Hyper Wealth Transformation


Hyper Wealth Transformation is AVAILABLE, you can download immediately after payment. first-time discovery from Dr. Vitale and a step-by-step process you’…

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Hyper Wealth TransformationHyper Wealth Transformation

Hyper Wealth Transformation


  • A brand-new look at the subconscious driving forces within you, hidden right now just below the surface, and an understanding of how they push you toward action or inaction, accomplishment or failure.
  • first-time discovery from Dr. Vitale and a step-by-step process you’ll follow to achieve a new peak of awareness and manifestation ability.
  • Real-world results behind the affirmation process you’ll learn. Follow along as Dr. Steve and Dr. Vitale help you embrace each dimension of subconscious thought, along the way seeing, feeling, and experiencing within yourself a new driving force propelling you to achievement.
  • Your wealth transformation moment and the complete process behind it. Embrace not only a new wealth mindset, but a path forward into your greatest dreams.
  • True feelings you dont know you have but are buried deep within you. You’ve likely experienced a few of the feelings you’ll notice as you enter the third dimension have never felt as connected to your goals as you will once you learn the fourt.
  • Hypnotic sessions designed to guide you to full realization of not only your true potential for achievement and how to get there, but the emotions and feelings you need to experience before achievement.
  • Why anything is really possible, impossible is nothing, and the bridge between cognitive reality and the deeper truth of our universe that creates a magic key to a new world of miraculous possibility
  • Insight into how others react to this incredible fourth dimensional process, how to regulate the new feelings you’ll experience but didn’t know even existed, and the path toward making the most of your new wealth attraction and manifestation skills.
  • And so much more!


Join Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Steve G. Jones as they host a 2-Day Fourth Dimensional Wealth Transformation event! During the first module, you’ll discover.

  • How to point yourself toward and into a dimension most of us don’t even talk about, but we’re all too familiar with. Unlock the key to operating the hidden software in your brain and bypass your subconscious wealth blocks.
  • Transitioning out of the daily grind J-O-B and into your true passions while witnessing, hearing, and experiencing the transformations of others (unlike other programs, you’ll see exactly how Dr. Vitale and Dr. Steve’s manifestation principles are applied in real-word situations)
  • Are you stuck in the limiting belief cycle? Do you feel like you’re spinning in circles between the peaks and valleys of motivation, mindset, and manifestation? Experience the perspective shit that ends the rollercoaster of failure.
  • Discover a true mastermind where shared experiences and connections come together. Youll learn not just from Dr. Vitale and Dr. Steve’s lessons, but you’ll also experience and apply the insight of the people they’ve worked with
  • And so much more!


Begin to realize where your conscious awareness ends and your subconscious begins during your introduction to the HyperWealth Fourth Dimensional principles and discover

  • An inside look into the true realm of possibilities for your consciousness awareness and future You ll open a door to your true potential unlike any other awakening and analyzing data submersed in your conscious awareness
  • How your feelings a rise from hidden thoughts and the real reason why self-deception and self-sabotage are so rampant HINT What you ll learn is the very reason why working with a trained objective coach reveals what you can t see subjectively
  • Neuroscience and neuroplasticity principles that explain why you have not attracted the wealth relationships career circumstances and so many more of the other elements in life you strive for but which always seem out of reach
  • Breaking down and breaking free from the collective unconscious putting the garbage in our heads that holds you back to unlock a new goal for yourself and put you on trajectory to achieve it
  • And so much more!


When you write affirmations you are trying to create change within one dimension Unlock a complete understanding of the first dimension to move forward and create powerful and lasting change as you learn

  • Recognition of the accessible hidden strings tied to your unconscious self controlling you like a puppet and making mere one-dimensional change alone so difficult to create for yourself
  • 4 phrases you ll add to your bag of tricks and use on a first dimensional level to affirm your true potential goals purpose and path Add this ancient cultural cleansing tool Dr Vitale uses daily to your routine and make first dimensional change more achievable
  • Are you already using affirmations Have you heard of them Learn the neurological truth behind why they work and why they don t work for a large number of people
  • Rapidly increasing the odds of everything working out that you wanted to begin with by using one specific trigger that tells your brain where to go what you want it to do and how to act
  • And so much more!


