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How To Human Flag

“Follow this course to master this amazing feat of strength!”

Human Flag + Bonus - Tapp Brothers

Here’s What you get in the Human Flag Course!

How To Human Flag E-Book ($27 Value)

This Ebook explains the fundamentals of the human flag, body positioning, how to get past the grey zone, why most people never learn their flag, the 5 flag progression levels, and gives you a simple, detailed schedule you follow to quickly master the human flag. I also put links to videos, demonstrating each level and schedule exercise.

Flag Ready Warm-Up Video ($15 Value)

This video takes you through a warm-up designed specifcally for your human flag training! I demonstrate each exercise and movement. This will help prevent injury, muscle pulls, and get your body ready for your human flag training.

The Flag Diet Guideline And Muscle-Building Exercises E-Book &Video ($15 Value)

This is an Ebook and Video. The ebook gives you a specific diet guideline for building lean muscle and cut down excess fat.

All 5 Flag-Mastering Progression Steps Video ($20 Value)

This video shows you each Flag progression level, goes into detail about the goal of each level, what to expect with your level training, and when your ready to move on to the next one.

The BEST thing is you don’t have to wait for these videos and books in the mail or go to a store to pick it up. You download it all straight to YOUR computer!!

If you grab this course right now you’ll also receive these BONUSES free!

How To Shoulder Flag ($20 Value)

This video walks you through the exact form and technique for the Shoulder Flag. Shows you the “6 Progression Steps” to easily build into the flag and comes with a simple detailed schedule you can follow to quickly master the Shoulder Flag!

The Biggest Mistakes Made With The Flag Video ($9 Value)

This video goes into detail over the Biggest mistakes we make when learning our Human Flags. These mistakes easy to correct but if you are doing them, the human flag is impossible to perform.

Human Flag + Bonus – Tapp Brothers is digital download at

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