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Greg C. Greenway – Project Royalty is AVAILABLE, you can download immediately after payment. Greenway – Project RoyaltyLet me tell you a quick sex storyIt…

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Greg C. Greenway - Project RoyaltyGreg C. Greenway – Project Royalty

Let me tell you a quick sex story

It’s my first night out in this new, lovely unique city. I’ve been here less than 24 hours, but after flirting with Karla, the lovely receptionist with the cute bum, she hooks me up with an invite to the hottest club in town.

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I pop into the restaurant downstairs to have a quick bite before hitting the club
While I’m waiting at my table, I see these stunning olive skinned girls with dark hair sitting at the bar. I watch for a while before guy after guy walks up to them trying to be funny, entertaining and charming
I think back to when i used to approach womenthat’s not my life anymore, women approach me.
I tell the bartender to send the 2 lovely ladies a glass of champagne each; put it on my tab and tell them to enjoy their night
I don’t even like champagne, but women do, and this is my go to conversation starter whenever I see top shelf beauties in a restaurant or bar
A few minutes later as I’m tucking into my ribeye steak, medium and marbled, the dark haired beauties come over to my table to thank me for the drinks
Luckily they speak English cos my Spanish is so-so As they’re about to sit down I say:
“You’re welcome sweetie. Just let me finish my steak real quick, and I’ll come join you at the bar”
The old me would have jumped at the chance to be joined by 2 gorgeous brunettes, but by saying no and making them wait, they crave my attention
I hit the bar after dinner, the girls are there waiting, and I invite them with me to the club, which they eagerly accept

Later On That Night

Arm in arm with both girls, they’re laughing at my jokes, they’re loving my company.
As I get to the club I see all the guys checking us out
I mean who wouldn’t? I’ve got 2 girls on my armdrawing attention from everyone.
We walk straight past the line of about 100 people, right up to the man mountain of a bouncer He say’s:
“Sorry, no walk in’s tonight”.
I respond cooly with a slight smirk on my face: “Karla told me to swing by”
The bouncer looks at me, and the 2 girls on either side, smiles and lifts up the velvet rope
As I walk in, I take one look back inside to see the jaws drop of all the other poor saps waiting in line
Sounds like a typical Greg C. Greenway night out right?
And yeah surethis type of thing happens to me all the time
But this wasn’t my story
This was the story of 44 year old bio-tech engineer Alex..
This is the kind of life you could live, using the principles I will show you on this page
But don’t take my word for it, I’ll let Alex tell you

Alex’s Story

Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty
Hey Greg,
I am only a beginner to the whole dating advice scene. I went through university and generally couldn’t attract the women I wanted, then one day I decided enough is enough and I decided to set higher standards and stick to them so I got into the world of dating advice.
I actually found Project Royalty through a friend of mine and I dived straight in. I’m loving this program. I’m 44 living a 20s lifestyle. Women are naturally perceiving me as high value so I’m never getting rejected.
Saturday I was invited to this high end club in Madrid. I didn’t really even do anything. I got the numbers of a couple of really hot girls, then they were texting me at 6:00 am wanting to come to my hotel with me
Saturday was a good night I was constantly with one or more girls moving around through the venue. At one point a super hot Russian model comes in with a semi-slick guy
I do the flirting trick you showed me with her and this girl gets totally turned on and flirts back like hell it was almost shameful
She keeps on flirting aggressively with me (I think the guy pays her but in the meantime she got really turned on by me since I had like 4 girls around me all the time..) I need to practice more the getting sexual stuff in the programme, but I’m already loving the results.
As I said, I am only beginner in building my future lifestyle and I have not reached anywhere near the full potential of myself or these strategies yet and I am gradually working away but I am taking giant steps forward from where I used to be. I’m excited about the future.Alex V, Los Angeles

That’s quite the transformation right?