Go deeper into the first dimension of affirmation and turn yourself into a magnet for positive experiences after you discover

  • 12 step-by-step techniques you can use to improve the overall quality effectiveness and achievability of your affirmations
  • The untold until now logic behind how Drs Steve and Vitale teach you to achieve the reality of what you want Embrace this little-known behind the scenes process that keeps your subconscious working overtime on manifestations
  • Why it s so easy to get caught up in how something will happen and end up distracting yourself to the point of it never happening Discover 10 real-world self-sabotage avoidance techniques in action
  • Living Proof that Dreams Become Reality Dozens of proven take-away examples you can use to begin bringing wealth into your life immediately However you think about it money relationships legacy and more just copy over two dozen included examples
  • And so much more!


Take a closer look at why people don t take action why you fail to practice the simple actions you need to take to achieve your goals and how to get more out of every single day with such little additional effort as you embrace the following

  • The Part People Fog Out and gloss over ignoring even though it s one of the most important elements of the First Dimension and affirmation principles
  • A visit to your wealth ceiling moment and uncovering the limitations you are imposing on yourself SKIP THIS and the door to wealth will always be locked by your subconscious it actually was for Dr Vitale you ll hear the story
  • What do you do with a new reality you manifest You re going to take these lessons and create new experiences in your life Dr Vitale and Dr Steve will guide you step-by-step to learn how to approach them deal with them and get more from them
  • 7 transformational wealth attraction insights that will reframe your perspective of money for better not worse bringing new knowledge into your pursuit of more and unleashing an automatic pursuit of abundance within your inner self
  • And so much more!


Another step in Fourth Dimensional wealth transformation is visualizing what you want While you may have seen visualization explained used or detailed before or you may have manifested using visualization you re going to learn dozens of new lessons and approaches including

  • Why visualization often has the out in the distance effect that s void of the feeling necessary to create an immediate lasting and transformational impact on your subconscious your actions and your future
  • A step-by-step visualization session you ll complete during this module guided by Dr Steve and used as a foundational blueprint you ll build upon to instantly bring gratification into your life
  • Do you stop and rest as you need to Discover the wisdom-packed insight that can only occur during a mastermind visualization session as you look into the mind of super achievers and takeaway insights you can immediately apply and feel
  • The reason you don t need money to achieve what you are going for even if what you are going for is money and a tool you ll add to your second dimensional visualization toolkit that will help you think outside of the box to achieve more
  • And so much more!


Close your eyes and participate in a guided hypnosis session designed to create a solidified foundation for your future learning during this transformational program and give you a key experience you ll embrace as you move forward Join Dr Steve G Jones and discover

  • The door marked EXTREME WEALTH that once you open raises your vibration to feel love and loving in all things brings prosperity into your every moment of existence and creates the positive money-oriented thoughts you re missing
  • This Is New To You An unforgettable experience resulting in a new abundant and successful version of your outer self unleashed from well beneath layer upon layer of your subconscious and revealed to the world for what may be the very first time
  • Your new 100 intact wealth consciousness experienced for the very first time and now part of your being Listen and follow along and you ll leave this module with a momentum very few will ever experience
  • A complete start to finish hypnosis session you can be part of guided by Dr Steve and Dr Vitale and previously only available to a select few people in the entire world
  • And more during this transformational hypnosis-focused session!


Better prepare yourself to understand first and second dimensional wealth attraction by embracing the personal experience of others Hear real-time reflections to help cement your own beliefs as you follow

  • Dream world state of peaceful ease of mind where you can feel the vibration in the fibers of the universe and at gratefulness unavailable to you in your conscious state
  • Why you should make more time in your week and in your day even right NOW today to use this exercise and gain insight on what you should be doing for yourself for your spouse in your work and more
  • What really happens when you step through into the room of extreme wealth and why it s not just financial wealth but an abundance of happiness joy health and incredible experience
  • Processes of mind body thought and experience previously only shared with the 8 people you ll meet in the room with Dr Steve and Dr Vitale when this incredible program was created
  • And more!


