HotShot Color Changes – Ben Salinas

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Ben Salinas – HotShot Color Changes


Watch and Learn as Ben Salinas teaches over 50 Hot Shot moves with cards. On this 2-DVD set Ben will take you step by step though the handling, mechanics and performance of color changes using a regular deck of playing cards!

Each move is clearly explained and properly credited. Which one’s will you add to your favorite card routine?

Over 50 moves explained including:

Double Lifts:

    • Lorayne
    • Push Off
    • Hit Double Lift
    • Thumb Count
    • Dingle
    • Pinkey Count

Color Changes:

Snap Change Erdnase Trans #2 Erdnase Double Trans
Winter Change Flip Flop Classic Pass
Clip Steal Twirl Change Second Change
Top Change Flick Change Piroet Change
Wink Change Window Change Miracle Change
Tossing a Double Slap to the Table Flippant
Hermann Pass Hermann Variation Sloppy Double Deal
Double Color Change Tunnel Change Double LIft Under Arm
Eidetic Change Double Fan on Table Double Lift
Push in Change Tenkai Tabled Change Rub-A-Dub-Dub
Cardini Snap Change Super Flip Utility Midnight Shift
Paintbrush Change Fan Cover Change Jennings/Hofsinzer Change
TeBe Change Tenkai Color Change Altman’s Double Change
Altman’s Variation Picking Off a Pip Vernon No-Palm Change
Vernon Pinch Color Change Startling Change Throw Change
The Spin Tabled Color Change Flutter Change  
1-Handed Top Palm
HotShot Color Changes – Ben Salinas is digital download at

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