But, despite what most advertisers will tell you, transformations
don’t happen overnight. I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines:“Make $200k a year sitting at home
in your underwear”- or -“How To Build 30 pounds Of
Lean Muscle In 14 Days”- or -“2 Quick Secrets To Find
Your Soulmate and Love
This Weekend”- or -“How To Seduce Beyonce And Make Her So Horny She Leaves Jay-Z To Become Your Personal Sex Slave”Ok, so the last one is a joke, but you can see what I’m getting at.
The world wants you to think that everything comes easily to anyone,
but all that is a ploy just to get you to buy something.
Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty
Just by reading this, you are in the top 1%
of men who actually has the balls
to make a change
So you already know that anything
worth having takes work.What I am going to do,
is give you every single tool that you need
to build rock solid inner confidence;
the social skills to charm and influence anyone;
the ability to sculpt any lifestyle you want;
and the seduction skills to attract the girl
you’ve always dreamed ofThese are the secrets I showed Alex
that fueled his transformation
These are the secrets that I want
to give you inside Project Royalty.
Take a look at how the techniques I’ll be giving you in Project Royalty have allowed me to engineer my own perfect lifestyle
Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty
My social circle consists of TV stars, celebrities and multi-millionaire CEO’sNot as random contacts in my phonebook, but as close, trusted friends who come to me for advice guidance and support
Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty
I fly all over the world on private jets to connect and mastermind with industry heavyweights, thought leaders and all round badasses
Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty

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I used to struggle to get dates and when I did, I’d always end up home alone after spending a fortune on dinners and drinks. Now I go to dinner surrounded by hot women who have practically BEGGED to be part of my crew for the night
Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty
I haven’t paid to enter a nightclub or waited in line for over 10 yearsI don’t just walk in. I’m treated as a respected VIP, being given red carpet, bottle service and private access in cities all over the world
I never ask for phone numbers or approach hot women anymore.
I just go out, be my normal self, have fun with my friends
and women freely approach me offering attention,
friendship and often their bodies
Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty
Like minded friends and people I adore fill up my time. I never spend an evening alone unless I need a break
Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty
My life is my own. I enjoy total freedom and control all the time. I answer to no one. I do what I want, I go where I want, I say what I want, I get what I want and I get who I want, all whenever I want.
I’m not telling you any of this to brag or impress you.
I tell you this to impress upon you what is possible
when you have the tools, techniques and strategies
inside the program that I am most proud of.
This is my VERY best work, so without further ado

Allow Me To Introduce To You
Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty


A 46 day transformational event
that will take you from Zero to King;
Explode your social life;
and give you MORE WOMEN
than you could ever possibly imagine

  • It’s not just a comprehensive program
  • It’s not just breakthrough information
  • It’s a fully immersive, transformative EXPERIENCE that will upgrade every aspect of your life
  • And all you need is 10 minutes per day
Over the 46 days you’ll discover

Inner Game

Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty Everything starts from your mindset. The most important story in your life is the story that you tell yourself.If you can master your mindsets, belief and legendyou can master any situation you come across
  • How to have earth shattering confidence in any situation
  • The simple trick to know your TRUE path and how to follow it
  • How to take control of your life and live by your own rules
  • The 7 stage LEGEND CREATION programthis is ONLY for winners
  • The 5 stages of belief creation. Easily fix your negative beliefs and replace them with thoughts that empower and uplift you
  • Learn my patented Seduction Parachute. With this technique in your back pocket, you can mess up 90% of an interaction and women will STILL want you.


Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty There’s one thing that attracts women more powerfully than anything you can do and that is HIGH STATUS.Not money, not fame, not good looks STATUS.In this module you will learn how to uncover the hidden power of STATUS and how to leverage it to make women crave you.
  • You’ll get my 7 Status AcceleratorsThese innocent lines can be slipped into any conversation and boost your status to rockstar level the moment you use them
  • You’ll learn my secret eye contact technique that turns even the coldest woman into a giggly school girl desperate to please YOU
  • Advanced vocal training. I’ll give you the mouth and voice strengthening
  • exercises and tonality secrets used by Hollywood actors to command the
  • attention of EVERYONE around you
  • Fashion secrets from celebrity stylists, so the minute you enter a room all the girls have already noticed you
  • 75% of communication comes from your body language. I’ll show you how to transmit powerful, direct, high-status body language in a way that
  • DEMANDS attention from women

Elite Social Skills

Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty When building your lifestyle you need to get a handle of your social skills.You need to make women comfortable, and you need men to respect you.This module will give you the social skills required to effortlessly win friends, attract women and influence people
  • How to quickly master Social Intelligence from scratch, so you know exactly how to handle ANY social situation life throws your way
  • One easy to use conversation starter that makes people like youeven if you’ve never considered yourself a “people person!”
  • The one situation you MUST run away from like the plague in all social interactions or come across as awkward and uncomfortable and murder your chances forever.
  • How to systematically engineer “the cool factor” in your life and behave in a way so that people will naturally like and respect you – without faking it or behaving in a way that’s not “you”.

