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Ben Hunt – How To Be Number 1

The Beginnings

How To Be Number 1 - Ben HuntIn my course, I do a number of multiple website reviews, where I go through the top 10 websites in any search, really looking for the sites that would make you want to take action – fill in a form, purchase, or pick up the phone.

That’s what it’s all about, right? Marketing is about selling, making money, getting people to take action. And web design is marketing.

This exercise proved to be quite eye-opening. Not only is there a massive difference between how well websites sell, but the most startling realisation was how bad most websites are at selling at all!

I noticed a few things time and time again. One recurring theme is websites that were determined not to distinguish themselves, not to tell me what they were actually about.

And this exercise that I was doing was designed to be close to a real-world customer shopping experience. What I realised is that, for most people out there, trying to find a service online is still really hard.

Here’s the rub. Most website owners seem to be afraid of being distinctive, standing out from the crowd.

But, that is the opposite of what their prospects actually want. As customers, we want a provider that stands for something, that has special expertise, passion, and values that we can believe in.

New Insights Into Niche Marketing

Later in the course, I was working with one of my students on our forums, who wanted to target a specific market with his web design business.

The specific market he wanted to target was alternative health practitioners. This is an area where he has experience and passion (two of the three factors we look for in an attractive niche market, the third being profitability).

A few ideas came out of the discussion. One of those ideas was for this student to create a directory for alternative health practitioners. It is relatively easy to set up an online directory, and when you have targeted your market accurately, it should be straightforward to reach that market and to offer them free places in a new online directory.

Here’s what’s great about this tactic. As a niche service provider, this guy suddenly has something valuable that he can offer to his exact target market. It gives them a reason to come to him, to have a relationship with him, and to find out more about how he can help them with their online marketing. It is effectively a low-cost way of getting the contact details of his target niche, combined with permission to market to them.

This is just one of 41 tactics in the “Niche Occupation” section of “How to be#1″.

The handbook comprises four sections:

  1. First, I explain why niche domination is so critical today, tell you my story, and introduce a three-phase method for getting incredible marketing results.
  2. The “Niche Targeting” phase takes you through a simple step-by-step process for identifying the niche that is perfect for you.
  3. The “Niche Occupation” phase contains 41 killer tactics for making you the person at the centre of a conversation in your targeted niche.
  4. Finally, the “Monetization” phase gives you a further 19 ways of capitalising on your niche dominance and creating a recurring passive income.

Who is This For?

I believe that many people have the opportunity to make a great living through marketing information to one or more particular niches.

It must be an area which you feel passionate about, where you have some experience or expertise or a story to tell, and where there is a market that is willing to pay for information that will help them in some way.

Many of us have encountered redundancy, the failure of a business, or extreme financial uncertainty over the past few years.

Niche marketing provides a very appealing alternative. It is low-cost, low-risk, high-profit, and can generate passive revenue indefinitely.

Just to give you one example (I lay out my whole business model in the book), I launched my first e-book, “Save the Pixel” in January 2008. It has earned well in excess of $100,000, and continues to make sales every month, with no additional work on my part.

Now I do not claim that everyone can be making this sort of money within the first few months. It depends on your level of expertise and skill, and on your market.

But I do give you, in the book, some tactics I have used to earn five-figure sums within weeks and before having created anything.

How To Be Number 1 – Ben Hunt is digital download at

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