Google Adwords For Real Estate And Mortgage – Paul Dunn

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Paul Dunn – Google Adwords For Real Estate And Mortgage



Tired Of Having NO LEADS?

OR Worse Yet, Paying Someone Else For Leads And The Only Thing You Have Left Is An EMPTY WALLET?

When it comes to buying leads from a lead gen company or having them run ads for you, it’s not uncommon to pay upwards of $1,500 per month..

.. and get NOTHING!

Did you know that most lead gen companies only spend 20% to 25% of your payment ON THE ACTUAL ADS?

STOP IT!  Learn how to run Google Ads yourself, work with a budget YOU are comfortable with and START GETTING THE LEADS YOU DESERVE NOW!

GET Your INSTANT Access To The 3-Week Over the Shoulder Google AdWords Training For ANYBODY Who Is Sick And Tired Of Paying For Leads And Getting Nothing..


AdWords Helps Your Prospects Find YOU!


    Get More “BUY NOW” Buyer Leads!

    When someone is on Google, they are actively “SEARCHING” for a solution to a problem they have.  As an Advertiser, it is YOUR JOB to put your answer, your SOLUTION to their problem in front of them.  Actively searching buyers and sellers are at or near the “BUY” portion of your sales funnel.  GET THEM!


    Target Buyers Looking for Higher Priced Homes!

    You can actively “TARGET” people who are SEARCHING for higher priced homes as well as luxury, custom or just about anything.  If you KNOW your target, you can put your solution in front of them.


    Faster Results

    With most online lead systems, it can take 6 to 12 months OR MORE, for a lead to become an active Buyer or Seller.  However, when someone is SEARCHING on Google, they are already actively looking for a solution and are further down the sales funnel… meaning they are more likely to make a move sooner, rather than later.

Take advantage of an INCREDIBLE number of features to make your ads more compelling and enticing to prospective customers.

Ad Extensions, Sitelinks, Social Proofing such as user reviews, Location Targeting and a host of other features area available to advertisers, offering an unparalleled level of customization and control to advertisers.

Search Network: allows campaigns to appear for searches based on keywords like “sell my house.”  Ads show up at the top of Google search results, like this:

Google Adwords For Real Estate And Mortgage - Paul Dunn

Display Network: show your ads on websites and apps when your keywords are related to the site’s content.  These ads can come in forms of videos, images and more.  Here is what a typical display ad might look like:

Google Adwords For Real Estate And Mortgage - Paul Dunn

Google Ads and Facebook Ads..

Both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are incredibly powerful advertising platforms that cater to virtually EVERY type of business.

Harnessing the power of both Paid Search (Google AdWords) AND paid social (Facebook Ads) is a remarkably powerful and effective advertising strategy.

Although your marketing message should remain consistent among both platforms, it is vital to understand how to best use each platform for maximum ROI and greater business growth.

The Bottom Line..

If your goal is to ONLY generate brand awareness and social media traffic, then Facebook is the place to be.

If you want to GET MORE LEADS, SALES or CONVERSIONS, then BOTH platforms used together can explode your results.

Build Awareness with Facebook, then Close the Deal on AdWords when people are searching for solutions.

Don’t just use either/or.. It’s a both at the same time!


Google Adwords For Real Estate And Mortgage – Paul Dunn is digital download at

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