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We have said many times that whatever you focus on is what you get in this life. If you focus on what you think is happening to you…struggle, pain, loss…then that’s what you get more of.

If you focus on what you want…success, happiness, joy, riches,…then that’s how you open the door to the abundance you dream of having.

The reason this is true is because whatever observation your brain makes is literally having a powerful and dramatic effect upon every cell in your body.

The receptive intelligence of your mind (RIM) is actually the most important link in creating the rich and abundant life you so desperately desire and deserve.

Originally Dave referred to this information as the Theater of the Mind. But soon it became very evident that we had tapped into an even greater energy. That’s when it became the series, Hidden Secrets to Power Imaging.

Hidden Secrets To Power Imaging is a series of three incredible programs each designed to unmask the veil of secrecy surrounding the amazing power hidden in your mind.

A power you can use to create a well-spring of abundance, overnight.

The Secrets Tom, Penelope and Dave reveal in this powerful series may very well be the key you need to open wide the doors of endless abundance, success and happiness.

Knowledge Is Gold

Dave Edman is our own Spiritual Life Consultant. We sometimes think of him as our personal guide or shaman. We find his guidance and prespective invaluable.

He actually holds a BA in history. He has done post graduate work in Human Relations, Psychology, and Theology.

Dave practiced as a clinical hypnotherapist for 18 years in both holistic health and medical centers. He also toured for several years teaching both in the US and abroad.

His most recent studies have been in the mind, body, spirit connection. And his knowledge of mysticism is more than impressive.

Dave Edman is a wealth of information. It is never, ever, ever boring with him around. He is always reaching out to the newest ideas for expanding and empowering your mind.

Dave is undoubtedly the most intellectually stimulating and yet, warmly personal man I have ever known.

Six Hours To Sugar Hill

In Houston I had friends who used this great expression for someone who’d ‘made it’. Someone who had everything going their way. Someone who could ride out a hurricane of troubles and end up richer and better off than ever.

They called it “movin’ to Sugar Hill”

Well, that’s what happens when you start using the Hidden Secrets to Power Imaging.

You move to Sugar Hill. And life get’s very, very good.

Here’s a sample of the topics we discuss in the Hidden Secrets to Power Imaging.

The Shocking Lost Translation Of
The Lord’s Prayer

And undoubtedly, one of the most popular and amazing subjects we ever tackled here at Rich Dreams – the original Aramaic translation of the Christian Lord’s Prayer.

This translation may change your life. I know it did mine. This translation is so pure and rich. It cuts through centuries of confusion and gives us a clear and precise understanding of the amazing and only prayer Christ gave the world.

It absolutely demonstrates the power and Universality of the spiritual reality. And how that affects your life every minute of every day. Regardless of what you believe or what religion you think you belong to you will love this translation.

Oh, and we know you’ll want a copy of this amazing translation, so we’re including a separate document you can print or send to your friends.

How Do I Visualize Or Image What I Want?

One of our most asked questions is “How do I visualize or image what I want?

Some people have even told us that they try and try but nothing ever happens. Dave’s reply is simple. You must know how to image or you could not tell a tree from a hammer.

The trick is creating a power image that can throw open once and for all the door to your abundance.

Hidden Secrets To Power Imaging is 6 hours of hands-on training guaranteed to open your mind to infinite possibilities beyond the normal experience.

We show you exactly how to create power images. And why they work so very quickly.

You will never have all that you want while you are still focused on everything you don’t have.

The way to truly have everything you want is by focusing the power of your mind on exactly what you want.

Hidden Secrets to Power Imaging shows you exactly how to change loss into gain, sadness into hope, hate into love and poverty into wealth.

The life-changing power of your own imagination

The holographic nature of the mind

The reticular activating mechanism

The effectiveness of simply imaging success

The importance of Hopi rain dancing and thorny rosebushes

The power of sun-gazing

The immediate & permanent effects of hypnotic suggestion

Akhenaten and the power of dreams 1400 years B.C.E.

Reverse speech

Subliminal advertising

Why imaging success works so powerfully for you.

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HIdden Secrets to Power Imaging – Tom Pauley & Dave Edman is digital download at Edudigi.net.

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