Hale Dwoskin – Sedona Method – Living From Your Center of True Power and Grace


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Hale Dwoskin - Sedona Method - Living From Your Center of True Power and GraceHale Dwoskin – Sedona Method – Living From Your Center of True Power and Grace

The mind often shrieks that we need to cling to or fix the external and ignore the internal. We can feel like we are buffeted about by both the mundane and outrageous events that happen. When we live like this, with life on the surface, we may feel like we are actually drowning. However, at our core is an infinite well of peace, joy, insight, and power around which all else spins.

As we learn to come from and as this center of Awareness, we find solutions where before we only saw problems. We find answers where before we only had questions. We become an unstoppable force for good in our own lives and in the lives of those we care about. We find great serenity, clear reason, and intuitive knowingness and the ability to manifest our highest intentions with greater ease and certainty.

The more you come from and as this self-radiant center of Being the more you find that you are being drawn towards right action, right understanding, and simply showing up as your authentic self. You also find that your emotions become more stable and you live as light, love, and delight—a fountain of grace both for yourself and for the world as a whole.

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In these twelve unique sessions you will uncover, open to, and learn to easily access this natural understanding and you will learn ways to incorporate what you discover into every part of your life. Plus, we are all going to have a lot of fun exploring this together. So please join me

What Is Heart?

The term heart can be used to refer to our physical pumping mechanism. What we will be exploring is the heart that is a fountain of light and truth that lives at the core of and as your Being. Most of the time we ignore the sweet insistent nudges that come from this place inside us and instead get lost in the endless musing of the mind and the distractions of the projection that appears to surround us.

As you allow yourself to simply notice what is already shining through, even when the mind and world are noisy, it takes center stage and the noise begins to fade into the background and sometimes even completely disappears. The more you look at silence and as silence the more it reveals itself to itself. This has the added benefit of setting you free to thrive and not merely survive.

Are You Coming from Center?

When we want to get clarity, it is important to check whether we are being motivated by our past beliefs and others’ influence or whether we are following what is correct and authentic to us now.

A way to discover this is to simply check inside and ask that within you which is already Freedom what is in your highest and best good in this situation. You can also check if what is appearing is coming from center or from a projection. As you do this, many issues right themselves and you act with greater inner authority.

The Power of AND

We live life as though there is one right and one wrong way to have, be, or do everything. When we look at the world as black or white we create disharmony and conflict as opposed to harmony and solutions.

As you allow yourself think and act from the perspective of “AND” instead of “or” you find that it is easy to stop creating problems. You see from a more universal and loving perspective which brings great joy, peace, and serenity.

What Is the Answer Hidden in That Question?

Our minds are question boxes which often feel insatiable. While it is very helpful and fun to be curious and explorative, we can get lost in wanting to know instead of knowing.

As you let go of wanting to know you discover that your inner knowingness and clear reason already both have the answer and often are the answer. The more you let go of wanting to look for the answer where it isn’t the more you find it where it is.

Can You Simply Be?

Appropriate action is critical for living life fully and freely. However, often we act just to act as opposed to checking what we truly know inside.

As you allow yourself to pause and simply be, you open the doorway to knowing. When you check first and honor that which is being revealed, all seems to unfold with great effortlessness and grace.

Stopping Your Inner Spin Generator

We live in a whirlwind of conflicting thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Our heads can get so lost with these self-generated inner conflicts that it can become hard to discern what is true and what is merely imagined. Yet below the turmoil on the surface of the body/mind is an infinity well of certainty and calm that is the heart of awareness.

This place inside is not actually a location but a state of being that is beyond all conflicts. As you let go and dive deeper than the spinning on the surface you discover that you are already absolutely safe and supremely free.

Welcome All Points of View

We often get locked into a particular point of view. When this happens our minds can get stuck and our actions frozen. When we allow ourselves to open to other points of view we gain new insight and open to greater possibilities.

The more you open to other points of view the more you are also opening yourself to infinite possibility. You see the world from and increasing broader perspective and you also become more honoring and accepting of divergent viewpoints.

What Is the Solution Concealed by That “Problem”?

Often when we are seeing problems it is only because we are looking at them from the perspective of there is a problem that I need to solve instead of what is the solution waiting to be revealed or is there actually even a problem?

As you allow yourself to be solution focused you find resolution and evolution as opposed to devolution. As you continue to look from the perspective of solution you can go beyond and discover that in this moment there are no problems except in your mind. This liberates you to simply be fully, know willingly, and act creatively and with exuberance.

Creating from Center

Often, we try and create what we want through action or wishful thinking. If we simply act and hope for the best, we are cutting off from our true source of power that is within.

When you allow yourself to get clear on your intent then turn it over to the power that flows from within, you become a powerhouse of creation. And the more you align your intent along what is in everyone’s highest and best good, the more you become unstoppable.

You Are the Source of Grace

When we have been on the spiritual path we have often heard the term grace. There is a common belief that without grace there can be no true progress.

As you open up to the inner well of grace that is always right within you, you discover that the source of grace has always been nearer than you thought. In fact, that which you truly are is the source of grace and fulfillment and as you open to that, even as a possibility, it flows into every part of your experience.

Allow the Power of Love to Guide You

Most of us live for ourselves and those we care about alone. We ignore the whole and live in isolation. This cuts us off from the healing power of the love that we are and cuts us off from experiencing the joy, bliss, and warmth that is love.

One of the characteristics of love is that is a natural moving force for good in all life. As you open your heart to the love that you are you align yourself with this tremendous force. You become an agent for the positive in your life and in the world.

Be the One Center

The One actually has no center or circumference. However, experientially when we are more in touch with “that which we are” we feel like there is a universal center. This center is where the phenomenal world meets that which is beyond.

As you allow for and pay attention to this meeting place you are first drawn towards it and away from suffering. Eventually the “you” that was appearing to be drawn disappears into and as the All.
The Free Way

This program will also include the new way of releasing from or as Freedom called The Free Way.

As you have probably heard, and even felt many times, you are already the Freedom you are seeking.

As you simply allow yourself to perceive whatever appears to be limiting “you” from the perspective of that which has never been limited, all else dissolves revealing profound peace, light, love, and clarity.

As you see it from this perspective it becomes harder and harder to hold onto what just a moment ago may have seemed an unsolvable issue or an un-releasable limitation.

Releasing from Freedom also profoundly shifts the way you perceive and experience all that appears. As you keep releasing from this perspective you discover that there is no such thing as an enlightened person. There is enlightenment perceiving the appearance of the personal.

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