Building Rapport

Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty There is a reason why “How To Win Friends & Influence People” is one of the most widely sold books of a generation.That is because the skill of building rapport is invaluable in today’s society.However, the problem with most of the books on the topic is that they lack a systematic step by step blueprint that really breaks down the rapport building processThat’s where I come in
  • I’ll give you my 6 patented Rapport Accelerators that build INSTANT rapport with anyone you meet
  • You’ll get my Conversation Matrix so that you never run out of interesting things to say
  • I’ll show you my 2 step trick that develops deep human relationships like greased lightning leaving everyone else wondering “Who IS this guy?!”
  • Why you don’t have to be similar to someone and still have tons of things in common!
  • The Familiarity PrincipleThe more often you are seen by someone, the more likable you become. I will show you how to create this effect with everyone you meet.

Introductory Rapport

Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty

Do you know someone who you’re comfortable with on a 1-on-1 basis but you wouldn’t introduce them to your mom?
If you do, you are on the verge of grasping my most important discovery: a framework that maps out every human-to-human relationship in existence
The key to getting the social life you desire is the ability to make people introduce to their social circles and networks
  • How to get people to introduce you to their friends (AND their hot lady-friends) – even if you just recently met.
  • The Utility Game. Forget everything you thought you knew about “giving value”. This is about UTILITY. We’ll talk about why this is infinitely more powerful, and how to put it into action in your life to exponentially increase your social network.
  • How to take it to the next level: from getting introduced into anyone’s social circle to becoming the LEADER of the social circle.

Social Circle Access

Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty The women, the lifestyle, the connections
It’s not what you know, it’s whom you know
It’s about time to CONTROL exactly who you know
I am famous for creating custom built lifestyles for my clients based on one very simple principle
If you can get infiltrate the right social circle, you can have
ANYTHING your heart desiresIn this module I teach you my world renowned social infiltration blueprint that will give you your ultimate dream lifestyle
  • The easiest possible way to “get in” with any social circle or network
  • How to get past the gatekeepersall high end social circles have one and I’ll show you a strange but effective strategy to getting these guys on your side
  • The 5 simple steps to infiltrating any social circle without breaking a sweat
  • Why social circles are almost always a tiny speck in a much larger social network. You can replicate the process with people already in your social circle and use them to tap into the more vast network. This will multiply your personal network several times over, very quickly

Social Circle Dynamics

Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty
  • The 5 types of people in every social circle and how to position yourself in the most powerful position
  • The two types of people you want to AVOID having in your social circle at all costs and how to spot them a mile away
  • How to use tricks like gossip and inside jokes to climb any social ladder

How to Build You Own
High Impact Social Circle

Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty Imagine having your life filled with like minded people who enjoy the same things that you do?Drinks after work, art gallery visits, gaming nights, weekend hangouts and even holidays.Learn exactly how to build your ideal friends circle and upgrade you social life in an instant.
  • If you want a social circle where you are automatically, without effort, positioned as its leader – you can build your own from scratch.
  • The 4 steps for building a brand new, high-influence social circle in the shortest possible amount of time.
  • How to determine the purpose of your social circle (ALL social circles have one ignore this step and your social circle will quickly die a painful death).
  • How to get “social cheerleaders” who will spread buzz about YOUR social circle – automatically attracting new members to you

The Secrets of
Sexual Funnels

Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty Make no mistake about it
Having the confidence and the lifestyle is a game changer, but what if you want more? What if you want the enviable ability for being able to turn any woman you meet into your own personal sex cheerleader?
In this module I’ll show you how to fill your lifestyle with ALL the 9s & 10s that you can handle
  • How To Use “Entourage Game” To Build An Entire Squad Of Smokeshows Who All Want To F**k You! (This is how you get laid like a young Hugh Hefner!).
  • The Infamous “Pimpin’ All The World” Method (Get dropped off in ANY city and sleep with the hottest women that city has to offer the very same night!).
  • An autopilot system that constantly delivers hot new women into your bed ready and willing for some no-strings-attached fun.


Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty
  • How to stand out in the crowd to automatically be looked upon as the most attractive guy in any scenario
  • How to take advantage of “Sexy Stereotypes” and have women wanting you before you’ve even opened your mouth.
  • Learn the power of “Status Stories”easy to use conversation topics that paint you as the hero in all her fantasies

Emotional Rapport

Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty
  • Women are emotional creatures and in this module you will discover the key to her emotions so you can develop a deep connection with any woman you want
  • I’ll give you the exact conversation topics that generate unbreakable bonds with any woman
  • You’ll also learn how to create the “Girlfriend Effect”, and turn even the coldest woman into your loyal and dedicated girlfriend

Sexual Tension

Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty The difference between sex and the “friend-zone” is in how you create Sexual Tension So you really only have 2 options. You can pay attention to what I will show you in this module and have her desperately beg for the fun in your pants.Or you can make the same mistake millions of men all over the world make and become her “Gay Best Friend”.

Sexual Arousal

Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty
  • How To Effortlessly Create Intense Sexual Arousal With ANY Woman You Want To Bang This gets her so turned on, she’s guaranteed to tear your clothes off.
  • The Easy Way To F**k Your Friends With this secret, that girl who friend zoned you suddenly craves having you inside her.
  • 7 Ways To Make Her F**k You 7 stealth arousals techniques that cause her to become so uncontrollably horny, she begs to have you inside her.
  • The “Slow Burn” Seduction Technique That Girls Who’ve Friend Zoned You To Suddenly Crave Your C*ck.

Sex On-Demand

Greg C. Greenway - Project Royalty Sex On Demand is strictly about delivering hot women into your bed any time you want it.Hell it may deliver women into your bed even if you don’t want it.In this module you’ll discover some of my most guarded seduction secrets including
  • The Secret 5-Step IFAMM Formula For Meeting, Dating, And Sleeping With ALL The Hottest Women In Your Social Circle.
  • The “Master Key” Mindset That Makes Even Good Girls Feel Comfortable Doing Extremely Naughty Things With You This is the secret to living out all your wildest sexual fantasies.
  • How to use psychological principles and hijack a girls pleasure and reward system making her ADDICTED to having sex with you.
  • The one sex sentence that turns her into a raging nympho who’s down for the dirtiest sex acts your mind could ever imagine.

46 days
of complete immersion,

giving you rock solid confidence, a social life filled with likeminded

amazing people, and the skills

to attract and seduce
your ideal woman

This program is even more awesome than it sounds, and despite the fact that EVERY single aspect of your life will improveProject Royalty isn’t for everyone

PROJECT ROYALTY may NOT be for you if

If you’re not serious about smashing through the roadblocks that stand between you and success
You’re not willing to invest at least 10 minutes per day and go through the entire 46 day program. I only want to work with people who are committed to their own success
If you’re not prepared to stand tall as a man who women desire and men respect
You don’t believe in investing in yourself or self-development.
You’ve never read a self-improvement book and you think all that stuff is for pussies
OR if you’re a boy who is scared by the idea of unleashing his masculine power

PROJECT ROYALTY may be right for you if

  • If you’re sick of living life on the sidelines and you feel like you’ve been missing out
  • If you’re tired of feeling shy, afraid, or unworthy of approaching beautiful women
  • You’re an ambitious action taker, and you’re ready to TRANSFORM into the man who gets everything life has to offer
  • You understand that following and implementing the training in Project Royalty will bring you outstanding, rapid and PERMANENT results
  • You want an almost “done for you” program to transform you, your lifestyle and your women
So if you’re ready to make the leap, and live the life that you deserve
Then you owe it to yourself to make the smart choice and join the exclusive group of badasses who have already joined Project Royalty.
I’ve already stacked the deck in your favor by providing you with
  • Over 17 Hours Of HD Video
  • Dozens Of Daily Exercises To Fuel Your 360 Degree Transformation
  • A Private Project Royalty ONLY Members Site To Discuss & Share In Each Other’s Successes
  • Secret Never Seen Before Interviews With Other Experts

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