Continue your transformational journey with more insight into the purpose practice and experience behind hypnotic wealth transformation as you listen and learn

  • Proof of purpose concept and manifestation you ll feel with your heart and experience in your mind first and then though physical existence as you develop your own second dimensional relationship with your greatest influences
  • Your window into a new way to experiencing reality letting go of the reality you think is working for you or maybe you know it s not working for you and opening an alternate perspective an alternate zone and planetary energetic awareness
  • Have you felt your guiding light We all have one a guiding principle that takes us down the road protects us or leads us to wealth opportunities Feel yours embrace it and use it to craft your ideal existence
  • If there are no boundaries no restrictions no limits what would you love to have love to do or love to be If you can answer found out how you ll get there If you can t answer discover what it is you really want
  • And more!


As you review what you ve learned so far you ll erase all of the restrictions and beliefs you ll face in the first 9 modules review them and extend your boundaries to embrace a new dimension Discover

  • The purity of zero that s behind the fourth dimension and beyond everything even when you return to nothingness
  • People around you are looking for the authentic true you so why are you already trying to please them If you re looking to gain influence build a better career or attract more from other people you can t skip this lesson
  • One-dimensional avenue thinking and the constraints it can have on income See why it doesn t matter if you re making 40 000 a year 2 5 million a year or 10 million a year you re going to face this limit and use what you learn in this session to push past it
  • 4 reality shifting examples of breaking the mold imposed by default dimensional experience and to eliminate all fear of success
  • And so much more!


Enter the third dimension the physical reality we all share as humans and create interactive visualizations that accelerate wealth attraction Learn

  • How to feel and why the more you feel the faster you will accelerate the results of being in the third dimension
  • Moving to the end of manifestation first and why end-first exercises like the 5 examples you re about to follow though make the everyday processes you ll overcome on the path to wealth attraction easier
  • Nevillizing Your Visualizations The prophetic wisdom of the metaphysician who can help you restore awareness and meaning into each and every visualization experience you have
  • The 2 000 per day earnings you want already exist and how you can go out and get them Wealth is just a dimensional concept humans have created break free of that dimension and attract what you deserve
  • And more!


Go even deeper into the third dimension and start to finally feel your affirmations instead of just saying them or seeing them as you learn

  • Why your life is simply a projection and reality is merely a result of the subconscious programing inherent in your existence You ll hack into that programming and reset it to create a new projection
  • Do you ever notice that when you want something bad enough the process of getting it slows to a crawl Module 12 helps you speed up the manifestation process
  • You can have 25 000 self-affirmations in a day if you want but until you come down to the third dimension and you feel it real you ll never attract wealth DON T SKIP THIS it s a common manifestation mistake
  • God as a concept creator and destiny Are you technically God Maybe not the real God but a part of him Listen in and find out
  • And more!


Now that you re energized and excited about the third dimension feelings you ve discovered you ll join Dr Steve and Dr Vitale for a hypnosis and reflection session where you ll implant third dimension visualization presently in your mind Discover

  • Moving forward on your life timeline to a future finished you looking back you ll see the past present and far into the future as you feel who you are now and who you will be as if you re already there
  • Sharing and reflecting on your experience as you join in to see how super achievers who have already attracted multi-millions participate in the very same session you are part of feel their examples and make them real in your own life
  • Done Deals in the Third Dimension What emotions you will experience as you enter a never-reached area of your subconscious will unlock a new path to achievement and create a future that s yours for the taking
  • Experience incredible energy and an awakened state of self-awareness only available through the third dimension
  • And more!


