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Caleb O’ Dowd, Harlan Kilstein – High Profit Facebook Groups

Caleb O’Dowd from ROItips is a marketing expert originally from Ireland. He is now residing in Florida and has a long list of business accomplishments.

The following article is our opinion based on research. Attempts have been made for accuracy. Readers should review their own research.

Caleb specializes in several marketing disciplines:

  • direct response mail
  • newspaper advertising
  • CPA marketing
  • webinars
  • coaching
  • masterminds
  • video sales letters
  • Facebook group marketing

Top marketer accolade

Joe Schreifer, chief publisher of Agora says Caleb is one of the top marketers in the world. (Agora is a 350-million-dollar financial company where Caleb O’Dowd has consulted.)
Gary Halbert published in his newsletter that Caleb is one of the 10 best copywriters in the world.

Copywriting peer group

Caleb is also associated with other copywriters familiar to the SuperFastBusiness audience:

  • John Carlton
  • Kevin Rogers
  • Harlan Kilstein
  • Gary Halbert
  • Bond Halbert

Newspaper advertising

When it comes to newspaper advertising, Caleb is uniquely qualified to give a complete A-to-Z, step-by-step breakdown of exactly what is needed to succeed.

Caleb O’Dowd life experience

Caleb did not finish high school, never attended college, and was hanging out with one of the greatest marketers and advertisers the world has ever known.

Caleb got into the direct response marketing industry by working with 67-year-old Gary Halbert at Miami beach. Caleb was a 21-year-old from Ireland.

Caleb lived with Gary Halbert for three years, learning all of his high-level concepts and principles, setting him up for life.

Working with Gary Halbert

Gary Halbert was many different things in one. He was Caleb’s boss, mentor, psychologist, best friend, and father figure.

Who Is Gary Halbert?

Gary Halbert, the self-labeled “Prince of Print” was said to be one of the most brilliant marketing advertising direct response minds that ever lived. Simply put, one of the most profound figures in direct response marketing, ever.

Caleb was taught by Gary Halbert that one can reach a very, very high level of skill by running your own stuff, being a practitioner, doing your own things, running your own business, creating your own sales campaigns.

Gary would say if you truly want to take your skills to the next level then teaching what you do to other people was a way for you to take your own skills to a whole other level.

Practicing and teaching

Caleb has been using his own skills to grow his own business. He has also been teaching people some of these skills in various different formats.

Teaching and sharing what he has done with other people has significantly increased his own depth of understanding and even his own depth of knowledge and skill and how he goes about things.

He has developed structures, step-by-step strategies and plans.

How Caleb learned copywriting

Gary Halbert didn’t actually teach Caleb how to write copy in the way that everybody thinks that you would teach someone to write copy.

Gary never taught Caleb how to write a headline, never taught any of the kind of conventional things that everybody looks to learn when they embark upon learning how to write copywriting.

Instead, he lived in a world of principles and concepts. Separating beginners from the pros.

Gary Halberts Philosophy

The beginner always wants the tips and the tricks, the shortcuts, the hacks. But usually, by the time the beginner gets to hear about them, they’re so overused that they’re just no longer effective anymore.

The professional looks for the strategies and the tactics. And certainly, strategies and tactics are very, very powerful. But there’s an egg timer on how long they last.

Principles and Concepts

Principles and concepts, that’s where the alchemist works. That’s where the true master of the game operates. Because the concepts are timeless, the principles are timeless.

They can be applied to going about projects, launching businesses, creating sales campaigns, writing sales copy, solving business problems, marketing problems… Everything can be achieved via a deep understanding of about 10 or 12 of those principles.

Swing for the fences

A most disappointing result of all for Gary was a mildly successful, profitable campaign.

Caleb has claimed to be the largest direct marketing advertiser in the whole of America for several years running.

