Getting Past Your Breakup – Susan J. Elliott

Product info: [6 CDs – MP3]. File size: 354.01 MB. Digital download. Her “cold turkey” strategies are incredibly useful for people who need concrete advice…

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This is my favorite no-nonsense break-up book. Elliott is supremely practical and behavioral in her approach to how to avoid getting sucked back into a dysfunctional relationship. Her “cold turkey” strategies are incredibly useful for people who need concrete advice on what to do next.

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In true Beyonce fashion, Susan J Elliott helps you through your break-up reminding you that you’re the best thing he never had. With tips and strategies for everything from how to be by yourself to Not Calling Him, Elliott’s no-nonsense approach has made this break-up bible one of the most popular self-help books on the subject worldwide. Only bother if you’re over the wallowing stage and are really ready to Do The Work, as they say Stateside. Review:

An excellent breakup book that assists not only in dealing with the shock of a relationship ending, but also how to move past the breakup to become a stronger, better person in spite/because of it. Topics such as dealing with breakup myths (“I need closure!”) and boundaries (how do I not get into this situation ever again) are refreshing and well-suited to the tone and style. Highly recommended.

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Since its publication in 2009, Elliott’s book has become Amazon’s bestselling self-help book on divorce. The author herself divorced her first husband and remarried happily — the detail most readers look for when looking for an expert on divorce. Elliott popularized the no-contact rule and also developed “inventory” writing tasks to help readers focus on why you are better out of the relationship. Even if you’re a little skeptical on self-help books, it’s worth a gander.

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Another incredibly practical breakup book, Susan J. Elliott’s enlightening guide is especially perfect for anyone who is finding it difficult to move on and resist the urge to pick up their phone and dial the ol’ ex.

This book is also great because of how it helps you reframe a breakup into a stepping stone to move forward with your life even better than you were before.

Getting Past Your Breakup – Susan J. Elliott is digital download at

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