The process you have been building comes to it s apex as you discover the Fourth Dimension and a wealth transformation event unlike any other During this process you ll experience a lesson unlike any Dr Vitale or Dr Steve have ever shared before as you learn

  • How the third dimension arises from the Fourth Dimension the science behind the fourth dimension that doesn t need to be understood to experience it and the step-by-step reasons why the fourth dimension is such a powerful manifestation tool
  • The one way Dr Vitale stumbled on the Fourth Dimension almost by mistake and the string of discoveries that led to his very own wealth transformation event one never documented by anyone else until the very session you ll listen to
  • Can you turn a 10-year manifestation process into just 12 hours Dr Vitale did it and he s about to show you how to do the same
  • This isn t a mental technique It s not a technique at all In fact you re going to be embracing the space where space itself and all the other dimensions and feelings you experience throughout this program come from
  • And so much more!


Take what you want to have do or be and send it through fourth dimensional energy into space and time to become the God of your own life as you discover

  • A period of universal open space where inspiration and influence overwhelm you come forth and create new possibilities You re going to learn how to create this open space within the fourth dimension
  • A-Ha Moments where you not only become one with your aspirations goals and future achievements in the present but they actually work to inspire you to take action and embrace opportunity you wouldn t have known existed otherwise
  • How to get the trust you need to prevent catastrophes from happening Within the dimensions you ll notice that there may be a higher power or greater awareness that s actually protecting you
  • Reality is right in front of you but obscured by the uncomfortable truths you ll experience during this learning session Open up to reality and see clearly for what may be the first time in your life


Instead of simply visualizing your goals ambitions and wealth like you re often taught or you ve often tried you ll for the very first time become one and the same with what you want to achieve in life As you solidify your experience through guided hypnosis you ll see and feel

  • Words and metaphors guiding you into the discovering and feeling of fourth dimensional awareness
  • Where your witness underneath all rests and acts You ll experience witness from the core of your life and in a hypnotic state embrace it in all of its intense emotive feeling and power
  • Unwinding into the energy field of all possibilities the fourth dimension so you can fully embrace your awareness of the true power of all the information you re received
  • Energy within you that s make up of your truest and deepest desires These desires you have already programmed within you through practice and hypnosis in the first three dimensions Now you will become one with them and feel them flow through your reality
  • And more!


Join in and experience the discussion of your hypnotic session feelings about the fourth dimension and the new perspective you have on reality life and what s possible Transform your mindset as you discover

  • Magnetic energy of achievement and attraction so powerful it will pull you across all obstacles and into the goals and dreams you have set for yourself
  • The calmness of knowing When you become one with your dreams your experience becomes steady calm and knowing You will realize how everything you already know and feel will guide you toward attraction
  • Using fear to your advantage and what to do when you feel it Here s how to take the emotions we ll all experience as humans and use them to your advantage and benefit
  • Why it s so important to ask yourself the questions and a culmination of the true impact behind each of the lessons and hypnotic experiences you ll participate in throughout this journey
  • And more!


Bring each of the four dimensions together and tune into new emotions experiences thoughts and feelings resting deep within both yourself and our universe Similar to D j vu you ll notice

  • How to turn what seems illogical into the logical through the dimensional shift that accelerates the acquisition of your greatest desires
  • Why bringing your universe into your own consciousness can be so incredibly powerful In fact if you take more than a day to follow along with these sessions you ll be able to experience it before you even get to this lesson
  • You ll leave as a different person coming into each of the sessions with renewed perspective and personal growth During module 18 you ll review and watch them all come together to create a new wealth transformation event
  • Merging perspective merging time merging your existence with your goals and many more insights you ll use today tomorrow next year and forever
  • And more!


Conclude with a complete review of everything you learned Cement your knowledge solidify the lessons you ve participated in and be sure that you ve really embraced and understood each of the four dimensions you ll use to attract wealth Learn

  • The little piece of information that will change your life how you re already using it even if you haven t listened to any of these lessons yet and how you can use it better
  • What to do if you get off track You ll see this throughout the entire program Fine tune your focus following Dr Steve s strategy in Module 19 and prepare yourself for a total wealth transformation
  • Feelings Power Not so fast The foundation of the third dimension is feeling that feeling brings speed and ease to the manifestation process but that doesn t always mean it s more powerful
  • How to go forward with your life and understand it can be anything that you want it to be
  • And an incredible number of additional never-before-heard perspectives!


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