Caleb applied Gary Halbert’s understanding of:

  • how to tap into markets
  • how to uncover people’s secret hidden desires
  • how to squarely promise things to people that would get them to jump out of their chair, take out their credit card and just buy with reckless abandon
  • how to scale

Caleb adopted an attitude of always swinging for the fences, always trying and making it the biggest, greatest success that it could possibly be.

Here are 8 powerful business insights and principles we have observed from master marketer Caleb O’Dowd

He attributes his skill largely to having had a great teacher, the legendary Gary Halbert.

What did he learn under the wing of this master and what are his current best practices?

1. Level up by teaching

Gary Halbert believed that while you can reach a very, very high level of skill by running your own business and creating your own sales campaigns, it’s by teaching that you take your abilities to a whole other level.

Caleb O’Dowd has said teaching has increased his depth of knowledge, understanding, and skill. It forces him to develop frameworks and step-by-step strategies and plans, basically building a structure that will allow him to convey his knowledge and skill to other people.

2. Beginners, pros and alchemists

One of the things Caleb learned from Gary Halbert is that there are three classifications of marketers, depending on what they focus on and apply.

Beginners – The beginner wants the tips and tricks, the shortcuts, the hacks. But by the time they hear about them, they’re usually so overused that they’re no longer effective.

Professionals – The professional looks for strategies and tactics. Certainly, these are powerful. However, they have a shelf life, a window of opportunity within which you have to use them.

Over time they, too, will lose their effectiveness and become old, tired, and outdated.

Alchemists – Alchemists, the masters of the game, inhabit the realm of principles and concepts. Principles and concepts are timeless, and the most successful sales campaigns, marketing, and business projects are achieved via a deep understanding of these principles.

3. Just get things done

Caleb recalls that working with Halbert, they always had 15 things that needed to be worked on. Nothing sat on the shelf for long. Everything had to be completed, tasks had to be done. In his own business, he has found that it’s better almost to make a mistake than it is to stand still and get nothing done at all. He quotes Halbert as saying, anything worth doing is worth doing wrong. It’s worth doing it badly because it’s in doing things badly that you learn how to do them masterfully.

4. Put in a breakthrough effort

What many marketers miss is the preparation that goes into a win. Caleb always tells his “guys” that, if you want a breakthrough result, you’ve got to put in a breakthrough effort. In his experience, you do not just enter a market and pull off success with ease. The journey to mastery, he says, part of that journey is about understanding the preparation work – the time, energy, planning, strategizing, and masterminding – that goes into it.

5. The six reasons people buy

Halbert, Caleb says, used to talk about how in advertising, one of the secrets to success is to know exactly what it is that you have to say to get people to give you their money. And at the end of the day, it boils down to six things, six primary reasons why people buy something. They buy because they have a want, they buy because they have a need, and they buy because they have a desire. They also buy because they’re afraid of something, they have a fear. They buy because they have a frustration, and they buy because they have an urgent problem.

So if you can pick a hot niche and a prospect with an urgent problem, then find out what that person’s wants, needs, desires, fears, frustrations, and problems are as it relates to the urgent problem, the advertising will almost write itself.

6. Get a batting average

You can be the best of the best at what you do, and you’ll still have failure. Caleb cites as an example Gary Bencivenga, the greatest living copywriter in the world. He had an 80 percent success rate, meaning he failed 20 percent of the time. So what you want to do is get to a place where you have a batting average. Otherwise, you’re just tooling around.

7. Focus on the planning

From Caleb O’Dowd’s viewpoint, the smart guys plan and strategize more than anything else. When hanging out with top copywriters, the things he likes to ask are, How do you research? What do you do to research? How do you plan a project? Tell me what you do to plan things. The game, he says, is really won in that phase. If you spend a month researching and two months implementing and you fail, you actually failed in month one.

8. Love what you do

Caleb loves business and marketing. He loves doing it, and he loves teaching it. He believes that when you can find your passion and turn it into your business, that’s an X-Factor. If you don’t really, thoroughly love what you do, he questions whether you could really be exceptionally good at it.

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