boost, raising your consciousness while bathing your brain with the relentlessly positive subliminal messages. Also perfect for journaling. Four voices will be speaking at once, two male, two female, all using both first and third person. Each session has over 400 statements that will add to a profound shift in beliefs and abilities.

Conscious Unconscious Interface

Four voices backed by Theta Brainwave inducing sounds. Theta is when your mind is on the border between awake and asleep. The realm of consciousness where thoughts become things, where you can slowly begin to augment your reality. Create a visualizing (based on the best case, realistic scenario based on where you are) and hold on to that image right at the border between dreams and sleep while your conscious and unconscious are simultaneously reprogrammed.

Deep Subconscious

These powerful sessions have 256 voices, all speaking at once. A fire hose of powerful information flooding your subconscious with powerful ideas about the new approaching power you are learning to harness. Create the visualization based on the instructions in the guide, hang onto it for as long as you can while the careful blends of voices, sounds and gentle noise put you into a deep sleep, where your mind will be resonated on a deep level.

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